Theresa Fleischman's Prophecies
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                                     Friday, July 15th, 1988

   A Rosary is said.


                                   Saturday, July 16th, 1988

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!
Sacred Heart of Jesus. Münster. Courtesy of: Josef Stocker, Absam, Tirol

   We're making trellis-work for the Church yard. I went to confession. Msgr. Joe James cut his fingers with the saw blade. They were cut deeply. I received a message to give to Msgr. Joe James; that he needed to protect the messengers again. I didn't tell him. He was very tired.

AJ picture of Trellis Workers on roof of St John Neumann

Please Note: Some individuals whom I mention in this diary will not be given full names in order to protect their identity.


   Mrs. C.L. and I talked a long while over messages I received. I gave her a deeper insight of how meaningless we are without God and Jesus Christ. We visited awhile and then left.


                                     Sunday, July 17th, 1988


   At church this morning at Saint John Neumann, I felt I had to express the exclamation of, "Oh, Sacred Heart of Jesus, may the whole world burn with love for You." Msgr. Joe James explained to the folks present that I wasn't a demonstrative person.


   We had to rush after Mass because Mark had to be at work by 12:30 P.M. Checked for group meeting with Mrs. Constancio and left. I got Mark to work on time and then spent the rest of the day resting. I went to the prayer meeting late in the evening after I dropped by the Rockymore home and blessed it. I then mailed out many personal invitations to the approaching "Feast of the Assumption" and also mailed out apologies to anyone I had hurt in the past.


   I arrived at church; said the last part of the Rosary and then I passed the photo around of Christ on the Cross that was taken July 9th, 1988 for the people to see. Visited quite awhile with several people there and finally got the message to Msgr. Joe James to protect his messengers. We prayed over the message and then I left.


   Joseph hit his head at church and it made a bump. We went home and tended to his hurts; said the Medjugorje Rosary with the family this night.


   It was this night during our family prayer that an "Angel" came into our room and sat at the end of the bed. I told Mark and Joseph about this "Angel" and that he had a beautiful sword. It was very large, and looked like it was made of shiny silver with ornate stones in the handle. He presented this sword to me with the blade pointing away from me. I remember asking, "Who are you? What do you want?, What is this?, Is it a sword?, Why are you giving this to me? I'm not worthy of this sword!!" The "Angel" did not answer any of my questions, but only smiled. He then left with the sword. I felt that I knew what this sword was about, but I was afraid and uncertain. I wanted God to give me a more confirming sign, for I did not want to use this until I was certain of its purpose. I did not want to anger the Lord God again. I cried a little and I expressed my concern with my family. I didn't sleep well that night. It was the next morning that I received my answer.


Please Note: I wish to go into more detail here of this "Angel" and the sword. July 17, 1988


   We were all sitting on the bed, Joseph, Mark and myself; my hair in a towel and in my robe, Joseph in his P.J.'s and Mark lying down. All of a sudden, I heard the blinds in the bathroom being shaken. An "Angel" appeared dressed as if he was a "traveling messenger." Comfortable, nothing tight. His hair, golden. Eyes seemed blue; he was shiny, with wings like angel hair, soft and folded back behind him. He wasn't dressed for battle; a breastplate and sheath was attached to his side, but not threatening.


   It seemed that his whole desire was to give me something that was wrapped up in a silky cloth which was draped carefully. The "Angel" carried this object with great reverence. He bowed to me and lifted up the object for me to take. I did not take it. I first questioned him. "What do you want?" No reply came except a tender smile from his handsome face. "Who are you?" He only lifted the object higher to me and bowed his head, then looked at me again. "What is this you have?" I asked him. He then slid off the covering and there in his hand he balanced a beautifully-ornate sword. It was like a mirror. I could see my reflection in it. The handle was ornately decorated with precious gems. Again, lifting it, he wanted me to take it. I asked, "Is this a sword?" The "Angel" only smiled. I accepted the sword. It was heavy and so beautiful. It was then told to me in my mind; I was to use this sword because it was GOD'S SWORD! I never saw the "Angel" speak, yet things were told to me inwardly. I was scared. "Use this on God's people?" I asked myself. "I dare not! I might use it against those who are just in God's Eyes and then I would be punished," I thought to myself. I prayed for a sign. I asked for the word sword to be given to me if it truly was from God. I gave the sword back to the "Angel" and then he departed. I felt in my soul he was....... GABRIEL!


St. Gabriel the Archangel




   The handle of the sword of God, was beautifully decorated with every kind of jewel, big and small. The sword was wrapped in sheer material. The material was reddish in color and had a fringe all around it. The blade of this sword was highly polished. It was like looking into a mirror. I remember seeing my reflection in the blade. The sword was very heavy, and a feeling of fear came over me because I felt this sword was the very one which brought forth all wars, and ended all wars.


God's Sword



                                     Monday, July 18th, 1988


   I said A.M. prayers for the Angelic and three "My God I Believe" each morning at 7:00 A.M.  I personally have decided to continue this devotion to God and His Holy Angel in preparation for the coming Feast of the Assumption and to personally thank God for all my blessings. I continued also to look for a personal sign from God to confirm that I was to use the sword during our Monday night Rosary messages. I asked God to show me a word or sign containing a sword. It came.


   After prayers I was tired and went back to sleep, I was awakened from a deep relaxing sleep by a very clear, gentle VOICE calling my name... "THERESA". I immediately woke up and remembered what God had said before about making haste if called. We were to answer, "Yes Lord." I did that. The VOICE was so soft, it would melt your heart; such a soft whisper and yet clear. Very tender, very, very loving and gentle. The loveliest VOICE I had ever heard. I remember rolling out of the bed and crawling on the floor on my hands and knees saying, "Yes Lord, Yes Lord." I hurried into the kitchen to look out the window, but saw no one or anything. As I began to go back to bed I was told to draw a scriptural proverb at our kitchen table from our daily bread box.


