Theresa Fleischman's Prophecies
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Sunday, May 1st, 1988

                                             "Month of Mary"


   I smelled roses; very faint at 11:00 P.M. in our home.


Please Note: On May 2nd, 1988, the messages from the Blessed Mother and Jesus began to change into archaic language with "Thee's" and "Thou's". Also, the wording of the Messages seemed to be changing. I sensed a kind of change that was about to take place. I believe that the messages were transforming in this way in preparation for what was to come soon afterwards. I began receiving messages that I believe were from "GOD, THE FATHER."


                                       Monday, May 2nd, 1988

                                      Fifth Monday of Easter

                                            Saint Athanasius




   I do heareth thy prayers. I do seeth thy tears. My Love is with thee always unto the ends of time. Yes, My Son's most Holy Heart, most Holy Blood. For this He sayeth unto thee again, "For My yoke be upon thy shoulders for it is light of burden."


   Rejoice! Rejoice, all peoples! Rejoice! Thy heart no longer weepest for there is truly a Savior. One victorious over death. Come unto Me all who are weeping. Come unto Me all who are weary. Friend, rest within My most Sacred Heart, most Sacred Blood. For with Me thou shall find everlasting life.


   "Behold! Behold thy Savior watches for thee. Fear not, for I am with thee for all the ends of the earth. Glory! Hosanna unto all people! Upon all tongues let My Name resound!"


   Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. My beloved Son.

                               Theresa Fleischman, messenger


                                      Tuesday, May 3rd, 1988


   There is a light smell of roses in the apartment. We gave a salutation and Rosary to the Blessed Mother of God.


                                    Wednesday, May 4th, 1988


   Mark is up early today in search and hopes of a new job with the hospital. Mark went into the Chapel to pray and ask the Lord for help. Mark said that while he was praying, he could smell roses! In the hospital Chapel, there are no roses.


   It has been laid on my heart by the Blessed Virgin to confront my niece on her personal life. She has been laying on my heart. So I gathered all the information from St. John Neumann and also a Medjugorje paper. A personal note from the Virgin Mary was telling my niece to make a change in her life. She was to move in with her mother, or afflictions would multiply on her the longer she hesitated in obeying the requests of the Blessed Virgin. With this, an assortment of food was also delivered, because we were told by her family that she has not been eating well lately. I hurried off to do as I was told. Joseph was still sleeping, but I gathered him up and went about our work. When I got to the street, I was unsure of the house. I asked Mary for a sign. She told me to look for roses. Sure enough, there were roses at the house where my niece was staying. I tried to visit with her, but she would not answer the door. I knocked hard and long, but I decided it was all a defeated cause. She chose not to come to the door.


   I went down the street and parked the car in the shade of a tree and waited. After two hours passed, I decided to leave all the items at her neighbor's house. I went home then and took care of personal needs.


   Later on that day we went to visit Sister A.B. at the hospital. Sister A.B. let Joseph see the helicopter and meet the pilots, etc. We enjoyed our visit very much. We discovered it was Sister A.B.'s birthday today. She told us that she takes an evening walk with God every day.


   That evening we had Msgr. James over for a visit. In our visiting I asked Msgr. Joe James about the Messages I have been receiving and the different happenings in our lives. Msgr. enlightened areas which were dark and unsure. I slept very well this night because he gave me a new insight on things I knew nothing about. Thank you, Msgr. Joe James. Thank You, Lord.


                                     Thursday, May 5th, 1988


   Roses are smelled strongly in our apartment this evening. It lingers a long time there. We gave a salutation and a Rosary to the Blessed Virgin Mary. We also did a Rosary in the St. John Neumann Chapel, sang songs, and prayed.


                                       Friday, May 6th, 1988


   This is the first Friday of the month. I reflected on the Sacred Heart of Jesus and I will pray a Litany. At 4:45 P.M., there was another confrontation with my niece. I was informed by the Lord to give another warning. I was also told to get the remaining flier from the closet. The flier says, "CONVERT"; that people will only find happiness through the Lord Jesus. Again, I attempted to do what was a failure the last time. I placed the flier on my niece's car. I began to leave, but was told by the "VOICE", to blow my car horn. I did. Close to ten seconds. (It seemed a long time) I don't know why I did it, but it was done. As I left to go back home, I saw the whole family outside the house looking at the flier message. I felt the task was done, and many eyes saw the warning from the Lord.


   That evening when the mail came in, there was a letter from Mrs. Willhelm who lived in Nazareth. Mrs. Willhelm requested a copy of all the monthly messages from our Parish of St. John Neumann's. She also sent me a booklet with much information about the Blessed Virgin Mary and her Son, Jesus. The Spirit came upon me and asked if I would continue to do the Lord's work. I said, "Yes" and I said a Rosary and Litany to Jesus.


                                     Saturday, May 7th, 1988


   Went to the Chapel to spend time in prayer. (Night) Smelled roses. Our family gave a gift to the Lord, to His people by tithing gifts of "Holy Cards."


                                       Sunday, May 8th, 1988


   Went to Church this morning as a family.  Mark had this day off from work. I received a message from Mary, the Blessed Virgin and from Jesus her Son. Mark helped me on Jesus' message. I almost had forgotten it. We hurried off to Church, driving past speed limit to get to Msgr. Joe James before Mass.


Please Note: This Message is to all parents, especially to mothers.


                                       Sunday, May 8th, 1988

                                      Sixth Sunday of Easter

                                                Mother's Day


Message from Our Lord Jesus and His Mother Mary:


   This is what Mary wants us to recite in the "Hail Mary;" the words of the Blessed Virgin's "Ave Maria."


   "Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners. Send forth the grace of Thy flame of love to all mankind, now and in the hour of our death. Amen."


   The Virgin Mary is asking and calling to all of us to keep Thursdays and Fridays as days of special graces, to regard them as days of atonement of her divine son.


   The way to achieve this is with the holy hour of the family. During this hour of reconciliation, you should say various prayers the rosary for example and sing hymns.


   Begin the worship by making the Sign of the Cross five times in view of my son's five holy wounds. Reflect on Jesus' shoulder wound which was his most grievous wound...which tore his flesh and bared his bone. Carry his cross! Finish it in the same way, five Signs of the Cross!


   Continue the worship with spiritual readings. Light a candle in remembrance of my promise. Urgent! Keep a holy hour in your family. Thursdays and Fridays should be special days of grace. On these days, make special reparation to my divine son. Visit the Blessed Sacrament. The hour could be spent filled with singing of hymns, meditation, various prayers and the rosary. Begin adoration with his five holy wounds - shoulder. Make the sign of five crosses.


   If there are many in reconciliation, I, the Blessed Mother, will be satisfied with as little as five minutes per person!


   The deeper the prayer, the more Satan will be blinded! Soon! Do these things for me!


   Our Blessed Mother asks of all of us:


   Try to hold these reconciliation sessions in twos or threes because where two or three meet in the name of my son, he will be there. More, if possible.


   You should also try to make a practice during the day of crossing yourselves five times, one after the other, while offering yourselves into the mercy of the Lord. This will bring you nearer to the eternal Father and your heart will be filled with grace. Start this as soon as possible. Urgent, Please! Mary is asking it from all of us to show our love and devotion, beginning the 12th and 13th of May and continuing from then on!


   Messages to parents - mother and fathers - from our Lord Jesus


   Jesus said, "Let it be known to others, my child, that without faith and trust, no other virtue can take root in you. It is the foundation of the holy cause for which we prepare ourselves. And begin making this known very soon.


