Theresa Fleischman's Prophecies
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(The true story behind the story)

Diary of a Prophetess

By Theresa Fleischman

(Former Theresa Werner)

From Lubbock, Texas











Copyright © 1995, Theresa Marie Fleischman

All rights reserved


Copyright © 2008, Theresa Marie Fleischman

All rights reserved


The Eye of God



I dedicate this diary to God, the Almighty Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth, of all that is seen and unseen.


I dedicate this diary to God's only begotten Son, Jesus Christ - Savior of all mankind, born of the ever Virgin Mary, our mediatrix and ministratrix of all graces.


I dedicate this diary to the Holy Spirit - the precious Paraclete and giver of gifts.


I dedicate this diary to all the holy Saints in Heaven and to the holy Angels.


This message was on the back of the Queen of Mercy votive candles back in 1988. This message was given May 16th 1988.

My dear children,

Why do you continue to pierce my soul? I have come to show you the way to salvation, to everlasting joy. My children, you must repent. You must fast. You must pray. And you must love your brothers and sisters…I beg you to take advantage of the sacraments of penance and holy communion...My children, you must forgive each other. Do not hold grudges. Forgive as my son forgives, don’t let Satan have a hold on you. My children, time is short. Please heed my warning. Turn from sin and to my son. 









In ACKNOWLEDGMENT to the dedicated men and women who worked together to help make the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1988), at St. John Neumann's Catholic Church in Lubbock, Texas go smoothly and beautifully, with the labors of love shown for our fellow brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ and His Mother, Mary. I give "Thanks" to each one of them known and unknown. Together we witnessed the wonders of God at work in and through His people. May we never forget the love God has shown each and every one of us in His unique and special way!


Mark and Joseph Werner for trying to support me the best way they could through this difficult time. My love to you both in Christ.

Sr. Dolores, Bob and Anita Golec, Mr. and Mrs. John Hein (deceased), Mr. Gene Irlbeck, Lawrence Le Leux (for publication in 1996), Sister Reed and Peter, Mr. Michael Slate (deceased), Peter and Earlene Steiert, my God Mother Marie Brockman,(deceased) and Diane M. Zaleski.


THANKSGIVING for my "Spiritual Helpers” Msgr. Peter Morsch, Father TudacBach, Father Steven Scheier and Rev. Dr. A. Moses Kallarackal.

In loving memory of my deceased parents, Pete and Earlene Steiert. 


My love and thanks to my beloved husband Christopher J. Fleischman who has stood beside me, supported me and encouraged me to share my story. Christopher has been my strength and inspiration! My teacher, commandant, and best friend!  I praise God for you!

Thank you for believing in me my love!


Let me begin this book in introducing myself. My name is Theresa Marie Steiert Fleischman (former Werner), forth generation Steiert being my maiden name.

Settling in Nazareth in 1905, my great grandparents Ulrich and Anna Marie Steiert were builders of Catholic missions throughout the country and the back bone of many surrounding communities such as Nazareth, Hart, and Dimmit.

I was born in the month of January of 1955 in Plainview, Texas, being of German, Irish and American-Indian descent (Cherokee on my mother’s side). My mother Earlene, a housewife and headstrong woman was always fashionable. My father, Peter, a third generation farmer of Nazareth, raised my sister, my two brothers and me out on a farm to market road JCT 928 heading East in the Nazareth district. We bordered between Nazareth and Hart, Texas but since that time recently the farm has been sold to McClain.

My parents were Roman Catholics. My mother being a convert to the faith raised each of us children in the faith of the Holy Family Catholic Church in Nazareth, Texas. Thirteen days after my birth, I was baptized.

As a little girl, I remember so many special things about the farm. I always loved being awakened by the warm east sun rays coming into my bedroom window, and hearing the songs of the distant Meadowlarks with the Sparrows fussing at the front porch of our humble pink farm house. I remember always saying a little prayer before I would get out of bed. My father was always up before dawn checking on the water wells or ditches, to see if any of them had broken during the night. These were the times my youngest brother and I would jump at the chance to go with dad to get a ride on the tractor, or just to go along to romp and play. We would throw a dirt clod into the water ditch just to hear the big splash, or possibly get to see a rabbit or maybe a coyote. We would do all the things children normally do, except on a more grander scale, being out on the farm and getting into bigger trouble.

Picture of Theresa Marie Steiert
Her Early School Days


School years were difficult for me. It seemed I was terribly shy and did not make friends easily. My grades were poor, and I had to study very hard to make passing grades which was seldom. I remember often being teased unmercifully by the bullies of the class because I couldn’t tell the time or didn’t know the answer to a question. Never having a bosom pal, I played alone quite a bit, but then the moods from fellow class mates changed to mischief. I was certainly to be their victim.

The nuns taught with a ruler in hand and by very strict values. Their faces were stern, and much prayer was our daily diet. "Hell and damnation," was what they taught day after day. Each day after classes we would march to the Holy Family Church centered in the town of Nazareth. After reaching the church we would all enter the pews and kneel. There we would pray, sing, and learn about an angry God, but a loving God Who knew all and saw all.

Thinking back to those days gone by, I realize now that these dedicated women of God meant well for all of us children and also helped establish a firm foundation in our faith beliefs.


I remember so very well my First Holy Communion on the eighth day of April, in my lovely white dress and veil. Oh, it was all so marvelous and it seemed as if the whole little community of Nazareth came to witness and take part in this most blessed event. My mother chose the most beautiful dress for me and had me all dolled up like a princess. All the young ladies were lovely, but jealousies always seemed to arise among the girls, and there would be nasty remarks or tongues "sticking out" at one another.


The procession would begin with the young boys on one side of the church and the girls on the other side. We all walked in perfect order with the lovely organ music playing. Each of the girls carried white lilies or some kind of flowers which added all the more beauty to the special occasion. The church bells began ringing and then the singing would soon follow. The priest who celebrated this memorable Mass was Reverend Msgr. Peter Morsch. His face kind and gentle, soon erased any tension or fear. The anticipation of receiving my First Holy Communion was building with every passing moment as my mouth began to get dry and my heart would beat a little faster. The Mass slowly but progressively moved forward. At last the moment had arrived! 