Please Note: Our daily bread box is a little container kept on our kitchen table which (looks like a loaf of bread) and holds different readings and quotations from the Bible.


   I pulled a reading out that said the Lord God would watch over me and that I was to put my trust in Him. Then I was directed to take some table salt, put it in my mouth and taste it. I did this but I don't know what this signified.


   Later on when I was looking in my Bible, the pages opened to (or seemed to fall open by themselves) to the reading of Isaiah 34:6 THE LORD HAS A SWORD FILLED WITH BLOOD, GREASY WITH FAT... My eyes were directed to fall on this reading, but the first thing I saw was the word, "sword."

Please Note: I discovered this information at a later date. Salt is used to preserve from decay. A Sacramental used by the Church to preserve our soul from the relapse of sin. Salt is also a symbol of Wisdom. Our Blessed Lord called His Apostles "the salt of the earth", because they were to instruct mankind.


   From here, the Heavenly Father showed me what He desires and led my eyes to see His Words and what He wants said. I then thanked God for His guidance and Divine Help and Wisdom. I then concerned myself in pleasing Him and prayed that I do not disappoint His Holiness. I always fast on Mondays and I offer these days for those coming for the "Assumption" and for those who try to fast and also for my deceased family members and priests who are in Purgatory. My niece came by and visited with us today. I had prayed and hoped for this a long time. I was so happy to see her and yet I felt very sad. We explained or (tried) to explain what has changed in our lives, but it was truly an unsuccessful effort; except to testify that our lives changed for the better. I cried expressing my love and concern for her. After a blessing of Holy Oil on my niece, I gave her a prayer book and my Scapular which is blessed. Mark blessed her car with Holy Water and we invited her to Rosary. We, as a family, expressed our anticipation for the approaching "Feast of the Assumption." After breaking of some bread and water shared, we embraced goodbye and my niece departed.


   We only had time to go get ready for Mass which started at 6:15 P.M. and we had also offered to pick up Mary Constancio's sister who lives across the street from us. I brought along the photo taken July 9th, 1988 which shows Our Risen Lord Jesus Christ. I wanted to share this with others in hopes it would help to give faith to others. Monday Messages were already given in my head by God and I was very afraid. I felt so weak as though my strength was draining from me. The parish members prayed for me that I would have strength to do my appointed work by God. I asked for these prayers and I expressed my sorrow in having to use the Mighty Sword of God. It was God's Will and I must obey Him. I do not want to disobey God; I only wish to serve and please Him. All glory and honor to God and His Son Jesus Christ!


                                     Monday, July 18th, 1988

               Monday of the Sixteenth Week in Ordinary Time




   The Lord your God sayeth unto thee: Behold, all nations great and small, I, the Lord your God sayeth 'Who is before Me? How can you measure the Lord your God? What knowledge can you grasp or offering give to equal My Glory?'


   For the Lord your God is beyond all wisdom and understanding. The Lord cuppeth His Mighty Hands and holds the depths of the oceans. He stretches out the heavens as though to set under them. Divine and Majestic Creator of all life great and small, He gave forth the breath within them.


   Yea, I sayeth unto ye, I, the Lord your God, lift the lowly and know the proud of heart from afar.


   His Mighty Glance erases the princes of the lands where their very beings be no more.  For man is like the flower of the field. Yea, I sayeth unto thee, the Lord God's Mighty Glance withers the flower like parched grass of the fields.


   Happy the man who turns his eyes from the bride.  Happy the man who slanders not, nor bears false witness of his neighbor.  Happy the man whose every waking moment is to please the Lord God and to bring praises unto Him. For unto these life shall be given. And thou shall not hunger or thirst.


   For lo, the Lord God is angered by the nations. And the Lord God will have His day of chastisements. The Lord God will have His day of vengeance. For His Mighty Sword shall be with blood.


   My brethren, My beloved - like that of a leave it out that the light may be seen by many. You would not put it under a basket. So, I say unto thee, My beloved, in its time the truth and the light shall be revealed. I say unto thee, the axe surely is laid to the root of the tree. Whoever bears not the fruit will be cut down and cast into the fire.


   Thou seekest a sign. It has been given, ye of little faith. Yea, thou may have eyes, but do not see. Ears, but heareth not. I say unto thee...I, the Lord your God, shall maketh the lame run like the spirited stag, the mute to sing, the blind to give witness...So it is, so it shall be.


   Happy the man whose ways are of the Lord's.  His days are long upon the earth and his sleep is of peace. His children are olive branches about his table.


   Yea, I sayeth unto ye, My beloved, the Lord your God's Throne is set over the cherubim. The Lord God is worthy of all praise and glory.


   (During the Fourth Sorrowful Mystery, Carrying the Cross) Mourning, oh, mourning...for the Lord weepest over His loved children. For the Lord God takes no pleasures in the afflictions of people.


   (During the Fifth Sorrowful Mystery, The Crucifixion) Why hast thou forsaken Me?" (A Spiritual Sword given to the messenger in a vision is drawn at this point. The messenger uses the Sword to "cut" the points of the compass.) This is the vision granted to me on July 18th 1988.


"Thee Lord God has a Sword..."

 NORTH: Cursed unto those whose murders draw the innocents' blood; for it cries out unto Me, the Lord God.


   SOUTH: Cursed unto those who have worshipped false gods and have forsaken Me.


   EAST: Cursed unto those whose desires of flesh burn for one another in their unnatural ways (man and woman).


   WEST: Cursed unto those who live off the widow and orphan unjustly; for lo, unto thee there are truly cursings.


   Woe unto the inhabitants of the earth, for their afflictions shall surely come; and they shall know, therefore, prophets were among them and they heeded not their warnings.


   I sayeth unto thee: Though the world passes away, My Words shall never pass away. My peace I give you. My peace I leave you. Go in love in My Son's Holy Name. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.


