Theresa Fleischman's Prophecies
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Theresa's Messages

                                                         Monday, April 18th, 1988

                                                           Third Monday of Easter


Monday Messages from Mother Mary:


    (During the Fifteen Decades of the Rosary)  My dear children, it moves me deeply to see the faithful gather before give me homage so that I may bless them and bring them blessings from my son, Jesus Christ. 


    My dear children, continue your prayers, your love, your faithfulness unto me.  Many blessings will be bestowed onto those who continue their faithfulness and hope.  Know that my love goes with you unto all times of the earth.  Your heavenly Father knows of all your needs and he shall bring to pass all that is to be. 


    Go in my love, my dear ones, always.  My heart goes out to those in grief.  Know that I will be with you in all your times of in my time of grief, when my son was crucified.  My heart was grieved deeply.  So it is with those lost and seeking.  Continue to pray for those lost and searching. 


    Continue your fervent prayers for all the world and for all its people.

                                                 Theresa Fleischman, messenger



                                                         Monday, April 25th, 1988

                                                         Fourth Monday of Easter

                                                                  Feast of Saint Mark




    My beloved children, my heart calls to those in need.  My heart goes out to those who are lost and searching.  Continue your prayers.  Continue your hopes in me and your heavenly Father.  He brings all to pass that is to be. 


    Why, why do you continue to disbelieve?  Where is your faith?  How can I bring unto you blessings from above when here I find so few among you?  My dear little ones, continue to pray and bring others with you!  You faithful few, how pleased I am with thee.  Your prayers shall be answered.  Your blessings will be added up and stored in the everlasting Father.


    Only through my son shall you find peace in your lives and in all your undertakings.  Be at peace, my children, and fear not the evil one.  Go in my love and in my peace.

                                                 Theresa Fleischman, messenger



                                                           Monday, May 2nd, 1988

                                                            Fifth Monday of Easter

                                                                       Saint Athanasius




    I do heareth thy prayers.  I do seeth thy tears.  My love is with thee always unto the ends of time.  Yes, my son's most holy heart, most holy blood.  For this he sayeth unto thee again, "For my yoke be upon thy shoulders for it is light of burden." 


    Rejoice!  Rejoice, all peoples!  Rejoice!  Thy heart no longer weepest for there is truly a savior.  One victorious over death.  Come unto me all who are weeping.  Come unto me all who are weary.  Friend, rest within my most sacred heart, most sacred blood.  For with me thou shall find everlasting life. 


    "Behold!  Behold thy savior watches for thee.  Fear not, for I am with thee for all the ends of the earth.  Glory!  Hosanna unto all people!  Upon all tongues let my name resound!"


    Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.  My beloved Son.

                                                 Theresa Fleischman, messenger



                                                              Sunday, May 8th, 1988

                                                              Sixth Sunday of Easter

                                                                           Mother's Day


Message from Our Lord Jesus and His Mother Mary:


    This is what Mary wants us to recite in the "Hail Mary;" the words of the Blessed Virgin's "Ave Maria." 


    "Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.  Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.  Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners.  Send forth the grace of your flame of love to all mankind, now and in the hour of our death. Amen."


    The Virgin Mary is asking and calling to all of us to keep Thursdays and Fridays as days of special graces, to regard them as days of atonement of her divine son. 


    The way to achieve this is with the holy hour of the family.  During this hour of reconciliation, you should say various prayers the rosary for example and sing hymns. 


    Begin the worship by making the Sign of the Cross five times in view of my son's five holy wounds.  Reflect on Jesus' shoulder wound which was his most grievous wound...which tore his flesh and bared his bone.  Carry his cross!  Finish it in the same way, five Signs of the Cross! 


    Continue the worship with spiritual readings.  Light a candle in remembrance of my promise.  Urgent!  Keep a holy hour in your family.  Thursdays and Fridays should be special days of grace.  On these days, make special reparation to my divine son.  Visit the Blessed Sacrament.  The hour could be spent filled with singing of hymns, meditation, various prayers and the rosary.  Begin adoration with his five holy wounds - shoulder.  Make the sign of five crosses. 


    If there are many in reconciliation, I, the Blessed Mother, will be satisfied with as little as five minutes per person!


    The deeper the prayer, the more Satan will be blinded!  Soon!  Do these things for me! 


    Our Blessed Mother asks of all of us: 


    Try to hold these reconciliation sessions in twos or threes because where two or three meet in the name of my son, he will be there.  More, if possible. 


    You should also try to make a practice during the day of crossing yourselves five times, one after the other, while offering yourselves into the mercy of the Lord.  This will bring you nearer to the eternal Father and your heart will be filled with grace.  Start this as soon as possible.  Urgent, Please!  Mary is asking it from all of us to show our love and devotion, beginning the 12th and 13th of May and continuing from then on!


    Messages to parents - mother and fathers - from our Lord Jesus' Mother:


    Jesus said, "Let it be known to others, my child, that without faith and trust, no other virtue can take root in you.  It is the foundation of the holy cause for which we prepare ourselves.  And begin making this known very soon.


    "All of you mothers who bring pleasure to my heart, the merit of your work is no less than the deeds of the priest in the highest office.  You parents, you mothers, understand the sublime vocation I entrusted to you.  You are destined to populate my kingdom.  From your hearts, from your bosoms, every step of my church comes forth.  My kingdom grows according to how you mothers take care of the created souls.  You have the greatest responsible work.  This work I laid in your hands to lead the multitude of souls to salvation.  To this, your responsible work, I give my special blessing!"


    From Jesus Christ.

                                                 Theresa Fleischman, messenger



                                                          Monday, May 16th, 1988

                                                        Seventh Monday of Easter

                                                                              P.M. Rosary


    This is the Monday Message received from the Lord God:


    There shall be no other gods before me for I am the only God of heaven and of earth which is my footstool.


    Curse not thy God for he is holy and giveth thee life and breath in thy body.


    Keep holy thy Lord's day for which he setteth aside from all other days.  On this day give unto me worship and honor as of long ago established by your forefathers.


    Curse not nor anger thy parents which hath been set in rule over thee; to taketh care of and nurture you as a harvester who gathers ripened wheat or grapes.


    Thou shall not lie!  Speak not falsely of thy neighbor.


    Thou shall not commit adultery with man nor woman.  Defile not the temple which the Lord blessed and made holy from his own divine being.


    Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's goods, nor wife, nor his or her belongings which hath been blessed from the holy hands of God.


    Kill not the life of man which is given to all life equally.


    The Lord your God keeps mindful of all mankind great and small.  Rich and poor He giveth life alike.  And commandments which are to be revered and kept holy.


    Anger not thy God who governs and rules above all life.  His throne is set high in the heavens...beyond the eyes of mere man!