   "All of you mothers who bring pleasure to my heart, the merit of your work is no less than the deeds of the priest in the highest office. You parents, you mothers, understand the sublime vocation I entrusted to you. You are destined to populate my kingdom. From your hearts, from your bosoms, every step of my church comes forth. My kingdom grows according to how you mothers take care of the created souls. You have the greatest responsible work. This work I laid in your hands to lead the multitude of souls to salvation. To this, your responsible work, I give my special blessing!"


   From Jesus Christ.

                               Theresa Fleischman, messenger


   After Mass, we went to get a donut, congregated some, and went home. 12:30 noon, Mark had to go to work at the cafeteria. Joseph and I went to the Constancio family gathering and visited awhile. We talked over many concerns and messages of the Blessed Virgin and then went home after a long visit and pleasant evening. The Lord told me later that night to send a letter to my niece's mother. The Lord spoke of this being a third and last warning. I didn't really know how to react to all this, but I followed the inner "VOICE" within me and gave all glory to the Lord, Jesus. All that I do is for the Lord Jesus. I seek NO glory or recognition for myself. Let my name perish, but let all praise and glory go to God and His Beloved Son, JESUS.  Mary, Jesus, I love you, save souls!


                                       Monday, May 9th, 1988


   I had a dream last night and envisioned the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe. Her light radiated all around her! I could see the rays of sunlight all around her and her hands were together as if in prayer. I awoke with this image of her in my mind. I didn't understand it, but I felt sure as the day passed on, my eyes would be opened. I began the day mailing information of Medjugorje papers to different people. I spent most of the day at this. I passed on all that I could until there was no more to give.


   I was told to go to a house I knew of long ago when I was first engaged to be married. I finally found the house and the woman who had lived there was Mrs. Irene C. Who did my wedding flowers and had a deep love for the Blessed Virgin Mary. I went to her door to give her the information about our Parish, St. John Neumann, and Medjugorje. The "VOICE" told me Irene was dead. She had died and no longer lived there. Mary, the Blessed Mother comforted me with the knowledge that she was in the arms of Jesus Her Son and Herself, the Blessed Virgin Mary. I asked, "Why am I here, then? If this woman is dead, why did I come here?" The Blessed Virgin Mary told me to search and I would find the answer.


   I stood there, my eyes looking; trying to see a sign. It then came to my attention, the beloved Virgin's picture was on the door! The very vision which I dreamed of the night before. "Our Lady of Guadalupe." Though no one was home, I left all the contents of information in a folder on the people's door.


   My mission done, I went home. I was very tired. I tried to make Rosary, but while in the shower, Mother Mary told me to be absent this Monday from Rosary. This was to give acknowledgment to Mr. Mike Slate that he was a humble man, and would receive a message as he had been doing for quite some time. Very well. I did as I was told.


   It was a trying day for me and my family. Our tempers flared some and our spirits were low. Gene Irlbeck came from Happy, Texas to hear the Monday messages and to say the Rosary. Mark and Gene went together this Monday and left me and Joseph behind. The message was given by Mary Constancio and Mike Slate.


                                       Monday, May 9th, 1988

                                      Sixth Monday of Easter


Monday Messages of Mother Mary:


   (During the Fifteen Decades of the Rosary in the Church) Listen, my children, with ears opened to hear that which only your hearts can see! Know, my children, that I can see that sorrow with which you suffer, that sorrow with which you rejoice. For only through my son can you experience any joy at all.


   My children, my whole purpose in blessing your church is to bring joy. To bring peace. To bring love. To bring mercy from God, our almighty Father. I ask you again to reach into the very depths of your soul and seek to whom you give glory, to whom you give homage. The time is coming when I will shine my eyes on all those who believe. The time is coming when you shall see my eyes. Be prepared, my children, for our Father has done great things for you and much more will he do.


   How much must I plead with you to bring others with you? I say again to spread my message. My message of mercy, my message of hope for all those who have none.


   Fight the enemy, my children, with weapons that I have already sent you: prayer, fasting, communion and reconciliation. Pray with petitions and prayers of all sorts, especially those prayers that have been inspired by the love of my son Jesus. Continue to ask the Lord for mercy every day, every moment, for great is our Father's mercy. Great is his compassion and unending is his love.


   I plead with you again: Bring your families, bring those whom I send you to bring, for they are all my children.


   Blessed are they who desire to please my son...those who desire to please our almighty Father who rules over his people with love and mercy.


   Please bring others with you. Thank you for being here tonight. Now take this message to all who believe - even to those who do not, that they may believe. This is my love letter to you. May all the fruits of the Holy Spirit be among you. May the fruit of all women's wombs here tonight be blessed to bring forth the peace of the world.


   (During the Sorrowful Mysteries) My children, this month is a special month in which you take time to give me homage. Take time this month also to treat others with that special love and tender compassion and concern which I also give you.


   Do not be too busy to take time to pray. To love!

                                  Mary Constancio, messenger


   My dear children, thank you for being here tonight. I prayed for you all today that you would have the strength and courage to be here. I know that many of you had many trials today. Be strong, my children. My Son needs you. Pray for strength and perseverance. You have been called to continue the work which he started here on earth.


   My children, be aware that you will be under attack. That you will be tempted. But remember that my son and I are praying for you. And when you feel tempted or are aware of the evil one, pray to my son for strength, for he will not forsake you.


   Go with peace and my love, my children.

                                       Mike Slate, messenger

                                    (First Recorded Message)


   I personally felt Mike's message was like Mother Mary talking to me. Our day had been trying and hard. I know this was certainly a comfort to my family as well as to many others. All praise and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ!


                                                 May of 1988


Please Note: The Blessed Mother wanted the messengers: Mary Constancio, Theresa Fleischman (former Werner) and Mike Slate to start meeting on Wednesdays with Msgr. Joseph James and his Pastoral Assistant Ms. Wynn, with the guidance of prayer and the aid of the Holy Spirit. It was decided that Ms. Wynn’s place would be best because it was located closer to the Church and to Msgr. James' work and Rectory. It was through these particular meetings that future events, prophecies and secret prophesies were given to Theresa.


                                     Tuesday, May 10th, 1988


   I received a message from the Blessed Virgin through the Heavenly Father this morning, that publication should be given in the Lubbock AJ for encouraging more attendance at the Rosary for Monday nights; not only calling our own Parish, but prayers and devotions from all parishes of every denomination and every faith. All of God's children are equal and there is no partiality or favoritism. We are all of the family of God, the Almighty.


Please Note: This message was given to Msgr. James and to my knowledge is still in his possession or locked away for safekeeping.


   Joseph and I went to Casa Ole' today for a quick lunch break and from there I called Ms. Wynn's place. Msgr. James was having lunch and it was at this moment I told Msgr. James about the message I had received that morning. Msgr. James told me that we are all going to meet at Ms. Wynn’s house today at 1:00 P.M. I told Msgr. that I would be there with Joseph. When I hung the phone up, I was told by the Blessed Mother to enjoy my lunch and to relax with Joseph. I am to be patient, for this was a test as well as an act of obedience to God.


   When it's close to one o'clock, Joseph and I arrived at Ms. Wynn's house. We are greeted warmly and Ms. Wynn finds crayons and a coloring book for Joseph. She also gathers little blocks for Joseph to play with; always a final touch with a little snack or a cool drink of lemonade or tea. Finally, all arrived and gather in the kitchen around Ms. Wynn's round table. I deliver the message to Msgr. Joe James (which was written on paper) at our Group Meeting. We all decide to pray over this urgent note and we all are concerned and in question due to the overpowering tone. I do recall how Mary Constancio said she felt the message seemed sound and correct. She sensed a similar feeling from the Blessed Virgin herself. Msgr. decides to pray more on the message and to discern it more deeply. (Note: message on May 10th, 1988.)