   The Lord God is just and in Him there is no fault. Glory to God in high heaven.  So it is. So it shall be. His Will be done!

                               Theresa Fleischman, messenger


Please Note: It is here I want to tell how I went to the east side of the church (which is in the back area of the church) to receive the SWORD from "GOD" Himself.


   I witnessed only His Mighty Arm and Hand clenching the SWORD. I reached out to receive it. It was heavy. I remember trembling because of the SWORD'S weight. God gave me the strength and grace to use it for His Glory. "Thank You, God." Each direction I was told to "cut" or "swing" at, with all my strength.


   After the message was given and we returned home, I was very tired. I did not sleep well but tossed and turned a lot. I did give thanks to God for His using me to give His messages. I prayed that I pleased Him and didn't anger or disappoint Him. During the late night, 3:00-4:00 A.M. I awoke to see the Lord Jesus Christ's Head floating with His Crown of Thorns. His features seemed to have agony in them. The apparition didn't stay long and then it was gone as quickly as I had seen Him. I thanked Jesus and God and went to sleep peacefully after this.




                                    Tuesday, July 19th, 1988


   At 7:00 A.M. I said my prayers of devotion to the Angelic Host which I have tried to do faithfully since July 13th, 1988 along with the prayer; "My God, I believe, I adore, I trust, and I love Thee. I ask pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust, and do not love Thee." (Three times.) After a song of praise I sometimes go back to bed and rest. I was extremely tired this day, more so than usual. I spent most of the day resting and getting the place in order because it was a mess.


   Joseph and I spent time together talking, sharing a meal, playing etc. I was just finished tidying up the place and was thinking about M.P, when there was a knock at our door. It was M.P.! I was so surprised and happy to see her. I have a deep feeling for M.P. because there was a time earlier in my life when I needed a great deal of comfort and help. M.P. was there for me, along with a young woman named K.H. That is why I especially love them both. They deserve credit, for they truly are loving, caring, and concerned for their fellow man. They gave me many books on prayers to The Blessed Lady and Jesus Christ. They anointed me with oils and holy water. I was very blessed to have them in my life at that most trying and unhappy time. I was at my lowest, and they were there to help pick the pieces up. Thank you very much M.P. and K.H. "I love you both."


  M.P. brought with her a piece of paper with my name on it and its spiritual meaning THERESA: Diligent Harvester... behold, I say unto you, lift up your eyes and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest. (John 4:35) I was especially happy to see and visit with M.P. She brought me a newspaper which had a picture of Jesus and Mary on it. It told of their apparitions all over the world and the warning of the great dangers and chastisements to come on all mankind if we didn't repent and convert our lives. I had seen this newspaper three to four weeks previously, but I was hesitant to take it, for I was afraid of what I would read and find out. I then told myself that I wanted it, but I would leave it in God's Hands. It was on this day that M.P brought me this very same paper and I then knew that the Heavenly Father wanted me to have one. I told M.P. about this and we both knew she personally had served the Lord in bringing this newspaper to me. After visiting with all of us, M.P went on her way. That night, I fell asleep saying the Rosary. It was not completed.


                                  Wednesday, July 20th, 1988


   Morning prayers were said at 7:00 A.M. The Angelic and "My God..." This was Joseph's day. We wanted to spend time with him because it seemed that lately we had been very involved in the Lord's work. It was like the Heavenly Father was allowing our family to take a breather and we were looking forward to spending the day together as a family. Mark made pancakes for Joseph; he loves his daddy's pancakes! Our family outing, which was to be, ended up in a separation. Mark stayed home and Joseph and myself left for the park. We had an argument, but we later apologized.


   In our absence, Joseph rode his bike at the park near the hospital. After feeding the ducks, we decided to go see the chapel in the hospital which was being added on at this time. It seemed to be progressing along nicely, the window work was especially beautiful. It was then that we decided to drop in on Sister A.B. (I felt a bit uncomfortable about it because we did not call first.) I wanted to see Sister A.B. and talk to her.  When we got to her office it was still early and quiet. She then came around the corner and her face lit up just as ours did, (Joseph and I), when we saw her!


   We went into her office and sat down to talk awhile. She said the timing was perfect and God given for she had prayed for a time that we could sit and visit a while. We shared many things and the meaning of Monday's message from God on July 18th, 1988 (Sword). We also discussed God's Sword. It was such a beautiful Sword, but the meaning of it was that of the chastisements that are to come. I was sad over this, but I also wanted to be obedient to the Lord God. I asked for continued prayers and help from fellow members, and I sensed a special blessing from Sister A.B.'s prayers. She then asked if we would celebrate Mass together. We accepted, for I wanted to go to church and ask God's forgiveness over my anger earlier this morning.


   Sister A.B. also gave some love gifts to Joseph, which we will treasure always! In the small room, not far from the Pastoral office, we celebrated Mass together with a few other members. I recognized E.S. from St. John Neumann. I was asked to give the readings and was honored to do so. In these readings, I sensed again, the Lord God was personally talking to me, another sign which showed He wanted me as a Prophet and was using me as one. Thank You, Lord God Praise You Sweet Jesus! This was the reading for the Mass celebration of that day: Jeremiah 1:4-10. The word of the Lord came to me thus:




    "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born, I dedicated you, a Prophet, to the nations I appointed you. 'Ah, Lord God!' I said, 'I know not how to speak; I am too young.' But the Lord answered me, 'Say not, 'I am too young.' To whomever I send you, you shall go; whatever I command you, you shall speak. Have no fear before them, because I am with you to deliver you," says the Lord. The Lord extended His Hand and touched my mouth, saying "See I place My words in your mouth! This day I set you over nations and over kingdoms. To root up and to tear down, to destroy and to demolish, to build and to plant."


