Theresa Fleischman's Prophecies
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Wednesday, June 1st, 1988


   Joyous day! My family is with me. Mark and all of us enjoy each others' company. Family breakfast and pleasant talk. (Wish we had more days this way.) Continue to ask God's blessings on all of us and I continue to request for the Holy Mother's help and intercessions for me and my family.


   God gives a VISION for me to know of the coming of the "Assumption." August 15th, 1988. Thank you Father. It gave me chills all over my arms and legs when I shared it with  Mark. I had to really scramble to find something to write the messages down because I had no paper with me at that time.


PERSONAL MESSAGE to Theresa at her home June 1st, 1988, for the Assumption August 15th, 1988 of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


   This is the vision that was given to me, from the Lord God Almighty. I give all glory and honor to His Holy Name, to His Divine Son, Jesus Christ and thanks and praise to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Our Savior! Thank You God in Heaven, and Your Most Holy Son, Jesus.


   I see a day of rain and clouds that hide the sun. Rainy most of the day. I see that many people will be at our Parish to celebrate with Msgr. Joe James. People far and near will have traveled. Crowds and milling of people everywhere. It is pouring rain! It is cooling and chilly. I see that the rain stops now and the sun comes through the clouds. It seems to become a low glow which everyone can see without hurting their eyes. (Disc of Mother of Pearl) It begins to display a multitude of colors, like a rainbow! I visioned the sun seemed to move about doing all kinds of displays and motions. In the distance, a brilliant light shows up in the Heavens, coming in the distant East. Many people shall see this light. It is moving along the sky swiftly; yet a luminous glow comes from it. Many people will see this light and many questions will be raised by the authorities of this town as to what this light was. It is coming closer to our gathering now. Swiftly it is approaching, and with it is a sound like no other I have heard. (A high pitch sound like that of a whistle continuously sounding.) Just before it comes to our destined position (the Fountain), it seems to disappear behind some clouds.


   A wind is stirred up like no other, sudden and swift; whirling. Around and around it goes all through the crowds of people, like a miniature tornado. In its whirling mist, it comes to rest on top of the water fount. And there, it is there, the Queen of Heaven and Earth has alighted! She is visioned to me on a pillar of clouds, in a beautiful gown, all in white, with a beautiful Rosary. Light of rainbows illuminates all around her! She is so beautiful. A pleasant smile. No other, nor shall there ever be, one as beautiful as she, THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY, QUEEN OF HEAVEN AND OF EARTH QUEEN OF MERCY - MOTHER OF GOD! Amen, Alleluia Thank You Lord! 

   All of these things have been given to me through the grace of God. I give all honor to Him and praise. Praise you, Jesus Christ!


I received this Message from Our Lord God June 1, 1988 (in my home).


   "I sayeth unto thee, bring forth the blind, that they may see with different eyes, (eyes of indifference). Bring forth the poor, that they may be made rich with the fruits of peace and consolation. Bring forth the rich that they may seeth that materialism is not of the Kingdom of Heaven, but a heart of faith and devotion unto the Lord is their true inheritance. Those who can not walk where the bodies are drawn and withered as that of parched grass of the fields, come forth to be refreshed and be made whole in Christ Jesus by mind, body and soul. Come and seeth the miracles that I shall bring forth to thee August 15th, 1988, Saint John Neumann's, 5802 22nd Street Lubbock, Texas. The Queen of Heaven and Earth will be sent down unto thee."


Picture of the Blessed Mother in the Fountain of St. John Neumann

Immaculate Heart of Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.


Please Note: This picture belonged to my grandmother, Frances Mary Davis Steiert. She came from Ireland and married Louis Aloysius Steiert of Nazareth, Texas. 

Please Note: At 1:30 P.M. at Ms. Wynn’s house, we would be meeting today, Msgr. Joe James, Ms. Wynn, Mary Constancio, Mike Slate, and myself, Theresa. It was there I would relate the visions I was given earlier at my home, and the message from God Almighty. When we all gathered, our prayers began in praises and songs. The recorder was set and it is here the Most Blessed Virgin Mary confirmed these messages and visions through Mary and Mike as well. We said the Family Rosary later this night.