   Many of the private messages that I received were often ignored by Msgr. Joe James. He would always use the excuse that he wanted to discern it more deeply and therefore many of the messages were ignored or forgotten. I will include these forgotten and ignored messages at the end of this book.


   Msgr. Joseph James, Ms. Wynn, Mary Constancio, Theresa Fleischman (former Werner), and Mike Slate begin our praises to the Heavenly Father. Within the depth of prayer, we begin to experience visions. Each of us in turn tell of what we see. There are multitudes of people gathered around the Church fountain. There is hardly enough room to stand or sit. People are calling out. There are visions of roses, the Pope blessing the fountain, the Infant of Prague, the Blessed Virgin herself and flowers everywhere! All of a sudden, a mighty force of WIND descends into the kitchen where we all were!


Please Note: There was no way wind could come into Ms. Wynn’s house like that. Her doors were closed and there was only a small opening in one of her kitchen windows.

 A Gentle Wind a Mighty Wind

   It was the "HOLY SPIRIT" of GOD Who descended on all of us! I was personally very frightened from all of this and did a lot of shaking and crying. I began crying out, "What is this?" "What is this?" I buried my face in my hands and started to cry. Questions began to pour out especially from Msgr. Joseph James. There were questions asked from all members there. The Blessed Virgin Mary answers through the body (mouth) of myself, Theresa. There were many questions about St. John Neumann Church, including the urgent message mentioned earlier.


   Our questions were answered one by one and our troubled minds were eased and our hearts lightened. After our experience with the "HOLY SPIRIT" encounter, I began to shake and cry again. Before the Blessed Virgin Mary departed, we were told to be silent on some secrets revealed to us. In God's time, they would be revealed. Meanwhile, we all were in a state of awe. I noted that Mary Constancio's face was glowing with joy. Mike Slate was silent; yet his features were of excitement and praising the Lord. Msgr. Joe James had a peace on his face that I had never seen before and Ms. Wynn, tried consoling me because I had never experienced anything like that in my life! Had any of us for that matter? I personally was crying and shouting out, "What was that?" I must say, I found much comfort in Ms. Wynn’s kind and gentle words. She talked to me asking me questions like, "What did you see?" "What did you hear?" and comforted me with her gentle hugs, her truly caring heart and deep concern.


   It was this very day that we were told of the missions we were assigned to do, and that time was going by quickly. We had to get to work for all mankind and for the Glory of God.



Proverbs 31:20, 29, 30, and 31


Please Note: My brother had been ill, and we were told to go to Hereford to bless him, his family and his home. That night, after 8:00 P.M. my family and I departed for Hereford, Texas. We stopped by the Nazareth house to get some Scapulars, then we were off on the long drive. It was raining off and on. We were very tired when we got to Hereford.


   When we got into town, we turned down the street where my brother and his family lived. On the way we spied a fence on fire and knew the family in the house must be asleep. We immediately located a pay phone and called the Fire Department. We drove back to the house and Mark went out to knock on the door of the house. Mark had to knock several times before a man came to the door. It was clear the individual was upset, but after Mark told him his fence was on fire, the man's attitude changed. Mark told him that he had called the Fire Department for them. This stranger was grateful, and it was not long before the fire truck was there putting out the leaping flames. Fortunately, there was not a lot of damage done. We then departed for my brother's house, and stayed the night after blessing their home and members of the family.


                                   Wednesday, May 11th, 1988



   The next day we had a McDonald breakfast. After eating and visiting for a little while, we then gave our "Thanks" for my brother and his family's hospitality. We gave a blessing and told them to devote more time to family prayers and to reflect upon the Blessed Virgin and her Divine Son, Jesus. We said our "goodbyes," and left. We drove to the Catholic Church not far from my brother's house and dropped off information. On our way back to Lubbock, we dropped by the farm to visit my parents.


Please Note: There is a disbelief and doubt from all my family.


   We got back to Lubbock around 4:00 P.M. Msgr. Joe James came to visit at 8:00 P.M. and we talked of our busy last two days. Our visit was very nice. Our family said the Rosary tonight.


                                    Thursday, May 12th, 1988

                                             "THE ASCENSION"


   This was a day to relax some and unwind; Joseph's day to enjoy himself. We checked in at the hospital to see Sister A.B. and had fellowship and prayer together. Mark checks the Board of Food and Nutrition for possible employment. In the meantime, Sister A.B. and I discuss the Heavenly Father. Sister A.B. gives warning not to "Try God." I am to accept in faith completely. Sister A.B. gives a personal testimony which we will keep to ourselves, but it did cause me to be more concerned over pleasing God and not doubting Him so much; not to be so questioning and to try and accept more in true faith.


   Joseph got to see a robot dinosaur display and then we went over to Pistol Pete's and enjoyed a meal and a few rides for Joseph. We went then to the mall for ice cream and I finally got to purchase a dress. (Thank you, Lord.) We went to Church that evening at 7 P.M. for a beautiful Mass that was very spirit moving! Our family experienced visions together in St. John Neumann's Chapel. We saw an aura and received messages. We said a Family Rosary that night in the Chapel. It lasted over one hour.


Please Note: It was on "The Ascension", May 12, 1988 after Mass, that we had an "out of body experience."


   Mary Constancio, Mike Slate, and myself, experienced HELL. Msgr. Joe James was with us along with Ms. Wynn and a few others in prayer. I do not believe anyone else felt or saw the things that the three messengers did.


   Right before we went into this spiritual journey, Mark, locked the Church doors as he went out with our young son, Joseph. Mark had mentioned to me later that night how he could tell that we were going through something spiritual and that was why he had locked the doors so that we would not be disturbed.


   I remember the Lord coming to take the three of us on this journey. Jesus was all in white and His Head was covered with a hood. He held His hand out to me and said, "Come." I did not hesitate, nor did the others. (Mary and Mike) We started to descend down slowly... very slowly. Mike Slate started to say, "NO, Lord." "NO, Lord!" This is when I spoke out that we are going to see Hell. "We are going down!" I said. I remember a great blackness. I remember the sounds of burning and leaping flames. I looked down and saw beneath me an ocean of fire! As far as you could see, there was fire leaping up everywhere. Red, orange and yellow flames everywhere. There was an odor and it seemed like the smell of great amounts of sulfur. There were screams of torment and cursing that never seemed to stop.


   Blackened figures jumped up from the flames as if they were trying to grab at us. They could not reach us, for we were far above them. It was like we were standing on a ledge overlooking the scene. I then looked at Jesus. He did not once look down upon these lost souls. There was no expression on His face. Jesus just seemed to stare out across the ocean of fire, but never fixed His gaze on any of these below. Jesus held His regal, holy Head, high and then said, "Let us leave from this place."


"Between Us and You there is fixed a Great Abyss."
"This message is for those who need to repent and convert their lives."

   It was then that we started to ascend back up. We were all holding hands. Jesus had been holding mine. I did not feel afraid, nor did I feel any pity for the souls that I saw in Hell. It was then that Our Lord told us that these individual souls chose to be where they were. They had no remorse for their sins, nor did they try to amend their ways. After this experience, Our Lord gently smiled upon each of us, gave His blessing and told us to repent and convert our lives. This message was not just for us, but for the whole world. If we do not live right, we shall go to the eternal fires of Hell. Our Lord departed from us, being escorted by a multitude of angels.


 Hell the way I saw it



 An Ocean of Fire


 Hell the way I saw it!

                                      Friday, May 13th, 1988


   Joseph is sick today and running a fever. I am most concerned for his health. I spend most of the day caring for him. We say a Family Rosary tonight.