Picture of Theresa Steiert's 
Holy Communion Day


                      HOLY COMMUNION DAY


I nervously went up to the communion rail and knelt on the red velvet cushion. The top of the railing was white marble and there were intricate designs everywhere. The altar boy was now coming closer as I began to pray a little prayer to Jesus. Face to face, at last the cold, gold Communion Paten touching my chin. The Latin words spoken, "Corpus Domini nostri Jesu Christi custodiat animam tuam in vitam alternam. Amen." "The body of Our Lord Jesus Christ preserve your soul to life everlasting. Amen." Oh, sweet Bread of Life - Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, I love you! Tears of joy welled up in my eyes as I savored this most intimate moment between me and my Lord, Jesus.


After we returned to our pews, the celebration was soon over. My parent’s faces I did not see right away with a crowd milling about but I do recall many compliments and congratulations from the elders of the community. My Godparents were always doing special things for me, too. Seemed to me, Marie, my Godmother, had such special gifts for me, and always a kind word. She never forgot me.


My faith was deeply strengthened by the sights and sounds of Holy Mass and a Father who occasionally would teach me about my Catholic Faith and on one occasion explained to me the true presence of Christ in the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. All other credits go to the black army booted Benedict Nuns of Nazareth. The family Rosary started out strong with good intentions by my Father but, after two nights my mother put an end to this nightly devotion.

It was during this time in our lives that my mother fell ill to alcoholism. It was the reason for losing the heart of our home that was seldom happy. There was abuse that came with this illness and the whole family suffered from it. My parents tried to do their best for the four of us kids in good and bad times.


What touched my life most deeply were the trips we took every summer to Cowles, New Mexico. On these vacation adventures we would go fishing, hiking, and horseback riding. In the evenings after a long day of play, the young Indian boys would ride down the mountains on their Indian ponies to participate in a game of pool or to get a cool soda pop. It was really neat to see real native Indians.


My brother Patrick and I were always together. My brother Jim was more independent and much older than Patrick and I.


I would always withdraw from any flirting or crowds. I guess in many ways I was a bit backward wearing cat-eye rimmed glasses, and I felt as if I were in a shell. This was brought about from the mental abuses afflicted on me from my parents, especially my mother who often criticized me. This caused me to have an inferior complex and learning disability. I withdrew to myself and fell in love with God's nature when my brother Patrick and I took our hikes. It was one of these hikes that brought me the awareness of God's might. A storm came up with heavy rain and lightning. My brother and I found shelter in an open cabin. Here we stayed watching the storm and feeling the cool breezes pass over us as we listened to the crashing of the thunder. All of this opened my eyes to the wonder of God and His magnificence in all of His creation.


In my pre-teen years my mother was spending more time away from home and seldom did we know where she was. I became more withdrawn and spent much time by myself or on my black mare horse, Beauty, which my father had purchased for me as a pastime amusement and to keep me company. Most young ladies were dating by this time. These things did not interest me. I had wonderful times riding my horse and exploring nature. I often rode down to the water well to wade in the cold water and to let my horse graze.


It was at one of these particular times, without the horse, when I felt I experienced God's presence in a very close way. It frightened me so that I began to run back to the farm house which was a quarter of a mile away. My senses told me that I could not outrun God. I fell to my knees on the ground. A grey-blue cloud dropped down over me in a circular rotation. It came closer and closer. There was a great stillness, almost breathless feeling. I immediately looked down to the ground for I strongly "felt" the presence of God. I became frightened. It was at that moment that I told the Lord that I was sorry that I had offended Him. I had been skinny dipping.


After awhile, when the cloud seemed to begin to lift upward, I felt I could get back up on my feet. I started to run back to the house. I was barefooted and I carried my shoes in my hands as I ran down the country road. I did not step on any stickers, although the roads were full of them. I felt like I was flying because I was running so fast. I felt unexplainably wonderful and very happy. I dared not tell my mother or my father of this experience. They always felt I had an over-active imagination. When I reached home, the solemn glance of my mother spoke of my idleness and waste of time. It was at these moments that I would be punished with the spanking of a shoe or a belt and scolded.


My days as a child and young teenager were quiet, lonely and unhappy times filled with verbal criticism and crass remarks.


The rest of my remaining school years were trying, difficult, and vexing to other members of my family as well. We transferred over to the Hart School district, a predominately Protestant community. Being Catholic, I didn't fit in well because there was much prejudice. Awkwardly behind, shy, and being unfamiliar with my new surroundings, I failed and was forced to stay behind in the sixth grade. The rest of my school days, including high school were spent in recluse not attending many social events.


I preferred to remain in the library, as the school populace attended the pep rallies for the upcoming football games. I did not date or go out because; I felt many of the young men were vulgar in their language, with sexual remarks and advances. I withdrew all the more. Of course, many of my fellow classmates thought me as odd and very unsociable, simply due to the fact that I did not want to be a part of their world or their social gatherings.


I began to take up art, drawing and painting, for it gave me sheer pleasure and a sense of accomplishment. Many of my works concentrated on the life of Jesus Christ, or some of the Saints. I studied the anatomy, western art, and above all, nature's wildlife. I began showing my works of art in Floydada, Plainview, Lubbock, and Amarillo Texas.


It was at this time that my mother suggested that I observe the techniques and works of other artists. I felt that my witnessing other styles in painting with oils, water colors, pastels, and charcoal helped me strive to do better, although I never had any art lessons.


My mother felt that my works were too large and tried to discourage me in showing my art, saying, "Most folks do not have the room in their homes for such large paintings." I started to work on trying to do smaller pictures, but I favored the "great, bulky, and big." I stopped the competition and began to be more of an observer.



I have to admit I was glad to get out of high school in the year of 1974.It was that coming late September when I experienced another phenomena on the high plains of Texas. 

As children we had always heard about the Comanche Indians living on the high plains. In school we were taught about the Palo Duro Canyon Battle and how Colonel Ranald MacKenzie and his troops in 1874 attacked the Indian settlement down in the Canyons. The Native Americans were forced onto reservations and 2000 of the Indian Ponies were taken captive. These horses were taken to the Tule Canyons, which are not far from my parent's home, and were shot to death. This act took away the Indian's freedom and caused them much privation.

There is a saying that these canyons are haunted by the ghost horses and you sometimes can hear their screams and cries. 

I was one of those who heard their cries , which caused me much anxiety and grief and I prayed to God to comfort them. It was the 100th anniversary of their slaughter when I experienced this East of my parent's home.


              The Ghost Horses' Song of Sorrow

I then went to Business College in Lubbock, Texas. I was truly hoping for a career in art in the field of wildlife or greeting cards. I again was disappointed when I found that the line of work I was aiming for was not available at the Business School I was attending. I would have to go to Dallas. Both of my parents forbid this with no questions asked.