                                    Thursday, June 2nd, 1988


   Msgr. helps us with our rent. I am in great hopes and continue to pray that somehow Mark will get a better paying job. We are so sorry we had to ask for help. We've just got to get ahead and pay Msgr. back. We love him very much. (Not because he paid our rent,) because he really seems to care about people. Thank you Msgr. Joe James. Somehow, with God's help, we will repay you. We go to the hospital today to see Mr. Rockymore. He's been moved to a different room now. His health is improving so much. Praise to God for His healing miracles. We'll go to Chapel tonight and devote an hour of prayer, and say a Rosary.


                                First Friday, June 3rd, 1988

                                       Sacred Heart of Jesus


   Fasting this day. We say Rosary in His honor (Jesus), and the Litany. Msgr. will come by tonight. He eats with us after 12:00 P.M. because that is when fasting time ends for our family. We share many thoughts, concerns and prayers. Our message is given from the Lord, Jesus!


"God governs the world, but prayer governs God."


   We enjoy Msgr. James so much. We had a wonderful evening and night. Thank You Lord.


                                    Saturday, June 4th, 1988


   Say Family Rosary this night. We contemplated on the "ASSUMPTION" and how and when to start inviting others to come.


                                      Sunday, June 5th, 1988


   We all go to church today. Very beautiful Mass. 7:00 P.M. Prayer meeting. We all go. Have prayers over different members and say the Rosary this night.


                                      Monday, June 6th, 1988


   Fasting today. 1:30 P.M. Group Meeting. Advice received on Rosary invitations through newspapers. (A-J and Thrifty Nickel) Private Group Message Msgr. Joe James, Mike Slate, Mary Constancio, Ms. Wynn, and Theresa. At this private group meeting I received this message.

   “I see the Russian flag with the sickle and star and red background and hear a voice saying, “The Russians are coming!” “The Russians are coming!” I see a flag that looks like a rising sun. I see thousands and thousands and thousands of oriental men with slanted eyes in grey uniforms with little caps on their heads, carrying guns with sharp bayonets, marching. I see Americans starving in ragged clothes; worse than the depression. The people almost look like skeletons.”

   Then the Mother of God said to me, “This great army – pray for these people for they live in darkness, they live in ignorance, only a few in the great country acknowledge a God and the Son Jesus Christ. I hear the message to pray for the country of Russia to continue to pray for Russia for they will be part of the wrath. It is a great army.

   I shared this vision with Msgr. Joe James and told him that the Chinese and Russians will team together and war against our country America. Msgr. replied, “No! You saw the vision wrong! Are you sure it was a Chinese flag?” I told him the men’s faces looked oriental with their slanted eyes and round faces and their uniforms were grey. I saw the Russian flag and then the Chinese flag waving together in a breeze. Msgr. Joe James had the attitude of disbelief shaking his head no. The matter was closed. We all departed after a prayer.

 Pass out 20/20 information all over on Medjugorje! #60 in all.


    On June 6, 1988, when we held a group meeting of the three messengers, Mary, Mike and myself, with Msgr. Joe James and Miss Wynn, we were given an out of body experience, in which we journeyed beneath the ocean. God placed us in a yellow Submarine and we saw the marvels of God’s deep ocean and the volcanoes which were exploding and taking forms of great mountains. We smoothly glided along over the tops of these mountain ranges witnessing God’s mighty works in the serenity of schools of silver fish.

   I personally believe that these activities will cause severe earthquakes and tsunamis in the future.

   After this spiritual journey, I remember Mike Slate asking me what color the submarine was. When I told him it was yellow his face expression showed disbelief. This is why I also believe that Mary and Mike did not always experience many of the spiritual visions that I personally did. After the events of St. John Neumann, August 15, 1988, it was shortly thereafter I found an article in the newspaper stating that scientists discovered a new active volcanic mountain range along the Florida ocean coast. I showed this article to Msgr. James but he quickly disregarded it

                                     Monday, June, 6th, 1988

    Monday after the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ

                   Monday of the Tenth Week in Ordinary Time

                                      Feast of Saint Norbert




   (During the Joyful Mystery, Finding Jesus in the Temple) I, the Lord your God, sayeth unto thee, as that of long ago I seeketh and findeth not the choirs of thanksgiving and homage unto Me. I calleth, but thou has answered not.


   Hidden among the forest, your parents of long ago tried to cover themselves from their offenses, from their Divine God. Now I sayeth unto ye that thou hast hidden yourselves from My Mighty Glances. Do thou not knowest that the Lord God knowest all?