   After the reading, I realized personally just how much God meant business. This was not a game. It was for real and no longer a dream. I really wanted to do right for God and wanted to please Him. I had, ...I must try even harder to do so! After Communion, I felt so much love and peace. It was a beautiful service; we were so glad to be a part of it. After this, the Lord laid it on my heart to speak to Miss E.S. I invited her to the Assumption and told her to expect a healing from the Lord and blessings.


   We then left and had lunch with Sister A.B. After the day well spent, we left and exchanged our love and warmest feelings for each other. When Joseph and I got to the car, I discovered I had a parking ticket. I guess I deserved it for the way I behaved this morning!


   When we got home I was glad to see Mark and apologized for my behavior. Mark apologized too. We shared what happened and the rest of this day went quite beautifully. We all went out for a Spanish dish, and then went to see the movie Bambi. We then went to the Chapel, said a Rosary, and went home.


                                   Thursday, July 21st, 1988


   Prayed morning prayers at 7:00 A.M. and sang a hymn of praise. Had breakfast and later on we took Joseph to the park to ride his bike and feed popcorn to Mother Duck and her ducklings. We then went to Pistol Pete's to have lunch. Joseph rode the merry-go-round several times along with other rides. We then went home after a visit to another nearby park. After getting home, Joseph laid down for a nap. This day was spent in rest. We also cut daddy's hair.


   Later on that night we were looking at a photo that had been taken July 19th, 1988. The photo had developed into the Blessed Virgin Mary standing on a cloud. There were many other scenes that developed in this photo. Jesus is seen in this photo lying down lifeless with His head in Mary's lap. The more Mark and I looked at this photo, the more things were revealed to us. I began to cry when I saw Jesus lying there. His face seemed so disfigured from the abuses He suffered from the Roman soldiers. I felt so sad and that night I cried for Jesus and His Mother, Mary. That night I tried very hard to sit up to say the Five Sorrowful Mysteries. I found myself drifting off and on to sleep. I finally got through the Rosary, but, I personally felt it wasn't done well enough because so often I had fallen asleep. I then remembered what Jesus had said to His disciples when He was in the Garden of Gethsemani. "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak." Matthew 26:41 I felt like one of Jesus' disciples who had forsaken Him. I couldn't even stay awake for Him when He needed company and companionship the most! "Forgive me Lord. Forgive me for being so weak."


                                     Friday, July 22nd, 1988


   Fasting this day. Prayer offerings at 7:00 A.M. Mom came by today. We visited for a short while. Tonight we went to chapel to say the Family Rosary. (Shared the photograph of July 18th with a mother and daughter in the Chapel) We smelled a faint scent of roses! Thank You Mary, Mother of Jesus!


                                   Saturday, July 23rd, 1988


   This morning I did devotional prayers at 7:00 A.M. I received message from the Lord God not to meet with the Press people or any folks concerning public news, etc. This is what the Lord God gave to me in His Divine Will and Divine Choosing. Thank You, Lord God. Honor and praise to You forever!



Center for Peace

5802 22nd. Street

Lubbock, Tx. 79407


Please Note:


Theresa Werner (now Fleischman) gave me the following note on Saturday, July 23rd, 1988. I do believe that there is something very important for all of us related to the total "otherness" (transcendence) of God the Father. The following helps me to try to begin to respect that. Therefore, I have asked Theresa to refrain from giving interviews. I think her note expresses much of what she would have to say...


                                         Monsignor Joe James

                                             July 23rd, 1988


                   "A Love Letter" from God


   I was informed this morning by the Heavenly Father not to meet with the people Sunday for questioning.


   The Heavenly Father is Divine and Holy. He is not to be spoken of as if to be a casual person like you or myself. The Lord God is Holy and is to be given reverence, great respect and praise. Above all, we should fear Him! I do not know God. I do not pretend to know the Lord God. He is beyond all understanding. I have never seen the Lord God. There have only been visions given to me in my mind by God's Divine Will and Choosing.


   How can we measure God or what can we offer Him to equal His Glory and Divine Greatness? Nothing. God made all things great and small. He is Creator and Master. Even my inadequate efforts made in this small message to you are not justified for His greatness. God is beyond any explanations. I am a housewife and mother. I continually try to please the Heavenly Father. I pray that I do not fail Him or disappoint His Divinity. I fear the Lord, and I love Him.


   God asks His children (all of His children of every race and every tongue) to return to Him. God is merciful and loving. God is just and there are no faults in Him. God's Throne is set above the Cherubim. The Lord God deserves and demands love, respect, honor and all glory and praise. God is a jealous God. He calls all of us to return to Him. That we might be His people and that He be our God.


   The time is at hand that His wrath will be on us. It is now, but man does not want to acknowledge this. God has control of all things. He glances at the mountains and they will tremble with that of the earth. He dries the rivers up and sets the forests ablaze. He brings the floods and He brings the pestilences upon the earth and its inhabitants; diseases with no cures.


   I say to you, with God's Divine Guidance upon this pen, He Tells all to repent, to convert, to come to His Son, Jesus Christ. The pains of this world are the warnings. He continues to call to His nation, the  U.S.A. which He endowed from its first moment of conception... Follow His laws, those given long ago:


(The Ten Commandments)


1. Thou shall not have any gods before the Lord God Almighty.   (Materialism, money, adorning our personal selves...)


2. You must not make any idol nor bow down to one, nor worship it.


3. You must not take the Name of the Lord, your God in vain. (Do not swear.)


4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. (In this Commandment, God instructed His people not to work on the Sabbath. This was because God rested on the seventh day, after His six days of work when He created the Heavens and earth.)


5. Honor your Father and your Mother. (Many young people these days show no respect toward their parents. This is wrong! Very wrong!)


6. You must not kill. (Abortions!)


7. You must not commit adultery. (Sins of the flesh... adulteries, fornications - so called pre-marital sex, extra-marital sex, homosexuality, lesbianism, incest, bestiality, prostitution - male and female, child pornography, "bathhouses" and "massage parlors.")