My mother decided for me that I would be a Cosmetologist, a line of work which I detested. After I finished my training in Plainview, Providence intervened and I was blessed to go on a European Tour with two of my cousins. We would be under the supervision of my uncle Anthony and his wife stationed in Frankfurt, Germany.


With the surprising permission of my parents, we were off on a wonderful and unforgettable adventure for the summer. For three months we toured Europe to see the beautiful sights and scenery of Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and London, England.


I was so thrilled to see Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome. There we saw "The Moses", and the glory of the sculptor's art, the famed "Pieta", which was completed by Michelangelo at the age of twenty-three. I was moved deeply to be in the Sistine Chapel to see all the marvelous paintings. I remember being in a special room which contained many holy relics of many Saints.


We saw the Catacombs, the Wies Church in Bavaria, Koln Am Rhein, Saint Mark's Square, the Cathedral of Notre Dame, and many other spiritual places. We visited the Louvre, with many of its famous works of art, the Eiffel Tower, the Arch of Triumph and toured many exquisite castles such as, the Linderhof Castle in Bavaria and the Neuschwanstein Castle. During my time in Europe, I witnessed many customs, cultures, and different foods. On July 4th, 1976, we spent time with the Steiert family in the SchwartzWald (Black Forest) in Germany.


When we returned back to the U.S.A, I decided then to move to California to get a job in Secretarial Business. I was soon employed by Validyne Engineering Corporation doing secretarial work. While in California I enjoyed going to the beach on weekends and visiting Disney Land.


After some time in California, I moved back to Lubbock and resumed my practice in cosmetology but it was not enough to sustain me. My parents were financially aiding me.


One evening while visiting the farm, I was called into my mother’s bedroom for a serious talk. My mother had become obsessed that I had to get married and threatened to throw me out of the house and withdraw all financial support if I didn’t! She had on her bed laid down several Sheela Woods Midnight Globe ads. I could see on the paper that my mother had circled several listings of men for me to meet. My mother’s face was stern and she was determined to get me married.


“Theresa,” my mother said, “you're not getting any younger. Find you a husband! Don’t you want to have a husband you can share life with and some kids?”


Yes, I wanted a husband, I was tired of being alone but I didn’t want this under threat and fear. I was afraid and yet more afraid of being thrown out into the streets so I started using my hunting instincts like that of days gone by when I went on my horse with my 22 rifle.


Only this was the two legged hunt this time. I had a dead line to meet and I had to find a husband fast!


I continued to work in the field of cosmetology and prayed each night for God to save me, keeping faith and hope that Our Lord would bring me someone special to love.


I didn’t like any of the men my mother had circled for me and had made arrangements for me to meet. So I looked through the ads myself in hopes I could find someone more compatible to my personality. I had my hopes on a man from Alaska whose words were not so threatening and did not sound so domineering. 

Mark Werner’s Ad from Newspaper 




It was in the year of 1982, that I met Mr. Mark Joseph Werner. Mark had responded to my letter, and he had taken an interest in me. Mark had sent me several bouquets of roses at my place of work. It had all the women talking, "Who's Theresa seeing?" I dared not show too much joy for so many times in the past I had been disappointed and my dreams shattered. I had to call my mother to express my deepest joy about hearing from the man I wanted to hear from but my mother was not pleased at all. She was in hopes that one of the men she had chosen would have worked out.


Many letters soon followed along with long distance phone calls. I learned much about my new found friend and I was delighted to learn that Mark was raised in the Catholic faith. I had prayed and hoped for a Christian man for my husband. I was all the more delighted to find out this news too.


In the month of October, 1982, Mark flew down from Fairbanks, Alaska. It was a nervous meeting for the first time and we both had to sit down at the airport. We decided from there to go get a bite to eat where we visited with each other. We decided to go to a park where I explained to Mark the situation that I had been threatened with. This is where I learned from Mark that he too had an abusive situation with his father. Mark was sitting on the picnic table when I asked him to marry me. Mark was very nervous about the whole situation but I told Mark we could be as brother and sister and help each other through this difficult time. After talking with our hearts, we agreed to marry. Mark had tears in his eyes but I assured him everything would be alright.


Within the next few days Mark and I informed all the family that we were going to get married. My mother had her large diamond removed from here dinner ring and had an engagement ring made for my finger and my father bought my wedding gown, which was on sale at the time. He had made the statement that it was well worth the price to get rid of me.


Before the wedding, I gave to the Virgin Mary a dozen pink roses in thanksgiving.


Reverend William Hanly and Father James TudacBach did the nuptial wedding. There was candle light and the sound of classical music; Beethoven, "Jesus, Friend of Man."


The Prie-Dieu shook violently from Mark’s nerves, while snickers in the background pews could be heard. I heard my mother say, “I wish he would stop!”


It was at this time that Reverend William Hanly made a joke and stated that Mark must be nervous. At that moment I wanted to gather my silk skirt up and turn around and run down the isle but I heard a voice tell me “What about Alaska?”


I wanted to see Alaska but most of all I wanted to get away from my mother.


I stuck it out with Jesus’ help and the consolation of living in Alaska.


On June 15th, 1983, at the Saint Elizabeth's Church in Lubbock, Texas, Mark and I became man and wife.


Our honeymoon began with my parents driving us to a nearby motel. One of my cousins made the remark, “That’s not romantic!”


Mark and I left for Alaska in the next two days. We had our whole lives ahead of us. Alaska was so grandiose with all her lofty mountains covered with white snow, trees and wild flowers everywhere! It seemed like paradise.


Mark was employed by ARCO pipeline and I found work with the YMCA down the street from where we lived. We spent some happy hours together and did hiking and touring Alaska, exploring God's wilderness together. It was in Alaska that I had first heard of the “Full Wolf Moon” and was told that in the month of January all the wolves are said to call out in harmony together. Was it just an old tale? It was out of curiosity that Mark and I went out in the Alaskan wilderness to listen for this serenade of wolves but we heard nothing and we did not see the moon.


I experienced my first earthquake April 18th, 1984. The Richter Scale read 6.8. In a few short months, Mark lost his job on the pipeline. With things slowly becoming more difficult for us financially, Mark felt that the jobs would become more scarce as time went by. Mark made the difficult decision that we had to return to Lubbock, Texas. To hear this from Mark sent shock waves through me because we would be returning back to a world that I so desperately wanted to escape from. It caused me to be bitter toward Mark.