   O, land of milk and honey, as of sucklings of days past, when your mother's breast was full of the sweetness of life and limbs of your fathers of long ago bent and paid homage unto Me, the Lord your God...


   (During the Sorrowful Mystery, Jesus in the Garden in Prayer) How you dance and make merry your ways. The days that are to be will be the days of sorrow and the drink of bitterness. I say unto ye, people of few that hast gathered before Me, bring forth your prayers and offerings. Yours are the scents pleasing to My Nostrils.


   (During the Sorrowful Mystery, Scourging at the Pillar) Though you may suffer the affliction from those who slander thee and persecute thee, praise your heavenly Father. For it is in this that your strengths will be multiplied and your graces added.


   And I sayeth unto those who come and seeketh a sign...for it is before thee, the words cut into your hearts and playing in your minds like that of the harp.


   As of children who squatted to play in the streets in a city so long ago once knew the presence of My Glory, so ye shall knoweth Me. I sendeth unto thee the glory of Jerusalem. I sendeth unto thee Her Sorrows.


   Console thy Mother. Console Her, for those who bring blasphemies and torments against Her most Sorrowful Heart. The hour draws near. It is at hand. So it is! So it shall be!


   His most merciful Blood and Body; Jesus, His most Holy Name, be praised forever.

                               Theresa Fleischman, messenger


                                     Tuesday, June 7th, 1988


   Rosary said with family.


                                   Wednesday, June 8th, 1988


   Rosary said with family.


                                    Thursday, June 9th, 1988


   Medjugorje Rosary said with family.


                                     Friday, June 10th, 1988


   Pick up Joseph's pictures today. Very nice. My brother's birthday is today. (He is a Minister) Received a booklet about the Blessed Virgin Mary today. FLAME OF LOVE book. Mark and I had a spat. No, I'm no angel that's for sure! Still have fusses. I'll have to go to confession, because fighting won't get it. A Rosary was said, I think, but not real sure.


                                   Saturday, June 11th, 1988


   I went to confession. I encounter the Blessed Virgin in the Chapel and confessional booth. Very strong scent of roses! OVERWHELMING WOW! - (Right in my face) Thank you, Mary. I mention it to Msgr. I thought he had an air freshener in the room, he said, "NO". "Praise the Lord," Msgr. James said. Mark and I decide to do the Chapel, carpet etc. at Mary's request. Change her area some. Clean up. Making ready for the "ASSUMPTION".


   We meet some very nice people from Dallas today. They said they have heard about our messages etc. from St. John Neumann Parish. They were representing many families of that area of Texas. Bob and Anita Golec from Midlothian, Texas. (Near Dallas) We visited a long while with them and said a Rosary with them. We all made a dinner date appointment for the following day, Sunday at the prayer meeting.


Please Note: We all got out our Rosaries and rubbed them together on a Rosary that made the trip to Medjugorje. After this, Mark's Rosary started changing "GOLD", in a few days.


P.S. During the Rosary, the Blessed Virgin with Child descended down and blessed the Golec family and told them not to worry over their children and to continue our prayers and keep faith. She did after this, depart from us.


                                     Sunday, June 12th, 1988


   Saying the Rosary when my mom and dad come to visit today. A short, but pleasant visit with them. I shared my experience with them about my encounter with the Blessed Virgin last Saturday, June 11th, 1988. They seemed unimpressed with raised eyebrows. I thought to myself that's OK. Prayer meeting tonight. Rosary said. Meet the Golec's. We decide to go to a restaurant. They treated us which was nice. (We personally never go out ourselves, so it was an experience.) We shared many thoughts, conversations, and feelings.


Please Note: The Golec's gave me some books on prophesies and the chastisements to come. It was late when we departed, but we all enjoyed ourselves.


Testimonial Letter from Bob Golec


Message for the Golec Family, received by Theresa Fleischman (former Werner) from the Blessed Virgin Mary and our Lord.


The visiting Golec family at St. John Neumann's Catholic Church in Lubbock, Texas.


   Pictured above from left to right: Mr. Bob Golec, his wife Anita, their daughter Valerie, and their son Jason on the end. Next to their son on the right is Theresa and little Joseph in the black jacket.