8. You must not steal.


9. You must not tell lies.


10. You must not covet anything that is your neighbor's. (God gives to each of us just what He wants us to have.)


   God Knows all and the Lord God makes no mistakes. Above all, we must love one another and care for our fellow man ... like the Good Samaritan. Mankind is ignoring all the warnings and they are unwilling to take heed. They are unwilling to convert their lives and follow Jesus Christ. Tragic events are hanging over the world and the hours of great trials are at hand!


Please Note: I seek no recognition. I seek no publicity nor personal wealth. I seek no praises (they are not mine to have). I am sound of body and mind.  All this that has been given to you is through God's Divine Grace and Will. I give all the glory, honor and praise to the Lord God Almighty. I give all glory, honor and praise to His Only Son Jesus Christ; and respect to Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary and our Advocate...

                                         Sincerely in Christ

                                          Theresa Fleischman



   I gave "Thanks" to the Heavenly Father after receiving this message. I took a bath and had a green mask on my face when Mary Constancio came by for a visit. We visited through the bathroom window. "What are you doing Theresa?" asked Mary as she giggled at me. (My hair was all wrapped up in a towel and my face was all green. "Oh, Mary, I'm trying to be as beautiful as you!" I replied. I told Mary of the message I received and I was to give it to Msgr. Joe James when I go to confession. I also told Mary of the photo which showed the Blessed Virgin in it. We had a short visit of about twenty minutes. After this light and happy sharing of friendship, Mary left to visit her sister. I went to confession at 4:00 P.M. and shared the photo there with Mary Constancio and others, and gave Msgr. James the message. Did family prayers this night.


                                     Sunday, July 24th, 1988


   Did 7:00 A.M. prayers. I went to Christ the King this morning. It was not home though. The expressions of warmth and love are not found there. After Mass, a priest stood before the congregation and spoke of the "uncomfortableness" he personally felt from St. John Neumann's Church. We personally felt sorry for him and the whole parish. They are missing great miracles and blessings because of their "uncomfortable feelings!" We pray for them all. Family prayers this night.


P.S. Went to the Chapel for prayer meeting at 6:15 P.M. and did a group Rosary. Mailed off invitations for the Assumption and warnings against two abortion agencies and their sinning against God.


                                     Monday, July 25th, 1988


   Did morning prayers at 7:00 A.M. Did not receive any message from the Lord. Read from the Bible. Fasting this day and offering up this fasting for a priest in Purgatory. (Also for those who are striving to fast.) I pray to the Lord that I will be able to convey His messages if He decides to choose me to relate to His people. Got to the church in time for the 6:15 Mass celebration.

   We saw my mom during Communion and was overjoyed at her being there. My mom was sharp with me though. During the Mass, I received a message that Father Albert was to obtain blessings from God. He was to receive healing gifts like Msgr. Joe James received.



                                     Monday, July 25th, 1988

             Monday of the Seventeenth Week in Ordinary Time

                               Feast of Saint James, Apostle




   The Lord your God sayeth unto ye: In the beginning the Spirit of God dwelled about in a great vastness. The Lord God gave forth creation...making the lands and great oceans, the dome in which to hold the planets and stars which the Lord God placed with His Holy Hands. I, the Lord God, created all life great and small...every creature that crawls and every fowl that flies the sky. My Mighty Glance smolders the mountains and My breath is that of fire.


   As so man I brought forth with My Great Hands; fashioning him in the clay, forming his every limb and breathing into him...and giving forth life unto him. Yea, to him came forth woman from his rib. This is flesh of his flesh, rib of his rib.


   But, lo, even then thy parents forsook Me...partaking of the forbidden fruit. Therefore, man's afflictions have been from this time on. Man striketh at thy head, woman; and she at thy heel. Multiplications of pain in your labors and yet your desires burn for him and he shall rule over thee.


   (During the Sorrowful Mystery, Scourging at the Pillar) Man, thistles will be all the days of your life. The plow will break...and your bread earned by the sweat of your brow.


   Lo, I sayeth unto ye, the Lord God shows no favoritism, for all are equal in His Sight, and judges justly. How the Lord God loves His faithful! Your Redeemer, Savior Jesus Christ, is the Life-Giving Bread. It is in Him that eternal life shall be obtained.


   I sayeth unto ye, My beloved, the Lord your God knoweth all your afflictions. I seeth thy agonies and sorrows but, lo, I sayeth: Blessed is he who mourns, for he shall be consoled; Blessed is he who thirsts for holiness, for it shall be given and quenched. Not a sparrow falls from the sky without the Father's consent. And you, My brethren, He knoweth the number of hairs on your head. Yea, the birds of the fields do not reap and yet they yield; for the Lord God gives forth all their need...and satisfies. The lilies of the field, arrayed as they be, worry not, for there is none more beautifully adorned than these. How much more will He do for ye! What merits a man when his days are doubled with weariness? The Lord God knows all your needs and, I sayeth unto ye, if thou hast the faith of a mustard seed it shall be given unto thee.


   (During the Sorrowful Mystery, The Crucifixion) I sayeth unto ye, My brethren: Love one another for God is love. Love is not jealous; it is not unkind or snobbish; it rejoices not in injustices, but in truth.


   I say unto you: if one striketh thy face, turn thy cheek and offer the other. I say unto ye: if one takes thy covering, offer up your coat. I say unto ye: if one presses thee a mile, take him the extra mile for love of thy neighbor. I sayeth unto ye of fasting: Do not put forth a long face, rejoice in this offering. Wash thy face and be bright in spirit for your offering is known alone by the Lord your God. In your privacy your prayers are done, in privacy your God and Father hears them.


   (Special Blessing of the Priests) My good shepherd, Albert. Arise.