    Say not, "Ha, he seeth not," for the Lord your God seeth all things.  His eyes are like that of the sun only one thousand times brighter.


    Repent and reflect upon all that has been set before you in words and actions.  "Spurn not the Lord your God."  Test him no longer.  Merciful and just is the Lord your God.  All life he satisfieth with his mighty hands and will sustain thee.


    The Lord your God is calling to his faithful:  Forsake me not.  Come, the time is at hand!  There shall be not comfort by mere man, but from the blood of the lamb Jesus Christ.


    See, alas, the storm cometh!  Gather my people together.  Wait no longer for many will the wails be, and afflictions.  Come to the refuge.  Come to the abode with the blood of the lamb Jesus, for there you shall be spared and blessings bestowed and peace restored to thee.


    Thy will be done.

                                                 Theresa Fleischman, messenger



                                                          Monday, May 23rd, 1988

                                                            Monday after Pentecost


Message received from God The Eternal Father:


    I, the Lord your God, sayeth unto thee:  humble thyself before me, for thou art mine as of the beginning of time.


    Fear, for it is in fear that you are wise.  In wisdom there shall be blessings untold.  It is my eyes of life that tremble the mountains.  It is of my wisdom that the eagle is taught to build his nest.  It is of my hands that thou shall be filled with all good things.


    My glance is continually upon this church...its people.  It is I who knoweth the directions of the winds.  It is I that shall deliver thee thy miracle...on which you shall await.  As of this day and hour, this will be my holy people, my holy church.  For it is here I findeth the prayers of homage.


    Those who seeketh and find me shall find everlasting peace of mind and body.


    (During the Second Sorrowful Mystery, the Flogging)  My blessings I bestow upon thee - for which the appointed angels of heaven shall guard and guide thee from this day forth.  So it shall be by my son's most holy blood.  So it shall be by my divine will.  Mine eyes shall be ever watchful upon thee.


    Pleasing it is to me that your prayers continue to enter through heaven's gates.  Your church shall be a rock as set forth long ago.  Turmoils, though many to be; here there shall be refuge.  It is here.  My son's anointing of blood shall be at your entrance; wherefore your robes be as red as crimson, so that they may be white and cleansed.


    (Notation for Msgr. Joe James, during the Glorious Mysteries)  And I sayeth unto thee, leader of my flock, from all your labors shall come forth blessings.  My smile rests upon your shoulders.


    Healings shall come forth from your limbs and comforting shall be found in your eyes.


    My son, go in my peace.  Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit; as it shall be without end. Amen.

                                                 Theresa Fleischman, messenger



                                                          Monday, May 30th, 1988

                                                     Monday after Trinity Sunday




    (During the Joyful Mystery, the Nativity)  Woe unto the lands which hath forgotten from whence their blessings come forth! 


    Woe unto those who are full and sleek, for unto them comes a time of emptiness and without drink to make their hearts merry. 


    Woe unto those whose hearts laugh and make light their days of gaiety, for their days soon will turn to darkness and sorrow, full of lamentations.  They laugh and tease of there being no God.  Oh, but come forth the days of wrath unto thee! 


    For lo, seeth the winds do stir and violently they shall toss to and fro by the commands of my mighty hands.  I say unto thee, old and young alike, no one knows of the day nor hour.  For it is in my divine will that thou shall taste the bitterness of my chastisements.


    But, upon my beloved faithful, I sayeth unto thee, exalt and bring forth your prayers for they shall be heard.  It is I,  the Lord God of heaven and of earth, that shall find thy consolations.  For it is of my beloved son, Jesus, whose sufferings are the refreshments of my that of a cooling stream which shelters forth from the heat which beats down upon thy heads. 


    Yea, thou, I sayeth unto thee, though there are many who have forsaken me, those of the beloved few who remain true unto me shall find shelter in my mighty shadow.  For my right arm shall striketh at the sinful who have not turned from their sins.  Theirs are the afflictions upon my heart.  Theirs are the coals cast upon my anger. 


    Yea, like a roaring fire I shall striketh and my anger shall not be appeased.  Only through the fervent prayers of the faithful, through the precious blood of Jesus, shall there be consolations found.


    (During the Sorrowful Mysteries)  (During "The spirit is willing, but the body is weak.")  The days are at hand.  Be not asleep as those long ago.  Be alert and waiteth upon thy Lord God.  Keep the lamps lit for the darkness approaches.  Though the cries may be many, I heareth not.  My wrath shall strike! 


    I say unto thee again, my faithful, my beloved, it is in your prayers and your sacrifices that thou shall see the light again.


    (During the Sorrowful Mystery, the Flogging)  It is in my being that I shall turneth daughter against mother, mother against daughter-in-law, son against father.  For if anyone be worthy of me I say unto thee, take up thy cross and follow me.  Many your trials shall be, for it is in my sufferings and my dying that thou findeth life. 


    Yea, though, I say unto thee again, look unto the east for there thou shalt beat thy hearts and gnaw thy teeth, for there thy many hearts shall be laid bare.  So it is.  So it shall be.

                                                 Theresa Fleischman, messenger



                                                           Monday, June, 6th, 1988

    Monday after the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ

                           Monday of the Tenth Week in Ordinary Time

                                                              Feast of Saint Norbert




    (During the Joyful Mystery, Finding Jesus in the Temple)  I, the Lord your God, sayeth unto thee, as that of long ago I seeketh and findeth not the choirs of thanksgiving and homage unto me.  I calleth, but thou has answered not. 


    Hidden among the forest, your parents of long ago tried to cover themselves from their offenses, from their divine God.  Now I sayeth unto ye that thou hast hidden yourselves from my mighty glances.  Do thou not knowest that the Lord God knowest all? 


    O, land of milk and honey, as of sucklings of days past, when your mother's breast was full of the sweetness of life and limbs of your fathers of long ago bent and paid homage unto me, the Lord your God...


    (During the Sorrowful Mystery, Jesus in the Garden in Prayer)  How you dance and make merry your ways.  The days that are to be will be the days of sorrow and the drink of bitterness.  I say unto ye, people of few that hast gathered before me, bring forth your prayers and offerings.  Yours are the scents pleasing to my nostrils.


    (During the Sorrowful Mystery, Scourging at the Pillar)  Though you may suffer the affliction from those who slander thee and persecute thee, praise your heavenly Father.  For it is in this that your strengths will be multiplied and your graces added. 


    And I sayeth unto those who come and seeketh a sign...for it is before thee, the words cut into your hearts and playing in your minds like that of the harp. 


    As of children who squatted to play in the streets in a city so long ago once knew the presence of my glory, so ye shall knoweth me.  I sendeth unto thee the glory of Jerusalem.  I sendeth unto thee her sorrows. 