                                     Monday, June 13th, 1988


   Fasting this day. As always, I am concerned whether or not God will use me. God's decision shall come, whatever it may be. I have decided by now to always wear BLACK because it is not a loud joyous color, but solemnness and always seeming to represent death or sorrow. Most of the messages I deliver for the Heavenly Father seems to be on the line of a wrath and often mentioning of a CHASTISEMENT. I continue to pray that God will guide my ears and senses that I can "listen" carefully to His Divine Words and try my best to please Him. I give God, the Heavenly Father, all the glory and to His Most Holy Son, Jesus Christ. Honor to you, most Blessed Virgin Mary, and "Thank You" for the beautiful "Scent" of roses you have blessed me to experience every once in awhile! (And my family too) THANK YOU

P.S. Group Message Meeting June 13th, 1988 - Personal only


No Water Only Fire

    On June 13, 1988 I received this vision of the White Buffalo running down a pathway from heaven. God’s Holy Hand opened the heavens and down on a pillar of clouds this magnificent beast came running towards me. As he came closer lightning was shooting from his hooves and fires sprang up every where his hooves trampled. When he reached me face to face I could see he was in great need of water. His eyes were running with tears and his nostrils ran with a mucous. It was then given to me that the lands would be in a serious drought and there would be no rain fall. There will be no food; for the little that we have will be dwindled away or given away to foreign lands and our people will be neglected. This is when the Lord revealed to me that those who cling to His vestments will be spared. The buffalo then turned around and went up the same path that he had previously came down, as lighting shot from his hooves spreading the fires. He was then swallowed up by the clouds and taken from my sight.


   It has been in the most recent years that the panhandle plains of Texas have suffered a great drought and many grass fires have been started by lightning.


  This vision was shared with Msgr. Joe James and his pastoral assistant Miss. Wynn, but I was only told that they had to discern this vision and pray about it.


   It was also at this time that I was given the message that a world famine is inevitable.


Monday, June 13th, 1988 (secret message)

   The winter will be bitter cold. The winter to cometh will be bitter and cold. The spring to follow make ready. Make your crops abundant, plant the wheat, plant the crops, plant the fruits and vegetables, plant all that is to be planted for they shall be planted no more.


   This is the vision given to me June 13, 1988 at our group message meeting in Lubbock, Texas. The messengers were told to keep silent of this chastisement but after the events of St. John Neumann, August 15, 1988, Msgr. Joe James announced publically from the pulpit that the earth was going to be hit by a meteor. Since that time countless meteor sightings and near misses have taken place. Therefore, I will give you a crude glimpse of what I personally saw 20 years ago. The meteor is without the fire so that you can see the shape which is like a bell, a rough black gray massive rock with a retinue of smaller meteors running ahead of it. No date was given of its' impact. In the Apocalypse I will show you the same meteor but with the fire emitting from it. This meteor was constantly tumbling.

                                     Monday, June 13th, 1988

                Monday of the Eleventh Week in Ordinary Time

                             Feast of Saint Anthony of Padua




   I, the Lord, speaketh unto ye, My beloved faithful. Listen, I sayeth unto thee. Listen to all that I give you.


   All living creatures great and small bow down to Me for I Am the Creator of all life. All plants lean to the east for they spy the comings to be.


   All living things great and small give glory to Me for I Am the Lord God Almighty. All trees give up their arms of branches to sing unto Me a song which whispers through their branches.


   The brook laughs with praise unto Me. The birds of the air take flight into the heavens to touch My Heavenly Face.


   So I sayeth unto thee, I, the Lord your God, Am Great and so sayeth unto thee to do homage unto Me. Sing to Me as long ago. Think upon Me with your minds - as complex in creation that they can be, yet all subconscious and consciousness alike know the divine truth.


   The fields bloom forth an array like no other. Theirs is a robe worn by the grace of God's Divine Hand.


   So you asketh of Me "why" and seeketh answers and signs. Lo! For here it be before ye!


   The winds swirl to and fro in the anticipations that are to be yielded here. My beloved Daughter shall be sent forth unto thee! I sayeth unto thee, all prayers, all cries, all sorrows which there may be, shall be lifted up. Miracles of miracles.


   Prepare thyselves as that of a bride to make ready for her wedding day. As that of a warrior who places his breastplate in great detail to keep his life from perishing. So it is with this that is to be.


   Yea, I say unto thee, though many shall perish these who are worthy of My New World shall therefore flourish in it and bring forth a new life which shall rekindle that which has been lost.


   The chastisements are just. Rejoice in My "Fire of Love". For it is in being that those who remain faithful unto Me shall have everlasting life.