                                    Saturday, May 14th, 1988


   I am thinking about the Blessed Virgin a lot today. Like her requests of urgency. Mike Slate comes by after 12:30 P.M. We discuss Mary's warnings on bringing more people to the Rosary. I show Mike the messages from the Bible relating to the Lamentations upon the earth and all mankind. Joseph is still ill. I am nursing him. I will not be going anywhere. My interests as of now are with my son's recovery to health. We said the Family Rosary tonight.


                                      Sunday, May 15th, 1988


   I did not attend Mass today. Joseph is ill. His fever is high and I am very concerned. Will remain here and tend to his needs. Said Rosary tonight.               


                                      Monday, May 16th, 1988


   Joseph is still ill. Will keep him home, but I will go to Rosary tonight at 7:00 P.M. I am fasting on Mondays now and trying to make confession more often. I have gotten to where I really try harder to be a better person and Christian. (But I must say now, that I am still a sinner and still find myself in my own personal struggles.) I often worry if God is pleased with me, and if I will receive a message from Him. I continually ask for the Blessed Virgin's help and guidance, with the Lord's because I am afraid of God, the Almighty.


                                      Monday, May 16th, 1988

                                    Seventh Monday of Easter

                                                 P.M. Rosary


   This is the Monday Message received from the Lord God:

    There shall be no other gods before Me for I am the only God of heaven and of earth which is My footstool.


   Curse not thy God for He is Holy and giveth thee life and breath in thy body.


   Keep holy thy Lord's day for which He setteth aside from all other days. On this day give unto Me worship and honor as of long ago established by your forefathers.


   Curse not nor anger thy parents which hath been set in rule over thee; to taketh care of and nurture you as a harvester who gathers ripened wheat or grapes.


   Thou shall not lie! Speak not falsely of thy neighbor.


   Thou shall not commit adultery with man nor woman. Defile not the temple which the Lord blessed and made holy from His own Divine Being.


   Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's goods, nor wife, nor his or her belongings which hath been blessed from the Holy Hands of God.


   Kill not the life of man which is given to all life equally.


   The Lord your God keeps mindful of all mankind great and small. Rich and poor He giveth life alike. And commandments which are to be revered and kept holy.


   Anger not thy God who governs and rules above all life. His throne is set high in the heavens...beyond the eyes of mere man!


   Say not, "Ha, he seeth not," for the Lord your God seeth all things. His Eyes are like that of the sun only one thousand times brighter.


   Repent and reflect upon all that has been set before you in words and actions. "Spurn not the Lord your God." Test Him no longer. Merciful and just is the Lord your God. All life He satisfieth with His Mighty Hands and will sustain thee.


   The Lord your God is calling to His faithful: Forsake Me not. Come, the time is at hand! There shall be not comfort by mere man, but from the Blood of the Lamb Jesus Christ.


   See, alas, the storm cometh! Gather My people together. Wait no longer for many will the wails be, and afflictions. Come to the refuge. Come to the abode with the Blood of the Lamb Jesus, for there you shall be spared and blessings bestowed and peace restored to thee.


   Thy Will be done.

                                     Theresa Fleischman, messenger


 All praise to the Holy Name of God and to His Glorious Son, Jesus Christ!


                                      Tuesday, May 17th, 1988


   Mary Constancio, Mike Slate, and myself, meet here at my apartment. (1610 59th Street, Apartment 3) We discuss Mr. RockyMore's condition, and I realize who he was. His wife Diana had become a close friend of mine over time. The Blessed Virgin Mary comes in our midst again. Thank you, dear Lord.

   I must leave this area blank due to our memory loss in her messages to us.

 Wild Geese in Flight

Please Note: This area is left "blank" in my diary but on this particular day when we three visionaries came together we joined hands in prayer and had an out of body spiritual journey. I personally hesitated and said I felt Msgr. Joe James should be with us but Mike and Mary persisted and Mary assured me that Joseph would be watched over by two guardian angels. No sooner had Mary, Mike, and I joined hands when our spiritual journey began. The most outstanding remembrance in this spiritual journey was how we took flight like birds going through all obstacles. I remember looking down and seeing cars going down the road, trees getting smaller as we went up and having a collision with a flight of wild geese.

    I personally felt that our collision with the wild geese was Mary's way of telling us to return back. It was at this point that we did not journey much further but returned back to my apartment where I found Joseph was safe. We could not recall anything that the Blessed Virgin had told us. 
    We three messengers discuss the use of a tape recorder to help us record meetings with the Blessed Virgin Mary.


                                   Wednesday, May 18th, 1988


   Chapel Novena, 12:30 P.M. "Prayer to The Holy Spirit." (Preparation for Pentecost) Those gathered were Mrs. Behnke, Mike Slate, Mrs. Piseno, myself, and my son, Joseph, and others I did not personally know. In total there were about 12 people. (Group Meeting at Ms. Wynn's this day.) The Blessed Virgin Mary relates to all of us, that through Mary Constancio on Pentecost Sunday, the Holy Spirit will descend into our Parish at St. John Neumann's and be in its parish members as well. Many gifts will be given. The gift of love, understanding, patience, a sense to care more for our fellow neighbors (Parish member or non-member); a gift of happiness, peace and unity.


                                    Thursday, May 19th, 1988


   Joseph has his picture made today. He is two years, eight months, and sixteen days old. I am so grateful to God for little Joseph Earl Peter. Tonight we go for Chapel devotional for one hour. Rosary is said along with various songs and prayers. A candle will be lit in Mary's honor, and promises made.


                                      Friday, May 20th, 1988


   Chapel tonight, one hour devotional. Rosary, songs, and various prayers. Mark mentions he smells roses in the Chapel. Joseph is sleeping on the floor.


                                     Saturday, May 21st 1988


   Went to confession this evening. I still have a problem with my temper. I continue to ask the Lord to help me with this. I personally believe I am better than I used to be. I know it is so. This night Mark and myself experienced a spiritual gift from God. I tell Mark that the Lord will bring the Spirit to us in our kitchen. Joseph is in bed sleeping.


   Mark and I sit at the table and begin prayers and praises. I visioned the Dove of the Lord descending down to us. It seemed to prolong Itself. Just then Mark and my hands are on fire! (We are holding hands) It is visioned to me that Jesus is pointing to His Most Sacred Heart. We are holding Jesus' Heart now in our hands!! We can feel It throbbing and we see His Sacred Heart full of thorns, His Precious Blood and the eternal flame that burns. We hold this Sacred gift together and the flame is so strong, I can personally feel the blazing heat next to my face! Mark and I share this together for a short time and then the Spirit departs with Jesus' Most Sacred Heart. Thank You Lord for this beautiful gift of love. Mark and I both shared this and were both awed by it. We said the Rosary this night. (I personally feel that Jesus was allowing us to feel His pain when Mark and I fought and that we need to try to get along with each other.)


                                              May 22nd, 1988

                                            Pentecost Sunday


   This is my Sister-in-law's birthday from Germany. Sunday Mass at 10:00 A.M. and picnic afterwards was so beautiful! It is also the celebration of our Church, St. John Neumann's birth and founding. Red balloons everywhere! Mark had to work so, he couldn't come. Mass was so full of people and the joy, and hopes of a wondrous day. This was the day the message would be fulfilled by the Blessed Virgin herself. The Holy Spirit would descend down into the midst of our Church and its people. (What anticipation)! Mary Constancio, Mike Slate and myself had been forewarned of this.


   During the Mass, right at the point when Msgr. Joe James was preparing to baptize a child, Mary Constancio came to me. Together we went to the Chapel to pray. Mary Constancio was happy and very anxious.