    Console thy mother.  Console her, for those who bring blasphemies and torments against her most sorrowful heart.  The hour draws near.  It is at hand.  So it is!  So it shall be!  


    His most merciful blood and body; Jesus, his most holy name, be praised forever.

                                                 Theresa Fleischman, messenger



                                                          Monday, June 13th, 1988

                      Monday of the Eleventh Week in Ordinary Time

                                               Feast of Saint Anthony of Padua




    I, the Lord, speaketh unto ye, my beloved faithful.  Listen, I sayeth unto thee.  Listen to all that I give you. 


    All living creatures great and small bow down to me for I am the creator of all life.  All plants lean to the east for they spy the comings to be. 


    All living things great and small give glory to me for I am the Lord God almighty.  All trees give up their arms of branches to sing unto me a song which whispers through their branches. 


    The brook laughs with praise unto me.  The birds of the air take flight into the heavens to touch my heavenly face. 


    So I sayeth unto thee, I, the Lord your God, am great and so sayeth unto thee to do homage unto me.  Sing to me as long ago.  Think upon me with your minds - as complex in creation that they can be, yet all subconscious and consciousness alike know the divine truth. 


    The fields bloom forth an array like no other.  Theirs is a robe worn by the grace of God's divine hand. 


    So you asketh of me "why" and seeketh answers and signs.  Lo!  For here it be before ye! 


    The winds swirl to and fro in the anticipations that are to be yielded here.  My beloved daughter shall be sent forth unto thee!  I sayeth unto thee, all prayers, all cries, all sorrows which there may be, shall be lifted up.  Miracles of miracles. 


    Prepare thyselves as that of a bride to make ready for her wedding day.  As that of a warrior who places his breastplate in great detail to keep his life from perishing.  So it is with this that is to be. 


    Yea, I say unto thee, though many shall perish these who are worthy of my new world shall therefore flourish in it and bring forth a new life which shall rekindle that which has been lost. 


    The chastisements are just.  Rejoice in my "Fire of Love".  For it is in being that those who remain faithful unto me shall have everlasting life. 


    My beloved Son, he cast his eyes upon thee.  He seeth all thy persecutors and hears their slanders upon this beloved church.  Woe upon them.  As He pondered upon the sins so long ago, so does he on the afflictions set on thee from your persecutors.


    (During the Sorrowful Mystery, Agony in the Garden)  Do ye not knoweth that mine enemies slandered me?  Tormented me?  Sorrowed my most sacred heart?  So do I see thy afflictions but, I say unto thee, "Rejoice.  Rejoice for thy inheritance is at hand, 'The glory of heaven.'" 


    As on the mount wherefore long ago I taught your brethren, I say unto thee: 


    Blessed are they who hunger, for they shall be filled with the fruits of life. 


    Blessed are they who are sorrowed, their tears shall be wiped from their faces and be consoled. 


    Blessed are the single-hearted, for they shall see God. 


    Blessed are those who are persecuted and tormented for my name's sake, for theirs is a kingdom that shall have no end.  Life eternal. 


    Take of my body and drink of my blood.  The fruits of life.


    (During the Sorrowful Mystery, Scourging at the Pillar)   Jesus, our Lord and savior.  Jesus, the sacrificial lamb.  Jesus, passion of our hearts.  Jesus, our hope for eternal life.  Jesus, our life. 


    I sayeth unto thee again...


    There shall be no other gods before me. 


    Keep holy the Lord's Day! 


    Honor thy mother and thy father. 


    Thou shall not curse the Lord God's name, for it be holy. 


    Thou shall not steal. 


    Thou shall not kill. 


    Thou shall not covet thy neighbor nor thy neighbor's goods. 


    Thou shall not covet thy body, the flesh of the temple, for it is of the heavenly Father which brought forth life in your beings. 


    Thou shall not speak falsely of your neighbors. 


    I, the Lord your God, speaketh unto thee.  So it is.  So it shall be.

                                                 Theresa Fleischman, messenger



                                                          Monday, June 20th, 1988

                        Monday of the Twelfth Week in Ordinary Time




    I, the Lord your God, speaketh unto thee.  I sayeth unto you:


    Behold!  The earth cries in its pains of labor!  Yea, I sayeth unto thee again, the days are at hand.  The days have been numbered.  Yea, though many say the Lord God slumbers, it be not so.  For I sayeth unto ye, no man knows the hour nor day! 


    Prepare thyselves and make ready.  For the creations have slumbered many a day, but now they begin to stir! 


    Oh, fair maiden, offspring of Moses, wherefore hast thy praises gone?  Unto me there has been only emptiness, and no thanksgiving.


    Yea, they dance in their streets.  But the tunes shall cease!  There shall be no more laughter from those who have forgotten the Lord God! 


    Look about you.  Does not your mind grasp what is happening?  Your lands will be given over to those who are not of your own blood kin.  Your food shall be sparingly your prayers have been sparingly unto me, the Lord your God. 


    Oh, if it were only like that of long ago when sackcloth and ashes were worn in place of merriment and wine!  Repent, I sayeth unto ye!  Repent, for My wrath shall be great.


    Yea, the signs are at hand and that which is of a thief in the night shall stealeth away from thee without thy awareness. 


    I shall maketh you mine again!  No longer shall ye run after your lovers!  How foolish you are!  How time races from your hands without your knowledge of its passings.  I shall strip thee and make thee naked before your foes!  I shall shame thee, for thou has sinned against the Lord, your God!


    The days have passed of your jewels and delicacies.  No more shall you adorn yourselves with fragrances and shadow your eyes!  I shall maketh thee return unto me.  I shall shackle thy ankles and make thee a slave of your own weaknesses.  You shall weepeth, but none shall comfort thee.  Holding out your arms which were so richly adorned, they shall be bare.  And none shall come to your aid.  Contempt shall be at your reach from all others who spy you. 


    Oh, my beloved, my children from where you come forth from my own designs.  What are you?  Who are you without the Lord your God?  Pray and beg that mercy shall be with you!  For never hast thou tasted the bitterness which I, the Lord your God, will make ready for your drinking. 


    Yea, I sayeth unto ye, behold:  your advocate, your consoler, Queen of Heaven and of Earth hast been sent unto ye.  Yea, her most sorrowful heart mourns for the whole race of mankind.


    (During the Sorrowful Mystery, Scourging at the Pillar)  Only through the most precious blood of my beloved son, Jesus, shall you find hope and life.  And I sayeth unto thee, my beloved, love is of God.  God is love. 


    If anyone acknowledges the Lord Jesus Christ, I sayeth unto thee, thou hast acknowledged the Lord God. 


    Is love jealousy?  Is love selfish and unkind?  Is love prejudiced? 

    What merits a man or woman if they have all the riches of the world and lose their souls?  I sayeth unto ye, it is better to be empty-handed and with no riches than to lose eternal life! 