   I sayeth unto thee, thou hast found favor as My shepherd of this church, Monsignor James. I giveth unto ye the fires of Mine Eyes. My Breath comes forth into your limbs and My Fires of Healings go forth into thee. In thine eyes there shall be comfort. In thy touch healing and renewed strengths. My Gift unto ye I giveth for thou art favored. Showing your love of the Blessed Virgin Mary, it has come forth unto ye a blessing.


   (During the Glorious Mystery, the Ascension) I giveth unto ye another sign. Yea, I sayeth, it is in faith and hope that you be here. Signs you seeketh and thou shall receive them. One I giveth unto ye a weeping Madonna. She mourns with joy to see Her faithful gathered and She mourns for those who continue to follow the road which is wide and smooth to destruction.


   I sayeth unto ye, repent for the days are at hand. The hour is upon us. If thy cloak is behind thee, return not for it. If thou art upon the roof, be not searching for those behind you. If thou art in the field, return not to thy house. For, yea I Am near unto ye. I Am at the door now!


   Glory to the Lord Jesus, for in His Reign there is no ending.

                               Theresa Fleischman, messenger


Please Note: I personally had a great difficulty in receiving the message this time.

Hundreds gather to hear...

                                    Tuesday, July 26th, 1988


   7:00 A.M. prayers.  Resting this day.  I seem to be receiving this day a message from the Lord through a "VOICE" to practice the sounds of certain creatures the Lord God created. The Wolf, Lion, Bear, Hyena, Cheetah or Leopard. I don't know why as of yet. I'm going to try. I'm leaving it in God's Hands. I just pray He will be with me.


   Today Mark brought in a newspaper with all the messengers pictures on the front. I feel so uneasy about all of the publicity we are receiving. What the world should be paying attention to is the messages given! God wants the world to repent of their sins and return to Him!


   Later on this day these creatures come to my mind again. A VOICE has me to paint my face up with mascara in the markings of a Lion, Leopard or Cheetah, Bear, Hyena, and Wolf. The results looked scary and strange. I am very uneasy with all this. Uncertain. I need to talk to Msgr. Joe James and get his opinion. I've cried over this and sense a sorrow from God in this. It is as if He must go to extremities to get the attention of people. People go to extremities to sin, so God must go to extremes to catch the peoples' attention. Maybe that is why I was told to paint my face to reveal this message to God's people.


                       THE PAINTED FACE


   After all these years of mystery and rumors and false accusations, I wish to let the people of God know the reason behind the painting of my face. At the time that it took place leading up to the Feast of the Assumption of the Mother of God here in Lubbock, Texas at St. John Neumann Catholic Church, I believe that I speak for many from all over the world when I say that the "FRUIT" from this blessed experience was good. Spiritually - Physically - Mentally - all was good. Bringing many back to the Sacraments. Bringing many "Peace, Joy, Love, and Reconciliation."


   The VOICE had told me to paint my face which I had been hearing off and on now for some time. So far, this VOICE, which I believe was from GOD, had not mislead me yet. I had come to trust fully this constant "Companion". Through a Prayer Group Meeting with the fellow messengers, under the spiritual direction of Msgr. Joe James, Msgr. felt it was best not to allow the public to know about this certain message I had received back on July 26th, 1988. (Tuesday) He made the statement, "KISS, the rock group does that." With prayer and discernment, the group felt it was best to keep this silent and away from the public's attention.


   I wish to express that there was much "Spiritual Meaning" behind the painting of my face. I have painted my face so that you may see exactly what I painted seven years ago (now 20) on the date stated above. I have put as much detail as possible and also have given the meaning of the markings on my face which have been revealed to me through time.


                          TO DEFINE


Private message to Theresa Fleischman July, 26, 1988.

God said: “Behold thy image in the mirror and paint that which I instruct thee.” I could feel God’s presence at my right shoulder as He carefully instructed me in great detail the painting of my face. He then said: “Enhance thy eyes and paint near thy tear ducts the black tears of a cheetah.” and then He said, "Like the Cheetah, My Face is stained with tears because of the many sins of My people and the loss of them." He then said: “Spot thy face to represent the many offenses against the Lord God.” and then I saw many spots come in vision like blemishes. I then heard the voice of God say, “This is the Leopard that stalks and prowls and hides itself in my church and preys upon my people. These are the Freemasons that have infiltrated into my church.” And then I saw a black leopard crouched down as if about to pounce upon its victims and its tail was swaying back and forth in anticipation. Then God said, “Tease thy hair wildly like that of the lions mane.” And then He said “Jeremiah 5:6 "Therefore, lions from the forest slay them.." Then he said, “Paint thine mouth as that of the bear and the wolf and the hyena which laugh at men’s folly. And then He said, “Proverbs 17:12 "... robbed of cubs." And He said, “I am angered from the many abortions!” And then God the Father said, “The wolf” and then He said “Jeremiah 5:6 "Wolves of the desert ravage them..." And then He said, “Thine color will be black to represent mourning.”

    I made an effort to collect any articles pertaining to lion attacks on humanity or any other wildlife attacks. I found two articles in the Outdoor Life magazine dated January 1995 where there was an increase of cougar and hyena attacks. Cougar attacks peaked in the years 1980 through 1989. Hyenas are coming into urbanized areas like Newark, New Jersey, where two attacks were reported in 1995.

From a private message from God the Father, to Theresa Fleischman (former Werner), 1988.

Theresa's face before it was painted


Theresa's face after being painted


   Later on, we drop by the church at Saint John Neumann. Msgr. James and others were busy at work with preparations for the "Assumption," August 15th, 1988. They were working on tile pieces around the Fountain. Mr. Robert Garcia worked on the Fountain along with his father, Tanilo Garcia. They were doing a beautiful job, working with many different hues of blue and white. It is here that I wish to personally "Thank" Mr. Robert Garcia, and his father, Mr. Tanilo Garcia for a job well done.


                   ROBERT and TANILO GARCIA


Pictured here, are the two outstanding individuals who together diligently labored with "Love", and created a masterpiece for Our Lady.