Just then, I heard the wind stirring up. I could hear a roaring sound like that of a distant train! I was given a vision from the Lord God that the Holy Spirit was coming down from Heaven. A Dove in flight and swiftly It was on Its journey downward. It entered the Church from every open space, crack and crevice. I could hear the people in the Church begin to stir and some crying out in a loud voice of joy. There were some who spoke in tongues. I had to go to tend to Joseph’s needs but I could still hear the people’s excitement.


   After the child's baptism in the Church, the Holy Spirit entered into the child when immersed into the Baptismal waters. A strong demand came over me to cry out... "Glory to God in the highest! Peace to His people on earth!" I said this many times. It was odd for me because I don't do these things. I was shaken some afterwards from it; also a bit embarrassed. I give it all to God. Praise to you, Jesus. Rosary this night.


                                      Monday, May 23rd, 1988


   I was concerned this day wondering if God would relate a message through me to all His people. I fast now on Mondays, only water. I offer up my pains of hunger to the Lord for those who always hunger. For the poor souls of Purgatory and also for the blasphemies, abused upon the Lord's Sacred Heart and His Most Sorrowful Mother's Heart. Let God's will be done in His Divine choosings.


                                      Monday, May 23rd, 1988

                                      Monday after Pentecost


Message received from God The Eternal Father:


   I, the Lord your God, sayeth unto thee: humble thyself before me, for thou art mine as of the beginning of time.


   Fear, for it is in fear that you are wise. In wisdom there shall be blessings untold. It is my eyes of life that tremble the mountains. It is of my wisdom that the eagle is taught to build his nest. It is of my hands that thou shall be filled with all good things.


   My glance is continually upon this church...its people. It is I who knoweth the directions of the winds. It is I that shall deliver thee thy miracle...on which you shall await. As of this day and hour, this will be my holy people, my holy church. For it is here I findeth the prayers of homage.


   Those who seeketh and find me shall find everlasting peace of mind and body.


   (During the Second Sorrowful Mystery, the Flogging) My blessings I bestow upon thee - for which the appointed angels of heaven shall guard and guide thee from this day forth. So it shall be by my son's most holy blood. So it shall be by my divine will. Mine eyes shall be ever watchful upon thee.


   Pleasing it is to me that your prayers continue to enter through heaven's gates. Your church shall be a rock as set forth long ago. Turmoils, though many to be; here there shall be refuge. It is here. My son's anointing of blood shall be at your entrance; wherefore your robes be as red as crimson, so that they may be white and cleansed.


   (Notation for Msgr. Joe James, during the Glorious Mysteries) And I sayeth unto thee, leader of my flock, from all your labors shall come forth blessings. My smile rests upon your shoulders.


   Healings shall come forth from your limbs and comforting shall be found in your eyes.


   My son, go in my peace. Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit; as it shall be without end. Amen.

                               Theresa Fleischman, messenger


                                     Tuesday, May 24th, 1988


   Today, Mary Constancio and Mike Slate will meet at our place, a small apartment located at 1610 59th Street Apartment 3.


Please Note: When we moved from this place after August 1988, I made a point of writing this statement on parts of the walls, overhangs, doors and window areas that I spoke with God and saw Him. I felt it was very important and I wanted others to know someday that God did "visit" me in this place! God spoke to me and showed me wonders and signs! I felt others needed to know this place, this apartment is special. That is why before Mark, Joseph and I moved away, I wrote the Hebrew Word "Beer-Lahai-Roi" Genesis 16:14. "The well where one can see (God) and yet live." I wrote it in bold, black, letters with a permanent marker throughout the place. (To my knowledge these markings are still in that place to this day.) "I felt in myself - "Surely I will die, for God has come to me". But, I didn't die, and I want the world to know!


   Mike and Mary show up at 2:00 P.M. Joseph is content with his Sesame Street, etc. Mike brings a tape recorder. I express my fear in travel and wonder if God is truly speaking through me. I have personal doubts and am very skeptical. I express that I think Msgr. James should be with us because I am afraid and what if we encounter something that we are not spiritually powerful enough to overcome. Mike Slate answers that Jesus will be with us. They are calm, I am not. I am afraid and very unsure of all this. We hold hands and begin prayers. The recorder is on. No sooner than our hands touched and we join in prayers, than we begin a soaring travel. We are traveling up into the air. I feel us leaving everything behind. I see stars zooming past us and I also see conflicts of angels battling over us while we pass on to a destination of uncertainty.........


Please Note: It is here that I will personally tell what I saw on this journey.




   This is my personal testimony of what happened on our spiritual journey dated May 24th, 1988 around 3:00 P.M. after visiting with Mike and Mary, discussing concerns and checking on Joseph, etc. Sesame Street began around 3:00 P.M. which Joseph was watching. I was personally told that Joseph would be looked after in my absence by Holy Angels, through Mary Constancio and Mike Slate. I felt at peace in this news; I was more relaxed in our journey which was to take place.


   After Joseph was settled in, Mary, Mike and myself take hands in prayer and praise. No sooner that this happened when we shoot out of our bodies and begin a spiritual and out-of-body experience and journey. I remember seeing us up above our bodies (which were sitting around the little kitchen table). Instantly we were accompanied by many angels, one who was Michael, the Archangel. We all journeyed upward quickly. I remember going up and looking down seeing our little apartment getting smaller: the cars, trees, and houses, just like going up in a plane (like we had wings.) The farther up we went, everything became smaller and soon we were passing clouds, and going up and beyond flying flocks of birds. I then remember space itself, looking down on the earth like we were a space ship, seeing the stars, passing the sun and moon hearing its orbiting sounds (vibrating sounds). I saw personally Saturn and its beautiful rings as we continued our journey upward.


   As we continued on, I remember then going through a dimension of a spiritual battle of GOOD and EVIL forces engaged in combat (warfare). There I saw winged demons and angels fighting. A ferocious battle. It then became very obvious to Mike, Mary and myself that these winged demons were fighting to snatch our very souls. You could hear the clanking of steel or spiritual swords clanging at each other. Good and evil forces in combat. An actual "FIGHT", battle taking place with yells and horrid screams! But, the mighty angels of God were magnificent in their fight to defend and protect the three of us. Michael, the Archangel was there beside us and not one demon got near to us, for every effort was blocked off by mighty blows of angels which surrounded us!

The Two Demons

   After going through this dimension we then continued upward to a very bright and beautiful light which became brighter as we neared it. In this travel, Mike, Mary, and myself seemed as children at the age of six to seven years of age. We came to an entrance to Heaven where an individual stood behind two enormous gates. These gates seemed a golden luster. The individual behind these gates let us in. I couldn't tell who this person was. Almost the area itself was ablaze with a brightness of a sunny day. It was there we were told that Jesus would come for us!




   In the distance, I saw a tall figure approaching. The movement was almost slow-motioned; yet very graceful. I remember seeing His Arms gliding gracefully back and forth as the individual walked. As the individual appeared closer, I could tell it was a man of about six foot or a bit taller. He was erect in posture and radiantly bright. I knew it was Jesus as He neared us. Jesus has a very pleasant face with a soft smile and great beauty and peace on His face. He was so beautiful and magnificent in appearance just as a king would be. Jesus said, "Do not be afraid." He has the most beautiful eyes, a golden brown color, such a gentle and loving face. Jesus' hair is slightly shown underneath a snow white shawl He was wearing. He was so bright, so radiant. His hair that I could see, seemed a brown color, with neatly trimmed beard and mustache. Jesus' eyes seemed to peer through your very soul; yet there was a great love and gentleness there. Jesus held out His hand to take mine and again He said, "Do not be afraid. Come. I will take you to My Father."