    It is right to give thanks and praise to the Lord your God. 


    Yea, I sayeth unto ye, the days are without meanings.  For many shall be persecuted for my name's sake. 


    I sayeth to thee, my brethren, knock and it shall be opened unto ye.  Seeketh and thou shall findeth.  For I am the way, the truth and the light and no one comes unto the heavenly reign except through me your Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. 


    I sayeth unto ye again, adore my most sacred heart!  The Lord Jesus Christ shall come in glory and his reign shall have no end.

                                                 Theresa Fleischman, messenger



                                                          Monday, June 27th, 1988

                    Monday of the Thirteenth Week in Ordinary Time

                                              Feast of Saint Cyril of Alexandria


Message from the Heavenly Father:


    I, the Lord your God speaketh unto thee: 


    Lo!  Sing your death songs.  Sing, I sayeth unto thee, for your wine and song has cometh to its end. 


    I sayeth again:  Lamentations. Lamentation.  Woe unto you, daughter of Zion.  Woe unto ye, for thou shall taste the bitterness of my chastisements.  You speaketh in your minds which lay hidden from all men, but your Lord God hears your whispers and your deep thoughts.  He knoweth. 


    Yea, though you may be along your villages gossiping near the walls to your neighbors, saying, "Have your ears heard the latest words from the Lord?"  Yea, I sayeth unto thee, these are not mere words spoken to your hearts but they are the vestments of life itself!


    Lo!  Do thee not seeth thy afflictions before thee?  The earth itself trembles at my mighty glances.  The floodgates of heaven have been closed unto those who beg for rains to fall.  Thy afflictions are yet but many.  I sayeth unto thee, daughter of Moses and all your forefathers, "Convert your lives while there is still time!"  Yea, I say unto thee, thy days of merriment and dancing are at an end.  Your children shall be famished for their parents' afflictions against me, the Lord God. 


    I sayeth unto thee, woe upon the earth and all its inhabitants; for theirs is grief and no comfort shall be at their reaches.  Yea, thee shall be rightly so to sayeth the Lord your God has closed his ears to your prayers.  I am a God of jealously, for I am the only God.  There shall be no other god before me.  Yet you pay homage to all your earthly possessions. 


    Your profanities are often and yet there are no regrets in the use of your slanders.  Yours are the defilement of body and mind.  Your offspring acknowledge ME themselves, not the Lord God.  Your men burn with lust for one another which sickens my very heart!  Your women spurn their rightful places and have turned to one another for their cravings of the flesh.  Defilement!  Defilement!  Woe to thee, for thou art sinful and death before my eyes of justice. 


    Afflictions I shall give unto thee.  Afflictions of drought and flood.  The earth shall tremble and shake your towers you have adorned.  Famine shall befall thee; disease for which there shall be no cure!  Woe unto thee.  Woe, for thou art truly a cursing!


    (During the Sorrowful Mystery, Jesus in the Garden; "the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.")  Slumber not!  Take not your ease, for the time is at hand!  So, I sayeth unto thee, you have been forewarned.  Prepare thy souls for the meeting of death.  Yea, my beloved son Jesus suffered and died that those who believe will have eternal life.  Beg for mercy!  Beg for mercy, for no one knows the day nor hour! 


    I sayeth unto thee, this be holy ground.  Those who come forth unto it from far and near shall be blessed with the fruits they findeth here.  It is here that my beloved have sung to me.  It is here they seeketh my face and find it.  Thou shall have fruits of life here, for the Lamb of God is here.  His blood was shed unmercifully for all men. 


    There shall not be the burning chastisement here, for it is here the grounds are holy.  My beloved children, gather before me and ask for pardon.  For it is in asking that thou shall receive it!  Yea, though many shall perish there will be a new world, a new life, a new generation which shall honor me and not put the Lord God far from their minds.


    The innocents' blood shall be avenged by my right arm.  It shall striketh thee.  Fear, for death is your fate.  Adorn not thy sinful bodies, for their delicacies - for which thou hast craved - will be taken from them.  Your flesh shall dry on your bones and thou shall perish from all thy just punishments! 


    Yea, man's days may seem but long to them, but it is only a whisper in the wind.  They who have done great things shall be forgotten.  It is your soul that is your life.  It is the blood of Jesus, who is the eternal hope and life. 


    Come to me all you who are weary and need rest, for my burden is light.  Yea, I sayeth unto ye, learn from me for I am meek and humble of heart.


    My beloved mother's smile illuminates this world.  Pray to my beloved mother that she may pray for mercy on all thy afflictions against my most sacred heart. 


    I sayeth unto thee, my beloved, what purpose does it serve man to be learned and yet not knoweth from whom his wisdom cometh?  I sayeth unto thee, my beloved, adorn thyselves in exquisiteness, yet moth comes to destroy and rotteth away.  I sayeth unto thee, my beloved, riches may be stored up and locked away, but the thief comes in the night and takes from you all your savings and possessions. 


    Your very lives are at hand and yet, where are your preparations?  My beloved, seek after me; for I shall give unto thee eternal life and joy for which there shall be no end. 


    Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit; for which no end comes and joys are everlasting.  Amen.

                                                 Theresa Fleischman, messenger



                                                             Monday, July 4th, 1988

                   Monday of the Fourteenth Week in Ordinary Time

                                                           St. Elizabeth of Portugal


    This is the Monday Message I received from God Almighty:


    Your heavenly Father speaks unto ye:  My beloved, you shall still and quiet that of a child which has been weaned in its mother's lap.  Your comfort is in the Lord your God who made heaven and earth.  Your joy is his divine presence in all your surroundings...beyond all understanding.  Though many forget me, those who remain faithful shall find peace and comfort.


    Yea, though thorns are at the north, south, west, and east, you, my beloved, shall be like a flower in the thistles.  Yea, though many may cry out, I heareth but my ears shall remain deaf unto them.  Yea, though many shall thirst, their founts shall be dry and their lands remaineth parched.  Thou shall not thirst here.  Thy lands shall be quenched and your fruits be many.  As that of long ago, my beloved, thou hast been the first fruits and thou hast remained true unto the Lord your God.


    (During the Sorrowful Mystery, Jesus in the Garden; "the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.")  I sayeth unto thee, my brethren, thou knoweth not the day nor hour.  I give warning to all, be on your guard.  It is like that of the master who takes leave, leaving in charge the servants.  They knoweth not of their master's return.  It may be of that in the early morn, when the cock crows, or in the dark of night.  So, I sayeth unto ye, be on guard! 


    As that of the pulley that has fallen into the well, the bowl that has it shall be that thou shall return unto the dust from which thou hast cometh.  For the Lord your God is the master and divine creator of all!