It was a trial time for us both. With the conflicts of looking for work, marital difficulties, and much stress, we were told wondrous news that I was expecting a baby!


When this news was shared with my mother she cursed and said, “That’s another mouth for me and Pete to feed!”


We began looking for a permanent church to be a member of. I had remembered Saint John Neumann Catholic Church and its people; how kind and friendly they seemed to be. We started baptismal classes together in the school gym at St. John Neumann Church. Our instructor was Deacon Leroy Behnke.

             Joseph Werner's Baptismal Day                          


On September 6th, 1985, Joseph Earl Peter Werner was born to us in Lubbock, Texas. We were so happy with our bundle of joy!


Even the hostilities of my mother mellowed as she held Joseph in her arms. On October 18th, at ten in the morning, Joseph was baptized at Saint John Neumann's Catholic Church. My parents came late to the ceremony due to illness and sent my brother Jim in their stead.


So, friends in Jesus Christ, I will let you know from here through this Diary, the day to day experiences and occurrences leading up to and including the day of August 15th, 1988 in Lubbock, Texas, celebrating the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Saint John Neumann's Catholic Church.


By this time, Mark was employed at a cafeteria baking, and also searching for a better paying job. It was at this time we were having problems with our marriage and were constantly fighting and having thoughts of divorce.


Our young son, Joseph, had become ill from our fights. Our world seemed to be caving in, yet we seemed to keep hanging on despite the hardships and fights. I stayed home caring for Joseph and doing chores of the daily housewife and mother hoping for better times. Little did we know of the miracles that were about to come into our lives.  

                                  Thursday, April 15th, 1988


I, Theresa Marie Steiert Fleischman (former Werner), hereby state that I am of sound mind and body in the recording of all experiences recalled here in this diary, stating my personal encounters with the Blessed Virgin Mary, (Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ), the angelic beings which were observed, and God, the Eternal Father, God the Son, Jesus Christ, and God the Holy Spirit. These experiences include my family at different times, called on for their assistance, and support.


I, to the best of my ability, will serve Our Lord Jesus Christ and will become a tool for the Blessed Mother of God, as often as the Virgin Mary needs me. This diary is true. I hope in all sincerity that this diary will glorify Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and help people to realize life does not end on this earth. There is life after death. The road of good and evil is chosen by our own God-given free will. Therefore, we can blame no one except ourselves and will reap our own consequences.


I offer my personal appreciation to Mary, Mother of God, for her intercessions, help and prayers. "Thank you, dearest Mother of God, Mary Most Holy." I shall never forget all these wonderful moments in my life. Above all, I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for healing our son, Joseph Earl Peter Werner.


Understood or not, I know I personally witnessed many wondrous visions, spiritual experiences and received many prophetic messages from the Eternal Father, God the Almighty. I yearn to be a continual instrument for God and to aid in helping bring many to Jesus Christ. I would truly and sincerely like for all of God's children to find eternal life, but all the more does Our Heavenly Father wish and long for this.


If this diary aids in opening people's eyes to the beyond; if this diary aids in awakening people to the fact there is a judgment of LIFE and DEATH, forever... if this diary aids in opening the eyes of people and their hearts to conversion and true repentance, then I feel that these works have served their purpose for the glory and honor of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We must not get caught up with worldly or materialistic things; into vanity or the flesh. Youth is fleeting. All of these things slip away from us like water going through our fingers.


Our hearts within us are truly the treasures, the very mirror of our innermost beings revealing all truths. How have we loved? Have we been sparingly or abundant in our love toward our brother and sisters? Have we kept God's covenants? Have we gone that extra step without reservations? Let us truly begin a closer walk with Our Lord now, storing up our graces and blessings. Why wait?


I wish to close this personal statement. I wish it to be known as an Oath of Truth, by saying, "I thank God Almighty for choosing me to serve His people." I thank God for the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, August 15th, 1988 in Lubbock, Texas at Saint John Neumann's Catholic Church. I thank God for guiding me and helping me in 1988 to warn and inform His beloved people."


I sincerely pray and hope that all who read my diary and personal story, will truly be richer in faith and spirit. I thank God for all the beautiful pilgrims who journeyed in faith, trust, and love to Saint John Neumann's Catholic Church in Lubbock, Texas. May their blessings and graces be truly abundant, from Our Lord Jesus Christ, and His beloved Mother Mary, our most precious Advocate.

                          Psalm 100

                   A Psalm of Thanksgiving


                      Sing joyfully to the Lord, all you lands; serve the Lord with gladness: come before Him with joyful song. Know that the Lord is God; He made us, His we are; His people, the flock He tends.


             Enter His gates with thanksgiving, His courts with praise; give thanks to Him; bless His Name, for He is good, the Lord, Whose kindness endures forever, and His faithfulness to all generations.


Sincerely with Love

in Jesus Christ and

Mary, Our Lord's

Holy Mother


Theresa Marie Fleischman


Theresa Marie Fleischman

                    Personal Notation 1988

                     THE MARIAN YEAR 1988


   We have personally, (Mark, myself and little Joseph, our son) made at the New Year of 1988, a resolution to keep (or try to keep) faithful in devoting more time to prayer and family Rosaries together. We hope to bring our family together more in unity and to help us through trying times. We have found that keeping faithful to prayer does help a great deal. It certainly eases tensions and settles one's inner temptations when aroused by the attempts of evil. It has made us a more compatible family and aware of God's Presence in our lives and in this world.


   There have been occasions when I spend time in prayer alone, sitting up several hours in prayer but, when you are in the intensity of thought on Christ and His Blessed Mother, time melts away without being noticed.    All my prayers have been for our families and family members; for all our friends, far and near, for world peace, Russia and the poor souls in Purgatory.


   Personally, I have a strong sense of prayer for the Innocents, (God's little children), the aborted, abandoned, abused, molested, abducted, and murdered children of life's most severe crimes. "God, please be with them." I know how much I love my little boy Joseph! Oh, how I love him. How easily one can ache and weep for those who have lost their children. MARY COMFORTER OF THE AFFLICTED... I pray for all those who weep for their children, as you dear Virgin Mary did so long ago over your very own beloved Son, Jesus.   "Mary, please be with those who are in grief." I am also keeping faithful to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, every first Friday.