(This illustration does not belong to Theresa Fleischman but to a superior unknown artist)


Please note that I could not describe Jesus any better than this. Jesus looked very much like He is shown in this picture.

   Mary, Mike and myself were all holding hands. I took Jesus by the hand, for He was holding His out to mine. We began to walk together it seemed, by a path which was covered on both sides by flowers. There were individuals up in Heaven. I could see this, but their features were not real clear. They bowed to Jesus as He walked by. Everyone seemed to stop and adore and bow before the Lord Jesus. It was wonderful. We continued our walk. I remember Mary Constancio seeing a rose garden which was special just for the Blessed Mother. Like it was Her special place.

A Red Red Rose

                                              May 24th, 1988


                       JOURNEY TO HEAVEN


Please Note: This journey was taped on a recorder which Mike Slate brought with him and later confiscated by the Tribunal investigation.


Theresa: "We are going up - there is a ray of light - it's very bright in intensity; it's like we are going up to the sun. We are passing clouds. We are going up and up and up - traveling up."


   "We are getting cool - continuing to go up. We are passing different levels of angels guarding - it is like they are opening our path to go through on our journey up. There is a bright light coming closer."


   "They can not touch us - we are being protected - battles are beginning to be fought because of our ascending up - angels are fighting off the demons around that are trying to grab us as we are going up. There is a bright light. I see God Almighty's Head turning. He sees us coming.  I see the gates of Heaven, the cloud all around."


   "'Where is your music? Sing my children. O my children, your music is so sweet, come and take My hand and I will lead you through Heaven.' The gates are open and the Lord Jesus extends His hands to us. He is so beautiful, His face is so serene, His eyes, His lips, His smile."


   "'Do not be afraid, take My hand and come with Me. We will walk through the garden of Heaven. There are many flowers everywhere, every flower of the mind.' The Lord Jesus is in a cloak, His head is covered, His face is beautiful."


   'My daughter, you see Me in your mind and in your dreams; do not doubt any longer. Your brethren are here beside you and together you will come with Me. Together we will explore the features of Heaven's glory. Behold before you all the wonders. There are souls here of gaiety and laughter rejoicing. Here there is not hunger or sorrow. There is no darkness, there is only the light and love.'


Please Note: Jesus is very radiant and bright


   "Jesus is walking and there is light arrayed all around Him and everyone bows to Him, for He is the King of Heaven. He is the passion of hearts that are true to Him. 'Come. There are stairs. We are going up stairs, Come my children, do not be afraid. Do not be afraid, come.' His smile is so pleasant, so beautiful and fair. The Lord Jesus is so beautiful. Jesus continues to tell us to come to the altar of God.


Please Note: Looking up the stairs, beams a great light. Brighter than the sun. This light seems to be the center of all that is in Heaven. The light seemed brighter than the emit rays from Jesus.


   As we ascend, there appears mighty angels; lions, their heads are going around and around revolving with wings. Continuously they are saying, "Praise to God in Heaven." "Praise to God in Heaven," Blessed is he who comes in the Name of the Lord. God is great and glorious, He reigns forever. In harmony these angels are saying this and their heads are revolving around and around. They are part lion and part eagle and their mouths bring out fire. Great Angels they are! There is an angel that is an Oxen and there is even an angel that looks like a man! We continue walking up the stairs to this great light where these angels seem to be seated and guarding. It is the Lord God who we are going to see! As we came nearer to the Heavenly presence, the light became more radiant. The Light that came from God was 10,000 times brighter than the light from the sun. I had to look away from this great light-my eyes began to hurt. All that I was willed to see was this I described to you now. God's Eyes are like great red jewels of fire. His being was like a fine polished gold, so very bright. It seemed God was reclined with His great mighty arms resting. And as the Lord God slumbered, the Angels protected over Him for no harm comes to the Lord God Almighty. For even in His sleep, He is a wise God. Mindful of all that is to be."


   I glanced at Mary and saw her face was wet with tears. Mike also seemed to have his eyes closed. At last, I too had to look away for I could no longer look upon this great light of God.


   God's Light is a bright, pure, and most holy light!


                          "THE LION"


   I tried to the best of my ability to capture the beauty and magnificence of the winged LION, which I saw on the journey to Heaven. This LION was at the Armrest of The Eternal Father, GOD Almighty. This magnificent creature seemed so large and ferocious; yet there was no enmity there. There seemed to be a thundering sound when its wings moved. I felt breathless as I stood before this awesome creature. The wings seemed to sparkle like tiny crystals of rainbow pastel colors. The eyes were a deep penetrating yellow color, which seemed to watch every move I made. It was like staring up at a tremendously large-muscled statue, but this creature was alive! When it opened its mouth, there was a great fire that came from it, and the head seemed to revolve only to become of another creature like that of an eagle, then an ox, and then the face of a man. I remember feeling very weak at that time and felt very trembling all over.

The Lion


The Eagle


The Angel



   The ox seemed almost gentle in its actions. It was only seldom that it would toss its powerful head from side to side as if to say, "Do not come much closer." This creature was truly beautiful; yet it seemed to know it had a duty to stand guard and to be very watchful. The sound it made was a deep rumbling sound within its throat. Only once do I remember that it bellowed out as if it were announcing its presence. The nose seemed wet, and the eyes seemed dark and almost with tears. The wings were constantly flapping and as these moved, they sparkled with the soft pastel colors of the rainbow. It was almost like there were thousands of tiny crystals sparkling in the light around this beast. I felt no fear, and I found myself coming closer and closer to this magnificent creature, which seemed to watch me and blink an eye occasionally. I could feel the heat of this animal and hear his breathing as a soft swirl of blue-like fog swirled about me.


The Ox

                   THE ANGEL AT THE ARMREST OF

                         THE ETERNAL


                         GOD ALMIGHTY


   This frightening Angel could be the very one that may throw those unfortunate souls into the eternal fires of hell, with eyes of black Onyx and no expression held except that of solemnness and dedication to serve God, The Eternal Father, as it has done since "The Creation." Coming before this winged giant, my mind went blank. The only thought that came to me was, "May God have mercy on my soul," striking my breast, and trembling before God's mighty angels!


                           Isaiah 6

                        Ezekiel 1:5-28

                         Revelation 4


The Angel with Onyx Eyes

Please Note: In the remainder of this experience between Mary Constancio, Mike Slate, and myself, this journey and message is closed until God wills its release.


Continue - (Tape)

   "The Angels, they ask us to descend down now. We are going back, back, back. Going back. It is like we are falling."


Please Note: Before my personal departure, I say farewell to my Savior.


Theresa: "I kiss your Feet, Lord Jesus and I see Your Holy Wounds. I kiss your Feet, Lord Jesus. I love You, Lord Jesus."


Jesus: "Depart, My children, for many are your tasks on earth. You go in My love and you know My Beloved Mother, whose smile illuminates the world, will be with you."


(End of tape and the end of our journey.)


Please Note: I was broken hearted when we were told by Jesus that we had to return back to earth. I didn't want to go and I know that Mary and Mike felt the same way too. I felt a big lump in my throat and my heart was beating wildly. I did not want to leave Jesus!


   He was so beautiful - He was everything I ever needed or would ever want - and now I am told along with Mary and Mike that we must leave! What was there back on earth for me anymore? What is there back on earth that could compare or equal to the joy, peace, and love that I felt here in Heaven? There is nothing! My own family, Mark, our young son, Joseph who needed me so much could not even compare to what I was feeling here in the presence of my Lord, Jesus! I did not even want to return back to them!