    If thou love thy son you shall bend him to the bow and make straight his ways...thrashings unto his sides that he may learn right from wrong.  Yea, so be it of thee...the Lord your God thrashes.  The tree that bears not the fruit of goodness shall be cast into the fires of eternal hell.


    (During the Sorrowful Mystery, Jesus Carries the Cross)  How I, the Lord your God, love thee, my beloved children...sending forth my only begotten son, Jesus, to take away the sins of the world! 


    Yea, thy savior shall come in the east of glory in pillars of clouds.  The earth shall tremble and the trumpets of heaven shall blast out the coming glory!  Jesus your life.  Jesus your Love.  Jesus your hope.  Jesus my beloved son.


    So, the Lord your God sayeth unto ye, pray.  Pray.  For thy afflictions are at hand.  Hordes shall flock to ye here.  Far and near they shall come to escape the jaws of the lion.  Prepare yourselves, for I, the Lord your God, bringeth unto ye many peoples of many tongues and customs.  Be the Good Samaritan, as my Son taught in days past.  Comfort and console.  Give, and thou shall receive back one hundredfold. 


    I giveth unto ye your sign.  Waiteth on this, for it shall illuminate the skies.  Be at peace, for thou art my chosen and beloved.  Weep for those who weepeth and who shall weep.  Give hope unto those who have none, as did my son, Jesus.  Be like that of Jesus, my beloved son.  For Jesus is and shall always be the everlasting light of the world...and life for all mankind. 


    His divine will shall be done.      Amen!

                                                 Theresa Fleischman, messenger



                                                           Monday, July 11th, 1988

                      Monday of the Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time

                                                             Feast of Saint Benedict




    The Lord your God sayeth unto ye:  I, the creator of all life great and small, looked upon ye in your lowliness.  I spied you in your nakedness.  There in your blood I, the Lord your God, found thee.  I raised you from your lowliness and lifted you up.  The Lord your God hast taken ye into his divine care and nurtured your every need. 


    You were fed of the finest wheat, flour and oils.  Milk and honey was your food.  The poor he has given every good thing, the rich he has sent away.  I adorned you in silk and satin.  And there I placed upon you bracelets of gold and necklaces to adorn your neck.  A ring in your nose I gave to thee.  And a diadem for your head.


    Yea, thou were beautiful to behold and all others looked upon thee with love and admiration. 


    Oh, though in all your blessings, thou hast forgotten the Lord your God! 


    Behold, thou hast looked upon your very self with love and begun to seek your comforts and love elsewhere...not remembering from whence thou hast cometh.  Your oils, wheat and flour you have given to your lovers that thou hast lusted after...making thrones of your silk and satin for others, not reflecting on which they come.  Thou hast become the harlot.  Your lusts burn forth with no control and with no regrets of your sins.


    I sayeth unto ye, repent of thy offenses against the Lord your God, for thy punishments shall be just.  The Lord your God takes no pleasure in punishments upon the wicked, but thy God takes passion upon those who are sorrowful for their sins. 


    And unto thee, my shepherds:  Thou hast fed off my chosen.  Thou has mislead them and scattered them about to foreign lands.  Leaving them to hunger and be abandoned to their foes.  I sayeth unto ye, behold, the Lord God shall go forth and gather his lost sheep.  He shall feed the hungry and bind up the crippled and nurse the sick back to health.  But the fattened lambs and goats I, the Lord your God, shall drive away.


    I do these things for my name's sake.  For the Lord your God is just and there be no faults within him.   I sayeth unto ye, thou knowest not the day nor hour.  The only Son of God, Jesus, knowest not the hour.  Repent and make ready your souls, your very hearts. 


    Woe unto ye, those who offend the Lord God.  Coveting another man's wife!  "Coveting of thy flesh." 


    I shall send forth the pestilences of my jealous wrath.  It shall burn till it shall be appeased.  There shall be drought.  There shall be famine.  There shall be war. 


    Prepare thyselves for the chastisements.  Thou hast come unto this lowly church for a sign.  Behold!  It is here!  Do you have eyes that do not see?  Ears that do not hear?  The Lord your God will give unto thee a caring heart.  There will be once more from my beloved the newness which was to be of the beginning.


    Thou shall not have false gods before me; for I alone am the Lord your God, creator of heaven and earth; of all that is seen and unseen. 

    Thou shall not take the Lord your God's name in vain; for it is holy. 

    Thou shall keep holy the Lord's Day; for unto this day is the day of prayer and penitence and nursing of the sick and downtrodden. 


    Thou shall honor thy mother and thy father; which hast been set over ye. 


    Thou shall not lie.  Thou shall not kill.  Thou shall not steal.  Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor. 


    Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's wife, nor husband; nor defile the body; for it is a temple of the Lord God. 


    Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's goods for which the Lord your God endowed and hast blessed upon each one rightfully.


    The greatest of these is that of love thy neighbor as thyself.  As it was with my beloved son, Jesus:  he gave his life for thee that thou may have eternal life. 


    For it was said long ago and still stands firm to this day...those who are first shall be last and the last shall be first.  But I, the Lord your God; in your lowliness I shall lift ye up again.  I shall put between my people a covenant which shall be sweet to my nostrils.  I shall anoint ye and make thee mine again.  And I will be your God and ye my people. 


    In your goodness given, your shame shall be upon thee and thou shall behold the mercy of the Lord your God.  Sing unto the Lord your God all you peoples of every race and tongue!  Praise him for he is good and his mercy endureth unto all generations!


    Jesus:  My beloved, peace I leave you; my peace I give you.  Blessed are they who seeketh; for they shall find.  Blessed are the lowly; for they shall be lifted up.  Blessed are the poor; for they shall inherit the goodness of peace.  Blessed are the sorrowful; for they shall be consoled.  Blessed are the single-hearted; for they shall see God.  Blessed are ye who are persecuted for my name's sake; for thou shall be in glory with the reign of your savior, Jesus Christ. 


    Bring forth your blind; your deaf, mute, crippled; your sick and lame; your downtrodden.  Rejoice, for miracles will be at hand unto all ye who gather forth in the glory of Jesus Christ and to the heavenly Father.


    Mother of God; pray for us.  Mother of Christ; pray for us.  Queen of mercy; pray for us.  Refuge of sinners; pray for us.  Help of the sick; pray for us.  Morningstar; pray for us. Mystical rose; pray for us.  Queen of the most holy rosary; pray for us.  Queen of peace; pray for us.

                                                 Theresa Fleischman, messenger



                                                           Monday, July 18th, 1988

                      Monday of the Sixteenth Week in Ordinary Time




    The Lord your God sayeth unto thee:  Behold, all nations great and small, I, the Lord your God sayeth 'Who is before me?  How can you measure the Lord your God?  What knowledge can you grasp or offering give to equal my glory?'