                                               February, 1988


   I noticed in a Catholic Magazine, which my mother gave to me, that the Virgin Mary is appearing in a place called Medjugorje. "Now where in the world is that"? I remember asking myself. I wanted desperately to send off for the information but, had to put it off for a week due to the lack of funds. I remember digging for quarters and pennies to get a dollar. I needed a money order so I could mail it off only to find I had to wait for a stamp. (That was an extra couple of days)


   I highly believe in Mary, the Virgin Mother of Jesus Christ. I believe she has appeared in many places to many folks. Rich, poor, common or not so common, in distant and near places. So I already believed whatever the information was going to tell before I received it. When I finally got it mailed off, I looked forward to the coming letter with eagerness. It finally came on March 24th, 1988.


                                   Thursday, March 24th, 1988


...Finding it had extra stamps on it because I didn't put enough on it to begin with to receive the expectant letter! "Thank you," whoever paid the rest of the postage. I am most grateful. I accepted the fact that it was destined to get to me one way or another. I find out this place Medjugorje is in a remote mountain village in Yugoslavia. (Wow!) I remember sitting up most of the night reading the paper from page to page and then re-reading it again.


   After taking care of the family, etc., (So I was up late), I shared this most exciting news with Mark, reading aloud and discussing this wonderful new news which had been going on since 1981. All I knew was that I believed with all my heart and I got chills and fear reading about the secrets.


                                     Friday, March 25th, 1988


   Gene Irlbeck was supposed to show today, but did not come. Mark was home early today to meet him. A personal friend of the family; his friendship goes back many years. He used to cut my father's maize every year at harvest time. I remember riding his combine along with my sister. He just seemed like part of the family, and we always looked forward to Gene's visits and harvest time.


   It was somewhere around this time when I took Joseph, our young two year old son to the museum here in Lubbock. Strangely enough, there was a feature of special art work on the Blessed Virgin Mary. I remember being so surprised at seeing the museum display work on the Mother of God. I also remember seeing a special notation of this year 1988 being the Marian Year of the Blessed Virgin Mary. All of this touched me so deeply. I was thrilled and captivated with all the different ways Mary was displayed.


   The works were beautiful and every detail centered on showing a "Queenly Woman" being pulled along in a chariot by mighty dragons; (a display about seven feet long), to the gentleness and simplicity of holding the Infant Child Jesus. There were several pieces of work "centralizing" on the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God.


   Maybe this was right at the beginning of this wonderful story, this art-work bringing into my life the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. I explained to little Joseph how special this showing was, and all for the Mother of God. Joseph seemed to enjoy the art work of Mary very much. Without this work being displayed, I would not have understood or known just how important this year was going to be, simply because of it being the Marian Year.


   During our visit to the museum, I remember a little girl asking her mother, "Is this an idol mother?" I remember how it hurt me to hear such a question being asked. I wanted to defend the Blessed Mother, but all of us have that free will to believe or to disbelieve. The little girl's mother never gave an answer. Maybe she sensed many of the people who were there in the museum did love the Blessed Mother of God. Joseph and I then departed and left for home. I busily began getting supper on the table after Joseph watched all his little programs on TV. Sesame Street was one of his favorite programs.


   Mark baked at a cafeteria, and worked long hard hours, so he would be ready for something to eat when he got in. We could always tell when Mark was home because we could hear him chaining his bike up outside the front door. We seemed to have a peaceful evening with no fussing and fighting. I would almost say we were starting to try a bit harder to get along.


   Joseph and I told Mark about the outing at the museum, and how beautiful the art-work was of Mary. Mark seemed very interested, and after a visit at the table, we all retired for the evening with some "playtime" between father and son before bed.


   It was at this time I would wash the dishes and sweep the floor. As I began wiping down the counters, I noticed a dozen crickets hiding behind my canisters. They all took off running in every direction. I started trying to get rid of them. After swatting here and there with a swatter, I finally got them cleared out. I thought to myself, "I better keep things wiped down better, since the weather is getting warmer, people will think I'm a terrible house cleaner and housewife. All these bugs running around, it's a disgrace!" I later remember someone telling me that when you find many crickets in your home, something very "special" is going to happen. A great joy will be coming into your life. Come to think of it, this was handed down by my grandmother Frances, and even my own mother, or was that just an old wives tale?


   After all was settled down and peaceful again, I began to say a Rosary. I did this every night after all were in bed. I would light my special candle with Mary's picture on the front. In prayers, I smell a sweet odor. I don't know what it is. Where is it coming from? There is nothing in this apartment that smells like that. M-M-M-M it does smell good. It must be those bushes outside. But, I know they shouldn't be smelling like that! "Yes, that must be it", they look so dried up though.


   I always pray with my candles lit. I gaze intently upon your lovely face, Mary. I cry often during this time because I feel so sad reflecting on how Mary wept and felt so grieved at her Son's sufferings and Crucifixion.


   I have been reading the Bible and trying hard to imagine how Christ lived His last days and hours. "What did He eat?" "Did He think about special moments in His past as a child with His Mother Mary and Foster Father Joseph?" "Was He afraid?" "Did He laugh with any of His disciples?" "Did the Apostles really understand what was about to take place?" "Where was Mary?" "Did she and Jesus spend a last moment together?" A meal, or a soft embrace?" Many of these thoughts went through my mind and I prayed and read the Bible for clues or answers.


                                   Saturday, March 26th, 1988


   Today is my mom and dad's 42nd anniversary! I had full intentions of running by out there at the farm in Nazareth, Texas to wish them a happy anniversary, but my sister came by later on to inform me not to go out to the farm. My parents were ill, especially my mother. This made me sad and concerned. Well, their Anniversary Card will be late. (First time in years)


   Confessions are heard on Saturdays at 4:00 P.M. and I would like to make it, so I'll be prepared for Palm Sunday. I was looking forward to it. The day was a bit hectic but I got to confession in time.


   I always looked forward to seeing and talking to Msgr. Joseph James. I was really delighted to find his face had been healed from skin cancer for which he had been receiving some treatments. We had Father James in our prayers. I guess you could say we've known Msgr. James since Joseph had been baptized in 1985. Msgr. James was always doing special things around the Church. He was ever mindful of our Spiritual Walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. I felt I had made a good confession. I was at peace with myself and with God.


   Joseph and I went home then. I had only realized later I had forgotten to light a candle for my friend Gene, my mom and dad's health and my own personal intentions; our marriage. These things I had promised myself to do, so I must go back tonight. I'll just wait until Mark gets home and then after supper we'll just run over to the Church to do my business.