   It was like riding a wild Roller Coaster down hill at full speed! Down, down, down the three of us went pass all the things we had seen previously. It was all so fast and sudden that is was like a rude awakening when we came back to the existence of the world we live in everyday. The "thud" into our seats told us we were back in our bodies and back at the small table in my kitchen apartment. Mary, Mike, and I starred at each other with looks of awe, surprise, grief, and a great feeling of missing what we left behind - Jesus and Heaven! We blinked back the tears wildly trying to remain calm. Just then, Joseph came into the kitchen asking me if he could have some Kool Aid.


   It was just at that moment that Mark's key was fitting in the door, he was coming home from work. "Hi honey," Did I interrupt anything? His greeting echoed in each of our ears knowing that our personal experiences were too overwhelming to share. Mark went to shower and hugged Joseph as he exited into the bedroom.


   Mary and Mike rise to leave with glances between us that we alone could only understand. After our meeting - our next date is established in our getting together. (Mary, Mike, and myself, Theresa) May 25th, 1988, 1:30 P.M.


                                              May 25th, 1988

                                                   1:30 P.M.


   Later on, Mark, Joseph and myself went to the hospital to visit Mr. Rockymore and Diana. (It was late at night after 9:00 P.M.) It was very sad to see the different people suffering and crying over their loved one. It was an experience I had never had before. It really made a person wake up and take note of their own personal lives and blessings. Mr. Rockymore was in tears and afraid. (He had an auto accident) Diana also was in tears. I began to cry and express how sorry I was that this had happened to them. Mr. Rockymore was so cold and I was personally afraid for him for little did we truly realize how thin his thread of life was at that time. I brought my prayer book and blessed him with Holy Water. Our prayers were said over Mr. Rockymore. I cried because I felt so bad about his suffering and the fear he had. We stayed a long time and Mr. Rockymore seemed to be more at peace. Mark came in and also prayed over Mr. Rockymore. Mark also gave his Scapular to Mr. Rockymore. (The Blessed Virgin's personal Mantle.) That night or next day he went into surgery. This only begins Mr.Rockymore’s miracle healings from the Lord Jesus and the help of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary.


   It is after this that Mr. Rockymore began a miraculous recovery of body and mind. I personally believe that he was spared to be a testimonial tool for the Lord Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary. After our visits we departed. I was personally told to console a woman who was crying uncontrollably by the Virgin Mary and the Lord Jesus. I did not know her, but I told her that I would pray for her and hoped things would get better for her. I told her that Jesus loved her. Said rosary this night and had special requests for Mr. Rockymore and all the ill of body and mind, and for that lady I didn't know.

St. John Chapter 14, verse 1:

   “Let not your heart be troubled. You believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father’s house there are many mansions. If not, I would have told you: because I go to prepare a place for you.”

   I wish to make a personal statement here that when we journeyed to heaven I saw many animals. Heaven is a paradise beyond imagination. I also believe that the good God that made heaven and earth and all that is in it, He would also have for us the special pets that brought us so much pleasure on earth. They will be there waiting for their masters because they served their masters well and showed them love.


Please Note: Because this Group Message of May 24th, 1988 was held in my home, I feel that I may share some of this message with the public. Much more was given, but it was personal to each of the messengers.


                                              May 25th, 1988


                     A JOURNEY TO HEAVEN


   We all gathered as a group, at Ms. Wynn’s place at 1:30 P.M. Mike Slate, Mary Constancio, Ms. Wynn, Msgr. Joe James and myself.


   The tape recorder was started after some discussions of personal concerns and experiences in days past. Also questions raised up over messages and Pentecost Sunday on my personal salutation to the Lord Jesus (to make five signs of the cross in honor of Jesus’ five wounds before prayer). I couldn't explain this except that it had to be done and to give glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. The recorder is started and we begin our praises to God...


Please Note: I will personally share what I saw on these personal journeys.

A Magnificent Elephant Guarding the Stairway


The Second Magnificent Elephant Guarding the Stairway

   Theresa: I see wonderful creatures! Creatures of God. How huge they are and beautiful! God is telling me to keep my mind off the creatures I see. But I do see elephants' heads going up with large tusks and it's like they are getting ready for our entrance into a journey. They are magnificent! They are so huge! They are decorated! I am supposed to listen for the messages. But God is in love with all the creatures He created. He created them with great love. For God is the lover of all life and He also created the love we have for one another. His ultimate creation is man and woman, and it is there that we will begin our journey.


Adam and Eve

   In the beginning there was nothing. Only darkness - there is nothing. And the Lord God was the only being, but His Spirit swept across the nothingness and created life. I can see water, I can hear it. It is very deep, it is bottomless and God is gathering it together. He begins to place land on the earth.


   I see volcano explosions, and fire creating mountains and islands through the command of God. There is Heaven which is His dome. And in His dome He places lights to shine on the darkness. I see the bright sun, the ball of fire. And He points to the moon, the cycle of 28 days which is the lesser light. I see Him throwing balls which create planets. He points at the Heavens and they go at His command, but He places them. He gives them instructions on the orbits and how long they are to stay, and the purpose of creation.


   All that is seen and unseen is of God. And He is saying that all that man thinks he has created is not of himself but of God. I see giraffes, I see all kinds of animals. God is creating all the animals. I hear the mighty roar of the lion and I see birds flying in the sky. I see butterflies and insects - great and small. I see a spider making her web and I see dew drops and I see flowers.


   I see a man being formed by God's finger. His index finger is gently touching the formation of the man's body - all his limbs, and the wind is whipping about him and he received breath and life.


   I see Adam getting up and he is looking at all that he sees. He is innocent and without sin, and he looked on God with love. The animals are all around him, the flowers, birds, trees, and he is in the garden, a beautiful garden. God establishes with Adam the days of the week, the month, and the year and the day which is to be kept holy. Adam is sleeping now. God takes a rib from his side and God fashions a woman from this bone. She is very beautiful and God leads her to Adam. So it is with man and woman that you are shown the beginning. From this time on you shall know that man is not alone but of God and the Second Person of the Holy Trinity is of two natures, the Divine and the human. Genesis 9:6.


   "What comes from God is with Christ, and Christ is with God and so it is and they who lead away from the Lord Jesus leadeth away from Me," saith the Lord. Here is your enemy, the crafty one. See him, children? Do you see him? His snares are many; many are his masks. Behold him and look at him. Although at times he appears to be beautiful and tempting, he is black and evil and will lure you to death. It is he that makes you sin against Me from the beginning of time. It is he that will be your conflict all through life.


The Evil One

   It was at this time I was scolded some by God and told to keep my mind off of His creatures and to apply myself to His words of advice and wisdom. It was often during these meetings that many angels would escort Our Blessed Mother. Many times Michael the Archangel would be in the company of these angels. He was truly breathtaking! In my drawing of Michael, His appearance seems a bit stern. The reason for this is because when I was being scolded Michael gave me a cross look as to urge me to listen. All our personal experiences and visions are given only through God's Divine Graces and Will. Thank You, Lord, and honor to YOUR MOST HOLY MOTHER, MARY - EVER VIRGIN.


Saint Michael The Archangel

                                    Thursday, May 26th, 1988


   We go to the chapel this night; devote one hour to the Lord Jesus and the Virgin Mary. Mark, myself, and Joseph. Joseph is sleeping. Mark and I continue our Rosary. Mark is having a leg problem, stretching out. Just then I sense the Heavenly Mother and her Son's Presence. "Mark, get up. They're here!" Mark hurries and sits up. I become afraid. Mark said he felt a sense of happiness and peace.