    For the Lord your God is beyond all wisdom and understanding.  The Lord cuppeth his mighty hands and holds the depths of the oceans.  He stretches out the heavens as though to set under them.  Divine and majestic creator of all life great and small, he gave forth the breath within them.


    Yea, I sayeth unto ye, I, the Lord your God, lift the lowly and know the proud of heart from afar. 


    His mighty glance erases the princes of the lands where their very beings be no more.   For man is like the flower of the field.  Yea, I sayeth unto thee, the Lord God's mighty glance withers the flower like parched grass of the fields. 


    Happy the man who turns his eyes from the bride.  Happy the man who slanders not, nor bears false witness of his neighbor.  Happy the man whose every waking moment is to please the Lord God and to bring praises unto him.  For unto these life shall be given.  And thou shall not hunger or thirst. 


    For lo, the Lord God is angered by the nations.  And the Lord God will have his day of chastisements.  The Lord God will have his day of vengeance.  For his mighty sword shall be with blood. 


    My brethren, my beloved - like that of a leave it out that the light may be seen by many.  You would not put it under a basket.  So, I say unto thee, my beloved, in its time the truth and the light shall be revealed.  I say unto thee, the axe surely is laid to the root of the tree.  Whoever bears not the fruit will be cut down and cast into the fire.


    Thou seekest a sign.  It has been given, ye of little faith.  Yea, thou may have eyes, but do not see.  Ears, but heareth not.  I say unto thee...I, the Lord your God, shall maketh the lame run like the spirited stag, the mute to sing, the blind to give witness...So it is, so it shall be. 


    Happy the man whose ways are of the Lord's.  His days are long upon the earth and his sleep is of peace.  His children are olive branches about his table. 


    Yea, I sayeth unto ye, my beloved, the Lord your God's throne is set over the cherubim.  The Lord God is worthy of all praise and glory.


    (During the Second Sorrowful Mystery, Carrying the Cross)  Mourning, oh, mourning...for the Lord weepest over his loved children.  For the Lord God takes no pleasures in the afflictions of people.


    (During the Fifth Sorrowful Mystery, The Crucifixion)  Why hast thou forsaken Me?"  (A Spiritual Sword given to the messenger in a vision is drawn at this point.  The messenger uses the Sword to "cut" the points of the compass.) 


    NORTH:  Cursed unto those whose murders draw the innocents' blood; for it cries out unto me, the Lord God. 


    SOUTH:  Cursed unto those who have worshipped false gods and have forsaken me. 


    EAST:  Cursed unto those whose desires of flesh burn for one another in their unnatural ways (man and woman). 


    WEST:  Cursed unto those who live off the widow and orphan unjustly; for lo, unto thee there are truly cursings. 


    Woe unto the inhabitants of the earth, for their afflictions shall surely come; and they shall know, therefore, prophets were among them and they heeded not their warnings. 


    I sayeth unto thee:  Though the world passes away, my words shall never pass away.  My peace I give you.  My peace I leave you.  Go in love in my son's holy name.  Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. 


    The Lord God is just and in him there is no fault.  Glory to God in high heaven.  So it is.  So it shall be.  His will be done!

                                                 Theresa Fleischman, messenger



                                                          Saturday, July 23rd, 1988



                            "A Love Letter" from God


    I was informed this morning by the Heavenly Father not to meet with the people Sunday for questioning. 


    The Heavenly Father is Divine and Holy.  He is not to be spoken of as if to be a casual person like you or myself.  The Lord God is Holy and is to be given reverence, great respect and praise.  Above all, we should fear Him!  I do not know God.  I do not pretend to know the Lord God.  He is beyond all understanding.  I have never seen the Lord God.  There have only been visions given to me in my mind by God's Divine Will and choosing. 


    How can we measure God or what can we offer Him to equal His Glory and Divine Greatness?  Nothing.  God made all things great and small.  He is Creator and Master.  Even my inadequate efforts made in this small message to you are not justified for His greatness.  God is beyond any explanations.  I am a housewife and mother. I continually try to please the Heavenly Father.  I pray that I do not fail Him or disappoint His Divinity.  I fear the Lord, and I love Him.


    God asks His children (all of His children of every race and every tongue) to return to Him.  God is merciful and loving.  God is just and there are no faults in Him.  God's throne is set above the Cherubim.  The Lord God deserves and demands love, respect, honor and all glory and praise.  God is a jealous God.  He calls all of us to return to Him.  That we might be His people and that He be our God.


    The time is at hand that His wrath will be on us.  It is now, but man does not want to acknowledge this.  God has control of all things.  He glances at the mountains and they will tremble with that of the earth.  He dries the rivers up and sets the forests ablaze.  He brings the floods and He brings the pestilences upon the earth and its inhabitants; diseases with no cures.


    I say to you, with God's Divine guidance upon this pen, He tells all to repent, to convert, to come to His Son, Jesus Christ.  The pains of this world are the warnings.  He continues to call to His nation, the    U.S.A. which He endowed from its first moment of conception...  Follow His laws, those given long ago:


(The Ten Commandments)


1. Thou shall not have any gods before the Lord God Almighty.    (Materialism, money, adorning our personal selves...)


2. You must not make any idol nor bow down to one, nor worship it.


3. You must not take the Name of the Lord, your God in vain.  (Do not swear.)


4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.  (In this Commandment, God instructed His people not to work on the Sabbath.  This was because God rested on the seventh day, after His six days of work when He created the Heavens and earth.)


5. Honor your Father and your Mother.  (Many young people these days show no respect toward their parents.  This is wrong!  Very wrong!)


6. You must not kill.  (Abortions!)


7. You must not commit adultery.  (Sins of the flesh... adulteries, fornications - so called pre-marital sex, extra-marital sex, homosexuality, lesbianism, incest, bestiality, prostitution - male and female, child pornography, "bathhouses" and "massage parlors.")


8. You must not steal.


9. You must not tell lies.


10.  You must not covet anything that is your neighbor's.  (God gives to each of us just what He wants us to have.)


    God knows all and the Lord God makes no mistakes.  Above all, we must love one another and care for our fellow man ... like the Good Samaritan.  Mankind is ignoring all the warnings and they are unwilling to take heed.  They are unwilling to convert their lives and follow Jesus Christ.  Tragic events are hanging over the world and the hours of great trials are at hand!




                                                           Monday, July 25th, 1988

                  Monday of the Seventeenth Week in Ordinary Time

                                                    Feast of Saint James, Apostle




    The Lord your God sayeth unto ye:  In the beginning the Spirit of God dwelled about in a great vastness.  The Lord God gave forth creation...making the lands and great oceans, the dome in which to hold the planets and stars which the Lord God placed with his holy hands.  I, the Lord God, created all life great and small...every creature that crawls and every fowl that flies the sky.  My mighty glance smolders the mountains and my breath is that of fire.