   This is my personal testimonial which happened to me in the Chapel of Saint John Neumann in Lubbock, Texas with the encounter of the Blessed Mother of God, March 26th, 1988; the hour of which this took place was 10:30 P.M.

     I am a member of St. John Neumann Parish. Our son has been baptized here and we are most grateful for him. I often come to the Chapel to light candles for the family and pray. On Saturday afternoon after confession, I remembered I made a promise to light a candle for a friend. I waited for Mark to come home. He did. After we had our supper, we left for the Church. It was right at 10:00 P.M. at night. Mark and Joseph waited in the car while I hurried off to make quick my business. (This is around 10:30 P.M. now) I entered the Chapel. There was a peace which I always find. I seated myself before the statue of the Blessed Virgin and started my prayers after lighting four candles.

    While praying intensely, I smelled a strong odor of roses; very overwhelming but sweet and most pleasant. I glanced about thinking there were fresh roses in the Chapel. There were none. Only artificial flowers were present. My subconscious said, "It is the Blessed Virgin Mary." I immediately looked down to the floor, for I felt a strong sense the Blessed Virgin Mary was about to appear to me. I spoke to Mary in prayer and said, "Mary, thank you for hearing me. I know you are here and I am grateful for your intercessions. Please, Mary, I am not worthy to see you and I am afraid. Please do not show yourself to me, knowing you have interceded for me and knowing the fragrance is enough for me. Thank you!"


  After this, I straightened up her area, (Rosaries, Crosses, books, etc.) and then I left. I mentioned to Mark outside that I smelled the fragrance of roses! Mark made the statement of, "That's nice. Now, are we ready to go home?"


Please note: How I came to meet Mike Slate for the first time was on the occasion of handing in my personal testimony of my experience with the Mother of God in the Saint John Neumann Chapel on March 26th, 1988.


    Michael Slate beside his statue of the Virgin Mary. Mike suffered from  heart problems and died in January of 2000. Individuals might consider praying to Mike Slate for their heart problems.


Mike Slate was a loving father and grandfather. He was a very prayerful man. This is a picture showing Mike Slate holding his grandson, Joshua. 
   Msgr. Joseph James had requested parishioners to write down any personal experiences in the Chapel area or Church for people to read in updated sheets handed out every Sunday. After I had heard this request from the pulpit from Msgr. Joe James, I felt I needed to share.


   Mark, Joseph and myself went into the Chapel to ask where to write our experiences down. Mike Slate was the individual in the Chapel handing out pens and paper for people to write on. I personally did not know Mike Slate at that time. Our family has witnessed many occasions this gentleman aiding in the Mass with Msgr. Joe James. Mike's face always seemed serene with a gentle disposition and of a quiet nature.


   We introduced ourselves and then I told Mr. Slate about my experience in the Chapel. Mike seemed pleased, yet reserved.  Of course he didn't know us. As Mark and Mike visited, I began to write down the information on my personal experience of March 26th, 1988. After I had finished, Mike thanked us and we departed.


                                             March 27th, 1988

                                                  PALM SUNDAY


   The next day at Mass, Palm Sunday, I learned the Parish here has been receiving apparitions. It shocked me and I became afraid. It didn't really hit me until I got home and read the bulletin from the Church. Then I was sure it was Mary and I began to weep and give thanks. I also had a fear. I spent most of the day in a state of shock! "This didn't happen", but it did.


   I experienced the Blessed Virgin Mary personally. She came to me! It was so hard to believe, but it really happened. I told Mark, when he got home from work. He was so happy. OVERJOYED it seemed. He took it so well. I did not. I cried a lot. A great fear came over me. I felt I was going crazy. If it had not been for Mark’s support I would have gone nuts. I had respect for Mary the Mother of God, and I wondered "Why? What is it about"?


                                     Monday, March 28th, 1988


   There is a woman receiving messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary at Saint John Neumann's Church! This is just all so awesome and yet in some ways a bit frightening. The Mother of God coming to the Parish of Saint John Neumann? What does she want? Is something wrong? And this woman, who is so blessed to be receiving messages from The Mother of God! Oh! How special she must be! All these things were news to our family since we've been away to another parish due to Mark's work.

My, how things constantly seem to be happening around this very exciting parish of Saint John Neumann's.


   Msgr. James had been away to Medjugorje on a pilgrimage, and this too had been news to us. All seemed to be blending together somehow.


   We will start our first Family Rosary together at the Chapel at St. John Neumann's tonight. Rosaries apparently have been going on for some time at St. John Neumann yet, we were away for such a short time. My, how things have changed! The Rosary begins around evening.


   Our day seemed long and we were excited about the coming event, (the Rosary). We did all the normal things a family does during the day, caring for Joseph, getting supper done, doing the dishes, etc. Time to go! Got everyone ready and finally were off to Church. Joseph is warned, "If you see Mary, the Blessed Mother of Jesus, what will you do?" Joseph replies, "I will say BOO!" NO! NO! NO! Joseph. Joseph, you will say, "I love you Mary," "I love you, Jesus."


   We are here now; in some ways we are nervous. Everyone seems to be quite calm and slowly but, surely the minutes start adding up. Mark is looking all around, amid the flames of burning candles. We both glance at each other and laugh slightly to ourselves.


   I then spy the young woman who is said to be receiving messages from the Blessed Mother of God. Her name is Mary Constancio. I do not personally know this woman but I did bring Marks's attention to her. We began to listen closely to any remarks she might have to say. This woman seemed to have the esteem of many of the people who were entering into the Chapel. Many of them surrounding her and wanting to touch her. I could hear them from the distance asking her to pray for them. Their smiles were bright on their faces as they searched this woman's face. I could see this woman was petite in height with a fair face. She had coal black hair and a very warm and friendly smile. Truly she was quite attractive.


   The Rosary began, "In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen." Some of the Rosary was being said in Spanish, but we went right along following with the beads. It seemed like forever we were saying the Rosary, for we were anticipating seeing the Blessed Virgin Mary.


   Joseph seems to be intent at looking up at the ceiling. It seems he's teasing something with his little Rosary. His gaze just seems fixed for some time at this area of the Chapel. I am personally afraid and dare not look about. Mark mentions he sees Joseph smiling at the ceiling over all of our heads! It is after the Rosary, the woman, Mary Constancio gave a message to us which she had written down on notebook paper. I remember how quiet everyone got in the Chapel. It seemed we were all straining to hear every word that was being said.