   We begin prayers in harmony and the Lord Jesus speaks, "Do not be afraid. Continue your prayers to Me and your homages. Remember My Mother's Most Sorrowful Heart and My Most Sacred Heart. Do not be afraid. Continue your prayers!" (End of conversation)


   I was given the vision of the Blessed Virgin holding Baby Jesus, descending down from the skylight in the Saint John Neumann chapel. They were arrayed with illuminating lightning and gold! Their "HEARTS" were in the center, full of thorns and throbbing as if in pain and yet in love. I was so afraid; in some cases, did cry. The King and Queen of Heaven!


Note: The scar on Jesus’ and Mary’s faces as well as the thorns on their Hearts was a sign given to tell of our many transgressions against Jesus. (When we hurt Jesus we hurt Mary and when we hurt Mary we hurt Jesus.)


The King and Queen of Heaven!

   After our prayers of devotion and songs sung, we exited quickly, genuflecting to the Tabernacle and giving thanks. Mark and I personally saw an aura of lights at the Tabernacle and the wooden statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The lights were blue and white.


                                      Friday, May 27th, 1988


   Rosary said in reflection of Our Lord Jesus' Most Sacred Heart.


                                    Saturday, May 28th, 1988


   Visited Mr. Rockymore today. He continues to recover miraculously! "Praise Jesus". Family Rosary said.


Please Note: Saturday night late, May 28th, 1988, a personal message was given to me from God when I asked if He truly was using me. This is when I was directed to go to my Bible and I would be given an answer. The Bible seemed to just open to this reading:


         Ezekiel 34:30 The Prophet's False Popularity


   "As for you, son of man, your countrymen are talking about you along the walls in the doorways of houses. They say to one another, 'Come and hear the latest word that comes from the Lord.' My people come to you as people always do; they sit down before you and hear your words, but they will not obey them, for lies are on their lips and their desires are fixed on dishonest gain. For them you are only a ballad singer, with a pleasant voice and a clever touch. They listen to your words, but they will not obey them. But when it comes, and it is surely coming, they shall know that there was a prophet among them."


                                      Sunday, May 29th, 1988


   We go to church today. (As a family) Mark seldom makes a Sunday, but he did today! I have become deeply disturbed and skeptical of myself; deeply concerned if God was truly speaking through me. I continued to doubt and question it. I worried over it continuously and constantly found myself asking God for help or a sign. I looked in the Bible hoping God would speak to me. I found one reading where God said, He was troubled by my words. Oh, I became so afraid and I had to do something. I didn't want God angry with me or upset. I tried to get hold of several people to help me through this, but there was no help.

   I finally went to a Prayer Meeting. (Trinity Sunday, May 29th, 1988) I told the people why I and my family were there. I was losing faith and questioning God. I needed prayer and help. Msgr. James was playing his guitar. After songs and prayers, we all gathered. Prayers and anointing were given over me. Messages were given to me from people I did not know! (There were many people there) A sign I had asked for was given by a lady named C.L.


Please Note: Some names are withheld to protect their privacy.




   "Theresa Fleischman (former Werner) then stood up to read her message. I watched her as I listened to her sharing her words. This time I didn't see what I'd seen during the reading of Mary Constancio's message. As I was trying to put all this together in my mind, a large circle of Light appeared from behind Theresa's left shoulder and settled there. This circle of light was not quivering as the other light had, but had the outline of a BIRD in the center. Shortly thereafter, the Bird encircled in light quickly rose, as an Eagle. It was at that moment that Theresa read the word "EAGLE" from her message for the week. This word confirmed in myself that my experience that evening was truly a gift given to me to share with you."



   I needed a sign and God saw that I got it through C.L.'s personal testimonial at the prayer meeting. After prayers and anointings, I was stronger and at peace with myself and ready to go back to work for God if He would allow me to. Thank You, God Almighty. A Family Rosary was said.

                                      Monday, May 30th, 1988

                                                Memorial Day


   I am fasting this day. I continue to do this each Monday. I reflect upon those whose lives were lost in all wars and I give personal thanks for the freedom that we have. I am eager to do messages and to hear what God has to say but, I am afraid. God may choose not to use me anymore as a tool. If so, it is His Divine Will. So be it.


                                      Monday, May 30th, 1988

                                 Monday after Trinity Sunday




   (During the Joyful Mystery, the Nativity) Woe unto the lands which hath forgotten from whence their blessings come forth!


   Woe unto those who are full and sleek, for unto them comes a time of emptiness and without drink to make their hearts merry.


   Woe unto those whose hearts laugh and make light their days of gaiety, for their days soon will turn to darkness and sorrow, full of lamentations. They laugh and tease of there being no God. Oh, but come forth the days of wrath unto thee!


   For lo, seeth the winds do stir and violently they shall toss to and fro by the commands of my mighty hands. I say unto thee, old and young alike, no one knows of the day nor hour. For it is in my Divine Will that thou shall taste the bitterness of my chastisements.


   But, upon my beloved faithful, I sayeth unto thee, exalt and bring forth your prayers for they shall be heard. It is I, the Lord God of heaven and of earth, that shall find thy consolations. For it is of my beloved son, Jesus, whose sufferings are the refreshments of my that of a cooling stream which shelters forth from the heat which beats down upon thy heads.


   Yea, thou, I sayeth unto thee, though there are many who have forsaken me, those of the beloved few who remain true unto me shall find shelter in my mighty shadow. For my right arm shall striketh at the sinful who have not turned from their sins. Theirs are the afflictions upon my heart. Theirs are the coals cast upon my anger.


   Yea, like a roaring fire I shall striketh and my anger shall not be appeased. Only through the fervent prayers of the faithful, through the precious blood of Jesus, shall there be consolations found.


   (During the Sorrowful Mysteries) (During "The spirit is willing, but the body is weak.") The days are at hand. Be not asleep as those long ago. Be alert and waiteth upon thy Lord God. Keep the lamps lit for the darkness approaches. Though the cries may be many, I heareth not. My wrath shall strike!


   I say unto thee again, my faithful, my beloved, it is in your prayers and your sacrifices that thou shall see the light again.


   (During the Sorrowful Mystery, the Flogging) It is in my Being that I shall turneth daughter against mother, mother against daughter-in-law, son against father. For if anyone be worthy of me I say unto thee, take up thy cross and follow me. Many your trials shall be, for it is in my sufferings and my dying that thou findeth life.


   Yea, though, I say unto thee again, look unto the east for there thou shalt beat thy hearts and gnaw thy teeth, for there thy many hearts shall be laid bare. So it is. So it shall be.

                               Theresa Fleischman, messenger


P.S. After we came home, it is in the wee hours (3:00-4:00 A.M.) of morning. I awake from my sleep to see a red circling glow light in our bedroom. It is about the height of Joseph, our young son. I praise the Lord for it, salute Mary and go back to sleep. (Hail, Holy Queen of Mercy) I do not personally know if it was Jesus or Mary, the Blessed Virgin.


                                     Tuesday, May 31st, 1988


   I get up early because the SPIRIT told me to. We have a new addition to the family this day. I hurried off with Joseph after breakfast to the hospital. I locate Sister A.B. and ask her to help me find my new nephew and my niece. (I didn't know at this time it would be a nephew until Sister A.B. called for the information). We both went to see the new arrival which was two hours old. (Born about 6:00 A.M.) After visiting a short time with little J.W. G., I prayed a blessing over him and blessed him with Holy Water. Joseph and I left then. It was really raining this day. It was a happy day. Mom came down later this day to see her new great grandson and first. It was a beautiful day. Said the Rosary this night (Family) and thanked God for His many blessings. Especially for my own baby who I still remember when he first came into this world. A day I will never forget and always treasure.


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