    As so man I brought forth with my great hands; fashioning him in the clay, forming his every limb and breathing into him...and giving forth life unto him.  Yea, to him came forth woman from his rib.  This is flesh of his flesh, rib of his rib. 


    But, lo, even then thy parents forsook me...partaking of the forbidden fruit.  Therefore, man's afflictions have been from this time on.  Man striketh at thy head, woman; and she at thy heel. Multiplications of pain in your labors and yet your desires burn for him and he shall rule over thee.


    (During the Sorrowful Mystery, Scourging at the Pillar)  Man, thistles will be all the days of your life.  The plow will break...and your bread earned by the sweat of your brow. 


    Lo, I sayeth unto ye, the Lord God shows no favoritism, for all are equal in his sight, and judges justly.  How the Lord God loves his faithful!  Your redeemer, savior Jesus Christ, is the life-giving bread.  It is in him that eternal life shall be obtained.


    I sayeth unto ye, my beloved, the Lord your God knoweth all your afflictions.  I seeth thy agonies and sorrows but, lo, I sayeth:  Blessed is he who mourns, for he shall be consoled; Blessed is he who thirsts for holiness, for it shall be given and quenched.  Not a sparrow falls from the sky without the Father's consent.  And you, my brethren, he knoweth the number of hairs on your head.  Yea, the birds of the fields do not reap and yet they yield; for the Lord God gives forth all their need...and satisfies.  The lilies of the field, arrayed as they be, worry not, for there is none more beautifully adorned than these.  How much more will He do for ye!  What merits a man when his days are doubled with weariness?  The Lord God knows all your needs and, I sayeth unto ye, if thou hast the faith of a mustard seed it shall be given unto thee.


    (During the Sorrowful Mystery, The Crucifixion)  I sayeth unto ye, my brethren:  Love one another for God is love.  Love is not jealous; it is not unkind or snobbish; it rejoices not in injustices, but in truth. 


    I say unto you:  if one striketh thy face, turn thy cheek and offer the other.  I say unto ye:  if one takes thy covering, offer up your coat.  I say unto ye:  if one presses thee a mile, take him the extra mile for love of thy neighbor.  I sayeth unto ye of fasting:  Do not put forth a long face, rejoice in this offering.  Wash thy face and be bright in spirit for your offering is known alone by the Lord your God.  In your privacy your prayers are done, in privacy your God and Father hears them.


    (Special Blessing of the Priests)  My good shepherd, Albert.  Arise. 

    I sayeth unto thee, thou hast found favor as my shepherd of this church, Monsignor James.  I giveth unto ye the fires of mine eyes.  My breath comes forth into your limbs and my fires of healings go forth into thee.  In thine eyes there shall be comfort.  In thy touch healing and renewed strengths.  My gift unto ye I giveth for thou art favored.  Showing your love of the Blessed Virgin Mary, it has come forth unto ye a blessing.


    (During the Glorious Mystery, the Ascension)  I giveth unto ye another sign.  Yea, I sayeth, it is in faith and hope that you be here.  Signs you seeketh and thou shall  receive them.  One I giveth unto ye a weeping madonna.  She mourns with joy to see her faithful gathered and she mourns for those who continue to follow the road which is wide and smooth to destruction. 


    I sayeth unto ye, repent for the days are at hand.  The hour is upon us.  If thy cloak is behind thee, return not for it.  If thou art upon the roof, be not searching for those behind you.  If thou art in the field, return not to thy house.  For, yea I am near unto ye.  I am at the door now!


    Glory to the Lord Jesus, for in His Reign there is no ending.

                                                 Theresa Fleischman, messenger



                                                        Monday, August 1st, 1988

                   Monday of the Eighteenth Week in Ordinary Time

                                              Feast of Saint Alphonsus Ligouri




    (During the Joyful Mystery, the Visitation)  The Lord your God sayeth unto thee:  "Have ye not all the one Father?  If it is this, where is the honor unto me, the reverence from ye?"


    Hast not the Lord your God created thee?  All that is before you?  All that thou doest take a part of?


    Man, thou knowest what is right, thou knowest what is required of ye!  Only to do right and to love goodness.  To walk humbly with the Lord your God.


    O, man, thou hast sinned against the Lord God and thou hast forsaken me!  Wickedness in this nation is like that of a raging sea which cannot be calmed!  Thou bring forth from your depths of disobedience the filth and mud.


    I, the Lord your God, sayeth unto ye:  (1) Thou shalt not have false gods before me; (2) Thou shall not make any idol, to bow before it nor worship it; (3) Thou shall not take the Lord God's name in vain; (4) Remember the sabbath, to keep it holy; (5) Honor thy father and thy mother; (6) Thou shall not kill for I heareth the cry of the innocents' blood; (7) Thou shall not commit adultery.  I see the people immersed in the pleasures of flesh; (8) Thou shall not steal; (9) Thou shall not lie; (10) Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's goods.


    The Lord your God is slow to anger, yet my power shall come forth unto those who are with sin.  And they shall be justly punished.


    Is not the Lord God's word of goodness and life?   Does not it promise this unto the man who walks uprightly?  Thy God is moving among his people!  Awaken and see the signs and heareth that of the wind which sings of the miracles to come forth here.  Have not signs been given here?  Warnings.  Are you deaf?  Do thee not see?  These warnings are from love and compassion.  Awaken!  Amend thy lives for the reign of God is at hand!  Repent, I sayeth unto ye!  Repent.  For lo, the Lord is at thy shoulder now and the earth trembles with fear!  The Lord your God is a jealous God.  Yea, I sayeth unto ye, jealous and with vengeance.  And with vengeance he shall striketh thee.  Is it not of the troubled multiplications upon the earth which are measured by your countless sins?  Does a bride forget her sash?  A virgin her jewels?  Yet thou hast forgotten the Lord God days without number.  My heart cries out like that of the lone wolf.  Lonely he beith in his vastness.  My heart cries out like the mourning of the dove.  Cooing of the great loss of my people, cooing for you to returneth unto me. Thou stirreth about like a great torrent, yet that which is spoken be of sound lips!  Be ye not calleth me "Father," still the bridegroom of thy youth?  You asketh of the Lord God how long beith his rage, the fury of his anger...yet thou continue your sins without remorse.  Who can stand before the Lord God's wrath?  Yea, I sayeth unto ye, the Lord God prepareth a great chastisement upon the whole of mankind.  Plead for peace, I sayeth unto ye.  Plead for thy mercy, for the Lord hast called his people but, lo, they answer not.  He seeketh for his people, but they turn their faces from me.


    (During the Sorrowful Mystery, Agony in the Garden)  The Lord God gave forth his only son, Jesus, that thou may have eternal life.  It is in the precious blood of my son, Jesus, that the Lord God will have compassion...that thy sins will be forgiven.