                             Monday Evening, March 28th, 1988

                                          Monday of Holy Week


Monday Messages of Mother Mary:


   (During the 15 Decades of the Rosary) Dearly beloved sons and daughters, thank you again for being here. There is so much to tell you, especially today. For my son and all in heaven this is a special week...for all remember my son's crucifixion, his hours of agony.


   My children, do not fall asleep. Be ready and prepared. For he has come to make a covenant with all those who will accept him.


   At this moment many of your own people are praying for your very souls. At this very moment the angels and saints are cheering you on...are praying for you...are asking mercy for you and your brothers and sisters.


   My children, that you may know the love I have for you is eternal, my love for you is great; that you may know the blessings of our Father have been asked for you...blessings of every sort will be bestowed, blessings that you know that only I can ask for you. You honor me greatly with your prayers...which makes my son smile, for you have also accepted me as your mother.


   I thank all of those who are praying the three rosaries a day, for they are the very essence of your church's salvation...the very essence of peace for your church.


   Do not forget that the foundation of your church and the foundation of your peace and the foundation of your salvation is my son. Do not reject him. Do not reject him again for he is handing himself over to you again. He is entrusting in your hands his hands, his heart. Treat tenderly that which he gives you, that which he entrusts to you. He is calling you to take care and love those close to you. Pray for them. Fast for them. Love them as he has loved you.


   Do not forget. Do not put off praying and fasting for another day...for someone else to do. For this is the grace that my son is going to give you tonight. Go with my love. Go with my heart.

                                   Mary Constancio, messenger


   Now that the message has been given, everyone seemed to start leaving. Some of the people started to surround Mary Constancio and ask her questions as to what did the Blessed Mother look like? How was she dressed? Some of the people were crying, and some looked troubled.


   I wanted to meet Mary, and maybe get to ask her how long had she been receiving messages from the Blessed Mother of God. When Mark, myself and Joseph got to Mary, I went blank. I began to think how holy she must be and if I should even dare to talk with her. "Are you really receiving messages from the Mother of God?" "May I touch your hand?" I remember Mary laughing at me, but then she seemed very kind and said she was normal just like me. Of course I didn't do a very good job of concealing my awe of her. Our family was truly impressed.


   When we got home, we were tired but, happy. To our amazement, we found out that Joseph saw Mary! I begin a spiritual dance that is full of strength and moves I never dreamed I could do in my little kitchen. I jumped high in the air, feeling absolutely wonderful and full of joy. Almost at the point of explosion! Joseph laughs at me and thinks mommy is funny but oh, I feel so good! I could fly. Mark watched me bounce or fly all over the kitchen and through the apartment. I was filled with the spirit of dance, and it felt so very good! Our family slept soundly and peacefully that night. Alleluia!


                                    Tuesday, March 29th, 1988


   Joseph is up and going at it strong like any two year old! He sings his first song today, "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." At breakfast, Joseph tells me about Mary! (Virgin Mary). Joseph tells me she was in white and she had a Rosary! "Mommy, Mary laughs," he said. I was so shocked and yet happy for I knew Joseph, being an innocent child knew exactly what he was saying. (Oh, thank you, dear Lord.)


   I questioned Joseph some more just to appease my own curiosity. But not to a great intensity for I believed with all my heart that Mary, the Mother of God was there at St. John Neumann's Catholic Church, and I believe with all my heart, that Joseph truly saw the Blessed Virgin Mary.


   When Mark got home, I told him what Joseph had told me. Mark was so thrilled! He had mentioned how Joseph kept staring up at the Chapel ceiling, and seemed to be centering all his interests on something there. We had also recalled that there was a little Hispanic boy also who had been looking up at the ceiling too. (Just like Joseph). It had to have been the Blessed Virgin Mary. We were sure of it!  Mark and I began to laugh when Joseph said Mary was laughing. She was probably laughing at Mark because he was so busy looking all over the Chapel area trying to see the Blessed Virgin Mary. But really, who wasn't? VIRGIN MARY - MOTHER OF THE CHURCH VIRGIN MARY - MORNING STAR


                                  Wednesday, March 30th, 1988


   Joseph and I get up to a beautiful morning of singing birds and warm sunshine. (I had spent the previous night late in prayer).  I fixed a big breakfast for little Joseph and enjoyed some play time and talk with my little man.   I have noticed that the little sores that were all over Joseph's body are clearing up nicely and also Joseph's more at peace. He laughs a lot now and I'm so glad to see this.    Mark and I have been doing better. Thank God. Joseph begins to play in his little play area as I get ready to take a morning shower. "Honey, mommy won't be long."


   As I go about my preparing to wash up, I remember having my hair full of soapy bubbles when I begin hearing a "VOICE" right in my ears! "NO! It's only my imagination!" Again I hear the "VOICE", but this time it begins to tell me what it wants me to do! Stronger and more persistent, it begins to say, "Go, give out this message. Receive My graces and tell the whole world there will be happiness only through Me." I was then told where to look in the Bible to find this message. Gospel of Matthew 6:24-34.


   This "VOICE" began the same message again. Repeating it once more, I then got out of the shower quickly to dress and wrap my hair in a towel. I hurried into the den to check on Joseph. He was fine and playing happily. I then reached for my white Bible and began looking up the reading I seemed to have received in the shower. Sure enough, with no trouble at all, I found the reading just as the "VOICE" had directed me to do. I am not good at finding readings in the Bible; yet, I had no trouble finding this Gospel of Matthew. It was like the Book Itself opened without my assisting it. Again, I hear the "VOICE." "You are to make many fliers to distribute throughout the city populace." "Have the color purple as in royalty." "Use the message in which I have given you; Gospel of Matthew".


   Again I begin to think to myself if I'm just thinking I'm hearing this "VOICE", or am I really hearing something? I dress hastily, and begin to think of what this "VOICE "has been telling me. I begin to feel an urgency in my heart to do what the "VOICE" asked of me. I begin digging through my dresser drawers for a photo of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.    I use this picture as the main focus on the flier I am supposed to make.


   I then go into the den to check on TV to see if there's something decent for Joseph to watch. Joseph settles down in his little chair and is enjoying a program that is good and wholesome. After bringing him a snack and some Kool Aid, I start back to work on the future fliers.