The beautiful "Tile Work" on the Fountain at St. John Neumann's.


Robert and Tanilo Garcia at the Fountain


   Robert Garcia personally told me that he felt the Mother of God wanted him to do the Fountain at Saint John Neumann. Robert told me, "I used the colors that represented Mary." Robert credited the Blessed Virgin Mary for the change in his life too!


   Robert said that since the work on the Fountain, their family has been a closer one. 


   Mary, Queen of Mercy, is credited with saying She "will touch the waters of this Fountain that will be overflowing with love, with compassion and with forgiveness ..." It was around this Fountain that the physically impaired participants in the 1988 Assumption Mass gathered. Many claims of spiritual phenomena are associated with the Fountain and its waters, including visions and healings during and since the 1988 feast.


Robert Garcia at the Fountain

John Hein's Testimony 

St. John Neumann Fountain guarded by four Angels

   Robert and Tanilo's talents did not stop there. The beautiful "Heart of Mercy" was also tiled by Robert and his father. This work is located near the ramp wall leading to the Fountain. This "Heart" symbolizes Mary, Queen of Mercy, whose heartfelt response to God's call brought forth Jesus, the Savior of the World. In this photo you can see Robert and his father Tanilo fitting the perfect pieces of tile to the "Heart of Mercy." Robert stated that the fitting of the "Heart of Mercy" was difficult. He told me that he was grateful for his father's guidance and help.


Robert & Tanilo's talents

    With the heavy flow of visitors to the Chapel at Saint John Neumann's Catholic Church, Msgr. Joe James felt it was best to tile the entrance areas as well as the Chapel. This work too was done by Robert and his father, Tanilo. "All the tile, points to Our Blessed Mother," Robert told me. 


   The Blessed Sacrament Chapel of Saint John Neumann Church is used for daily Mass, for various reconciliation services and other small-group liturgical activities. The Chapel, dedicated as a Marian Year Pilgrimage Site by Bishop Michael J. Sheehan, (now Archbishop of Santa Fe, New Mexico) on Pentecost Sunday, June 7, 1987, was the meeting place for Monday night Rosaries from December, 1985, through April, 1988. It was in this Chapel, during the Monday Rosary services, that Rosary Messages were first received.


   The Marian Chapel, a niche in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, contains a statue of Our Lady. It continues to serve as the focal point for Marian devotions. Many parishioners and visitors have claimed experiences of Divine healing and supernatural phenomena while praying at this site.

The Marian Chapel

Aloho De' Dios (Eye of God)


"THE EYE of GOD" or "Aloho De' Dios"


   Msgr. Joe James wanted this to represent the Blessed Trinity, FATHER, SON, and the HOLY GHOST. The ALL SEEING EYE of GOD who would be forever watchful upon the Holy Grounds of Saint John Neumann. This was the final work of Robert Garcia, which was completed after the Feast of the Assumption of 1988. Robert told me how Msgr. Joe James and he sat back on one of the south benches and admired the work they had finished.


We saw several parish members we knew there.


   Ran across Diana and talked some with her. After helping a bit and dropping in on the Chapel for a prayer, we went home.

 Said Rosary this night.


P.S. Must talk to Msgr. James tomorrow, he's too busy today.

City Church Expects 20,000 for Virgin Mary Celebration

Outdoor Alter


Nearing completion


{Ma e ok' o bez'}

    This creature told me without his mouth moving that he was a "GUARD" near the Throne of God. Revelation 5:11-12 As my vision continued, I heard the voices of many angels who surrounded the throne and the living creatures and the elders. They were countless in number, thousands and tens of thousands and they all cried out: "Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power and riches, wisdom and strength, honor and glory and praise!"


                                  Wednesday, July 27th, 1988


   I wish to go into more detail on this particular morning which concerns an unusual incident that took place around 7:15 A.M. It was on this morning that I had forgotten to set my alarm. When I opened my eyes, there before me stood an Angel! This one was very different. This one was very huge with the features of bull and part man!


   He held his hand down to me to help me from my bed. I stared at him for several seconds, yet I felt he would not harm me. There seemed to be a gentle coaxing from him to me. His appearance was deeply masculine. Broad chest and shoulder, muscled greatly. He had a leather halter shaped in a "X" across his chest(The Saint Andrew Cross). His wings folded behind him with many rainbow colors that seemed to have a circular pattern. His color in general seemed to be that of a new copper penny! There was a sense of stillness from him, gentle, very kind, wisdom, but also an urgency to show me something.


   He held his hand out to me, shaking it twice for me to grasp. It was then that he reached down for me to take his hand. As I reached up for his hand, this part bull and man-angel pulled me from my bed. He led me to the kitchen table where I had laid my Bible the night before. This is the reading I was given from him. Without words spoken, it seemed the command was given to me by his glances to open my Bible to Jeremiah 5:6. "Therefore lions from the forest slay them, wolves of the desert ravage them, leopards keep watch round their cities: all who come out are torn to pieces for their many crimes and their numerous rebellions."


   Although no words were spoken I could feel that I was being informed that God the Almighty was deeply sorrowed and troubled from the sins of mankind. This creature told me without his mouth moving, that he was a "Guard" near the Throne of God. His duty was to protect God as God rested (slumbered). This creature also gave me the sense that the deepest sighs and pain felt from God extended to me in my heart. This is, too, how I learned that God slumbers but is still very Aware of all things. (This Angel also is the Guardian of the Wilderness)


Note the great peril that our environment and wildlife is in today.


   I am very unsure of all this. I need more of a sign. Lord, please give me one! This creature seemed to be telling me that He would teach me the ways of the Wolf, Lion, Bear, Leopard, and the laugh of the Hyena. He would teach me their "Voices." You will be going out to the farm today... (These words seemed to be said in my head)... I will teach you there. The creature then departed from me. I tried to spend the remaining morning getting myself together and trying to understand what just happened to me.