    Keep awake, for the time is at hand.  My calls of pleading with thee are coming to an end.  How much longer shall ye play thy harp and make merry your days?


    Venerate the Blessed Virgin's heart and my most holy son's Jesus heart together.  For the Lord has given unto the Queen of Heaven the effect of peace to the world.  Pray for peace in this world.  Yea, the Lord your God rules the earth and all that is in it; yet the prayers of veneration give great joy unto my being and stirs me to direct by it.


    (During the Sorrowful Mystery, Crowning with Thorns)  I sayeth unto ye, my children, the stump of the tree, that of Jesse, is of the tree of life...a sweet blossom.  The fruit of life.  Partake of this fruit that ye may live and have eternal life.


    As it be of his kingdom, the lamb lies beside the lion, the bear accompanies the cow and the hay is eaten by the leopard with the calf.  The child shall lay his hand on the adder's web, but peace and no harm shall be of this reigning.  Yea, I sayeth unto ye, thy names shall reign in him and your generations blessed.  The world I, the Lord God, shall make anew...a new moon...a new dawning and so forth.  A new sabbath.  The old shall pass away as of their offenses against me.  Again the peoples will call me their God and I shall have them as my people.  It is in this that praise and glory shall be given unto me again; and worship, once more.


    Oh, that ye may suck fully of the milk of the abundant breast, my children.  That ye may be delighted and comforted as that of a young infant in the arms of its mother, receiving forth the love as of that which ye shall receiveth from the Lord your God.  A river of prosperity shall be overflowing unto ye and thy blessings multiplied.  Abandon yourselves unto the Lord your God for he knoweth of all thy needs and concerns.  If ye have the faith of a mustard seed, thou shall receiveth that in which thou asketh for.  Be not a part of this world any longer for its very being is within the depths of hell itself.


    (During the Sorrowful Mystery, Jesus Carries the Cross)  Take up thy cross and follow after me!  For I am the bread of life and the refreshing waters of eternity.  Partake of me and want for no more.  For I shall refresh thee and maketh unto thee a new flesh; that which shall not find death.


    Oh, my people, I calleth thee.  I calleth thee, the flock which I so loveth.  Do not depart from me, for I loveth thee.  How I loveth thee!

                                                 Theresa Fleischman, messenger



                                                        Monday, August 8th, 1988

                   Monday of the Nineteenth Week in Ordinary Time

                                                                          Saint Dominic




    The Lord your God sayeth unto thee:  There is no love greater than mine, for it beith unequaled.  Beyond man's understanding, beyond his knowledge.  Thou do the Lord an injustice when thou doubt his goodness.  It is in God's mercy and love that he invites thee to repentance.


    Oh, man, it is of your offenses against the Lord your God that comes forth your chastisements, your inflictions multiplied.  See, thou, thy bitterness in your turning away from your Father...thy evil?  The Lord God's vengeance shall be unveiled upon sinful men:  in thy deceit, bitterness, malice, thy lewd conduct all accounted for, in thy idolatry of self, gossip...Oh, man, thou art inexcusable...for thou can see the Lord God's glory magnified in all its splendor on earth and in the heavens!


    Live in penance of thy sins.  Convert your ways.  For time shall be erased before all men's memories. 


    Slaughter of the innocents!  Taking the breath from thy offspring!  'Man, what are you doing?'  You vipers!  Life from God is sacred!  Thou runneth from the wrath to come.  Lo, man, wherefore shall thee runneth?  Wherefore shall thee hide?  The Lord God is mindful of all.  Like that of Rachel long ago, she weepeth for her slaughtered.  (During the Joyful Mystery, the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple)  Lamentations crushing her heart.  Torments upon her from her weepings.  But lo, they be no more.  Weep, oh nation, for the innocent's blood cries out to the Lord God.  Death your songs shall be!  For the innocent's blood has colored your nation.   Thy foulness sickens my very heart! 


    Fix this unto thy hearts...the Lord your God asketh of thee:  Your forefathers were placed in a covenant with me, honoring me and giving unto me homage.  But for thou - with thee - there be no thanksgivings!  No honor unto me do I findeth!  Is it not so...?


    Before thy forefathers the Lord God hast done great things.  Ask, from the sky to its ends, from where and when did a god go forth to seek out his people from another nation; beholding great wonders and signs?  Thy forefathers spoke to the Lord God in the heavens of fire...and yet they lived.  Led through the deserts yet fed with manna and their thirst quenched by the stones.


    Again, my statutes I give unto thee:  (1) I, the Lord your God, am thy only God for there shall be no other before me!  Man cannot serve two masters; he either loves one or hates the other; (2) Thou shall not make any idol, nor bow before it, nor give worship unto it for, lo, the Lord your God is a jealous God; (3) Thou shall not take the Lord God's name in vain.  For the forefathers past and you of this age:  my punishment shall inflict unto them to the fourth generation, the thousandth generation my mercy shall befall on thy children who love the Lord God; (4) Keep holy the sabbath, for the Lord God rested on this day; (5) Honor thy father and thy mother, that thou shall have a long and prosperous life upon the lands the Lord God giveth unto thee; (6) Thou shall not kill; (7) Thou shall not commit adultery; (8) Thou shall not steal; (9) Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor; (10) Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's goods.


    Love the Lord God with your whole mind, with your whole heart and with your whole strength.  Instill in thy children the love of their Father.  Attach it to your wrists, diadem thy foreheads, belt it about thy waist...Speak it in thy labors and in they rest.  Abroad and near, speak thy love for your God of hosts.  For, lo, I am love and love I rightly claim!  Paint it atop thy door and posts.  Make firm thy covenant with the Lord your God.  And serve me all the days that life's breath is within thee.


    (During the Sorrowful Mystery, Crowning with Thorns)  Oh, man, thy faults are grievous unto me, for thy sins pierce the vault of heaven!  Lo, man, thy lusts burn to thy unnatural ways.  Men do shameful things with men.  Thy women turn to the unnatural manners.  Lo, your infirmities have caused your own degradation!  Repent, I sayeth unto thee.  Convert your ways! 


    Behold, I send unto thee again a manna...a bread of blood and flesh.  This bread is my only son, Jesus Christ.  Partake of this bread that life will be brought back unto thy limbs.  Amend your ways and falter not any longer.


    (During the Sorrowful Mystery, Carrying the Cross)  Your turmoils on this earth are at hand.  Your savior sayeth:  I weepeth for thee!  Take my hand for I am gentle and humble of heart.  My heart cries out to you.  And I long for thee.  I am merciful unto the sinner.  Take the cross up and follow after me.  My words are life...unto all men, unto the whole of the world!   

                                                 Theresa Fleischman, messenger





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