   "LOVE", is the title, which the "VOICE" seems to speak now. The "VOICE" now directs my attention on an old lipstick holder with the words love written in many different languages. I had received this old container long ago as a gift, and had almost forgotten I even had it in my drawer. Again the "VOICE" directs me to center the picture of Jesus on the flier. I am now to surround Him with the many different expressions of LOVE. "LOVE", AHAVAH", "LIEBE", "AMOUR", "AI", "AMOR", were some of these words.


   Now the "VOICE" tells me to use a reading from the Medjugorje papers which Christ himself is said to have spoken to one of the messengers there. "Receive My graces and tell the whole world there will be happiness only through Me." Now I am to add the reading of the Gospel of Matthew 6:24-34. The "VOICE" wants me to write in big bold letters the word, "C O N V E R T". Now I am looking at the finished product. I am impressed, but it seemed there was more to do.


   I am now told to immediately go to the Thrifty Nickel and place an ad in their column for one month. I did. Jesus said, "Receive My graces and tell the whole world there will be happiness only through Me." "CONVERT" Matthew 6:24-34 I used our own funds to pay for this ad as a tithe for Our Lord, Jesus Christ. When Joseph and I get back from this outing, we are tired. I prepare us a little lunch and then lay Joseph down for a nap. The "VOICE" speaks again. Now I am told to ask Msgr. James to write me a personal letter of approval for me to go out to surrounding communities to "INVITE" them to come to St. John Neumann's Catholic Church to pay honor to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and to come and join us for Monday evening Rosary, and that more prayers were to be said; more dedication from all the whole of the peoples so that the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, could intercede for all her children. It was then brought to my attention that Nazareth, Texas and surrounding communities should be warned. Warned that all should pray more devoutly. VIRGIN MARY - MOST POWERFUL


   Now it is nearing evening and Joseph has finished watching his favorite program, "Sesame Street." I am busy at work in the kitchen putting a meal on the table. Mark gets in and we share our day. He is surprised to find out about all the work we did today. I showed Mark the flier that I had made earlier this day, guided by the "VOICE" I continue to hear off and on. After prayers and clean up, we all retire early this night. Sometimes I feel this is my favorite time of the day. My family is all together and we are one. This is the night I am awakened by a dream I had. It seemed so very real. I see Jesus tossing his long hair back, and he is laughing. He seems so very happy. It seems that there is a background of great light and a tinge of red.


The Laughing Jesus

Luke Chapter 15 verses 1-7

I personally believe the red signifies the blood Jesus shed for us all.


                                                March 31st, 1988

                                                Holy Thursday


   Today Gene Irlbeck is supposed to drop by. We had missed seeing him earlier this month due to some kind of confusion. My sister dropped by for a visit. (How nice.) I have a house full of company. I'm busy with laundry, so my sister and Gene are shooting the pow-wow. This is my chance to distribute my Easter cards to save on stamps. We pass the day in conversation with only a few outbursts of all the excitement going on with the Blessed Virgin Mary. I'm on a high, and can't come down! My sister, and Gene both look at me kind of funny but, they do not say anything. They don't know what to think. Well, sis has to go. She has things to do but, was sure nice seeing her. Wow, seems so unreal because now, dad is at the door! Three visitors in one day. It will surely snow!


   My father informs me that my mom is in the hospital. She is very ill. Seems dad can't stay long, but he brought us some good country water. "She'll get better Theresa, she just needs rest", he said. Before my dad leaves, I give him a flower from the little garden area by our apartment complex. "Please dad, give this to mom, let her know we are thinking of her, and tell mom that we love her." "We will be praying for her to get better soon", I said. My dad gives me a kiss and a hug before his goodbye. Gene too departs telling me not to worry, and that he earlier smelled roses in our apartment. I am left in tears of concerns and worry for my mother. VIRGIN MARY - HEALTH OF THE SICK  Mary, the Blessed Virgin was among us even though we didn't know it, or maybe didn't realize it at times.


   Mark gets in from work. He is tired and must have had a trying day at work. I began to tell him about the news of mom being in the hospital, and all the visitors we had that day. Mark could tell I had been crying and tried to console me. "Do not worry about mom, she'll be all right." "She's in good hands, and Pa Pete will watch over her." "Let's light a candle for her tonight at Church and offer her up in our prayers." "Right now we need to get something to eat, so let's say we go get a fish sandwich or something." I agreed and Joseph was getting tired and cranky. After we got cleaned up, we all went out to get a bite to eat. Soon afterwards, a heavy rain began and the air became much cooler. Mass would be starting later this evening, so we hurried off to the Church.


   It was during Mass that Msgr. Joe James announced that one of the parishioners wanted to share with the congregation an experience he had. It was this very night, as rainy as it was, that this young man was driving down the Brownfield Highway when he spied a man walking along the side of the road in the pouring rain. He seemed to have a long dark colored coat hanging loosely about him, with the appearance of a hood hanging over his head. This individual who happened to be driving by at that time saw the man and decided to give a ride to the stranger. He turned his vehicle around to go pick up the man but, he was gone! The man seemed to have disappeared. Where did he go? It was impossible for this person to have vanished so quickly and not be seen. It was then this parishioner of St. John Neumann's said he remembered how the person seemed to glow when he first saw this stranger. It was then in this man's spirit that he said he felt that he had seen Our Lord, Jesus Christ! "Wow"!  I remember saying to myself. Mark and I just looked at each other in amazement. We had just been past that road earlier when we were on our way for fish sandwiches. What an unforgettable testimony! Hopefully, after Mass, we might get to speak with this young man.


   Truly the Mass was beautiful with its’ angelic-sounding singers, and the wonderful teaching sermon from Msgr. James. We tried to make our way through the crowds to speak with the man who gave the testimony. He was surrounded by many fellow parishioners asking him the same questions we would be asking. We could only listen to this man's answers in the distance, but our glances were rewarded by a warm smile that came from his face.


   It was then we went to talk with Msgr. Joe James. I shared with Msgr. James the experiences I had been having and told him about the "VOICE" which was talking to me quite regularly. After a long visit and prayers, we went home tired, but pleased with the evening. I put little Joseph to bed and kissed everyone good-night. I begin to prepare for Good Friday, by putting up a special Cross on the wall. I place out my red mats for the table, along with red candles, symbolizing the blood that was shed for the whole of mankind.


   It is late now and I begin my prayers with the Rosary reflecting on the Sorrowful Mysteries. I feel very sad this night, and my heart feels like it could break in two. VIRGIN MARY - MOST FAITHFUL  "Oh, my sweet JESUS, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of Hell, lead all souls to Heaven, especially those who have most need of Your Mercy."



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