   Our Group meeting is today. I will talk to Msgr. Joe James and we will try to find the answers together. "Please help me, God."



Maeocobees' hand


   1:30 P.M. rolled around after preparation for our Group meeting at Ms. Wynn's.


Members are: Msgr. Joe James, Ms. Wynn, Mary Constancio, Mike Slate, Ann Hernandez, and Theresa.


   We begin our prayers and praise around the kitchen table. The Angel appeared again as soon as our meeting began. Msgr. Joe James then asked the Angel's name. The response came as "Maeocobees." (There is communication, but the mouth does not move) From the group was a sense of rejection, because this Angel was "different", not really beautiful. I felt compassion for this Angel personally. I remember asking, "Why do you look like this?" All at once it was like a judge and jury slaughter. Judging on "Appearance" instead of the "Heart", or what is within. (Many of the group members rejected Maeocobees.) Isn't that just the way we are? It is human nature to judge someone or something by the color or size; if we are rich or poor, smart or not so smart. Isn't' that just the way we are?


   Well, that is what happened to Maeocobees. Maeocobees approached toward me, but I remember Ann Hernandez holding her arms up against him calling on the Blessed Mother Mary. (But Maeocobees served the Mother of God and loved Her, too!) I remember everyone praying in tongues and deciding this Angel just couldn't be of God. "He's too ugly." "He's not the way we think he should be." Yet, with all their prayers and telling Maeocobees to leave, his eyes looked deep into mine.


   It seemed his voice asked me even though there was no movement of mouth, that he wished to use my "Voice" to show God's deepest feelings. The response from the group was "NO". I remember telling Msgr. James that I was willing to go with Maeocobees to learn from him and to help God.


   It was at that moment that I could feel in my inner spirit God's plea of sorrow and great unhappiness. Like that of a cooing dove; like that of a lone wolf, calling out in its vastness. That is what Maeocobees showed me in that instant. I knew then these calls would be used to touch man's most inner emotions. Have you heard early in the morning the cooing of a lonely dove? Have you ever heard a howling wolf? Their calls are definitely lonely and sad, far reaching and deeply penetrating. Despite the rest of the Group's rejection, Maeocobees, the Angel of God, showed respect to Msgr. Joe James, knowing that he consecrated bread and wine into the Precious Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. He did depart from us when Msgr. Joe James requested him to do so.


   As for the "Painting" of my face, Msgr. Joe James said, "It's too theatrical." "The singing group KISS does that..." I was told not to do this at the Monday night Rosary of August 1st, 1988. I obeyed Msgr. Joe James' wishes. I did feel in my spirit that the Monday Message from myself, would be very nature based. Msgr. Joe James consented to this. The message was given to me that I have received the "sounds" in my voice and that I would use them that coming Monday.


   Maeocobees did ride out to the farm with Joseph and me. There were no words spoken, but a peaceful presence. Mark stayed in Lubbock to work.


                                   Thursday, July 28th, 1988


   I neglected to pray faithfully.  I found myself not being able to wake up, and most of the day was spent relaxing and spending time with Joseph. Joseph rode the tractor with his Pa Pete today. Joseph loves going out in the fields with his grandfather.


   Maeocobees seems to appear off and on throughout the day. His presence reminds me of the message I received only a day ago. I remember the sorrow of God that he spoke of and I would then retire to my bedroom for prayer and reflection. Joseph and I did a Medjugorje Rosary tonight.


Friday, July 29th, 1988


   I spent the day getting ready to return home. I am allowing Joseph to enjoy the country fresh air and sunshine before we go. Maeocobees seems content to stand guard silently in my room. He's watching my every move and seeming to approve of my reading some literature of Jesus and Mary. I personally sensed the Heavenly Father was speaking to me in this literature referring to the Ten Commandments being ignored. Joseph and I left for Lubbock after 3:00 P.M. with our companion Maeocobees who rode silently in the car with us.


Please Note: None of my family members could see Maeocobees because the veil was not lifted from their eyes to see. I do believe they could sense his presence, though.


   Off we go and begin to say the Rosary. We say two decades. Our ride is peaceful and enjoyable. We prayed the Family Rosary this night, with Maeocobees on his right knee and his massive head bowed in respect. After the Rosary, we all tell each other "good-night." Maeocobees does not seem to sleep, he stands guard in the dark shadows of the night. "Goodnight, Maeocobees."


                                   Saturday, July 30th, 1988


   Did 7:00 A.M. prayers. I do not see Maeocobees. Had money orders made to tend to some literature sent this way on Mary, the Blessed Virgin."Flame of Love Extracts." I am wanting to get some more in before the "Assumption," for distribution.


   Did some Medjugorje work today north of Lubbock. Our family has personally distributed about eight thousand copies of Medjugorje papers. (Possibly more) We personally, as a family, wanted to help in distributing Mary's literature, in making this community and surrounding areas aware of the great need of prayer and conversion.


   Did not go to the 4:00 P.M. confession today. We did say Family Rosary this night. I have been receiving deep feelings of what the Heavenly Father is wanting to express Monday, August 1st, 1988. I sense the great Love God wants His people to know of; to make them understand how much He does care and how very merciful and ready to forgive, if only we ask to return to Him! I sense a personal STRONG message. I'm not sure how it will come out, but I think it may be one of the most moving and loving messages of "PLEA" as ever before given from His guidance to me, to His people, that He so deeply loves and longs for them.


                                     Sunday, July 31st, 1988


   Morning prayers at 7:00 A.M. Again Maeocobees is present. By this time he seems to be moving about more than usual. (Almost restless) Readying ourselves for Mass, which is at 9:00 A.M.


   Some moving testimonies (miracles) were shared this morning with Mike Slate. He told about a man and the Fountain and many other signs which are so obviously a "Divine" guidance from above. It was very beautiful.


   Many signs indeed and yet there will be more! Have intentions to go to the prayer meeting this evening.


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