   My beloved Son, He cast His Eyes upon thee. He seeth all thy persecutors and hears their slanders upon this beloved church. Woe upon them. As He pondered upon the sins so long ago, so does He on the afflictions set on thee from your persecutors.


   (During the Sorrowful Mystery, Agony in the Garden) Do ye not knoweth that Mine enemies slandered Me? Tormented Me? Sorrowed My most Sacred Heart? So do I see thy afflictions but, I say unto thee, "Rejoice. Rejoice for thy inheritance is at hand, 'The Glory of Heaven.'"


   As on the mount wherefore long ago I taught your brethren, I say unto thee:


   Blessed are they who hunger, for they shall be filled with the fruits of life.


   Blessed are they who are sorrowed, their tears shall be wiped from their faces and be consoled.


   Blessed are the single-hearted, for they shall see God.


   Blessed are those who are persecuted and tormented for My Name's Sake, for theirs is a kingdom that shall have no end. Life eternal.


   Take of My Body and drink of My Blood. The Fruits of Life.


   (During the Sorrowful Mystery, Scourging at the Pillar)  Jesus,  our Lord and Savior. Jesus, the Sacrificial Lamb. Jesus, passion of our hearts Jesus, our hope for eternal life. Jesus, our life.


   I sayeth unto thee again...


   There shall be no other gods before Me.


   Keep holy the Lord's Day!


   Honor thy mother and thy father.


   Thou shall not curse the Lord God's Name, for It be Holy.


   Thou shall not steal.


   Thou shall not kill.


   Thou shall not covet thy neighbor nor thy neighbor's goods.


   Thou shall not covet thy body, the flesh of the temple, for it is of the Heavenly Father which brought forth life in your beings.


   Thou shall not speak falsely of your neighbors.


   I, the Lord your God, speaketh unto thee. So it is. So it shall be.

                               Theresa Fleischman, messenger


   After the messages, (June 13th, 1988) we had prayers for healing and said farewell to new-made friends, The Golec family.


                                    Tuesday, June 14th, 1988


   A quiet day. Family Rosary said.


                                  Wednesday, June 15th, 1988


   Happy anniversary Mark and Theresa! "Married five years." Thank You Lord! A busy day. We had plans to clean carpet at church today. Did windows and odds and ends. Swept, cleaned Chapel area and put new satin material and flowers for the Blessed Virgin Mary. A tithe for the Lord. A long day and when ended, we are very tired. Said Rosary tonight.


                                   Thursday, June 16th, 1988


   Did Medjugorje flier work today on 20/20 advertisements. We hit a hospital down by the courthouse due to the abortions performed there. We hit the civic center which was having a Gospel gathering of some kind. We hit the newspaper areas, and other public buildings. We went down 9th street and Q and hit folks there walking in the streets and the large Methodist church close to Broadway. Went over to the college area and hit around there and the supply buildings where kids get their books, pens, papers, etc. Hit other hospitals and the breakrooms, coffee rooms and dropped only a few in the chapel area. Hit the strip joint (The owner was personally handed a flier from Mark) We did hit a clinic. We did all this, so it numbered close to seventy folks possibly. It was late when we finished, so we only said a Medjugorje Rosary and hit the sack.


                                     Friday, June 17th, 1988


   Staying home today. Worked around the apartment and spent time with Joseph. Mom came by and visited awhile as I defrosted freezer. Talked about the special event coming up on Medjugorje featured on 20/20. (This 20/20 was a special TV program that came on weekly telling about a variety of events all over the world) Mom and the family had a great visit. Later on we watched 20/20. I was not surprised that they didn't tell the whole truth about Medjugorje. People should know the whole truth! We said Rosary this night.


                                   Saturday, June 18th, 1988


   Feel down today over the drought, for I sense it is from God's wrath. Did Rosary today. Received a message from the Lord to my brother (who is a minister). Jesus wants more recognition credited to His Mother Mary.


                                     Sunday, June 19th, 1988


   Happy Father's Day! We have a lovely Mass today and beautiful day at that! Later on to prayer meeting and said Group Rosary.


                                     Monday, June 20th, 1988


   Fasting today. Say Rosary and Mark helps me at the end. (He just got in from work.) I am feeling a powerful message... God's Will be done! "Thank You Lord God."

                                     Monday, June 20th, 1988

                 Monday of the Twelfth Week in Ordinary Time




   I, the Lord your God, speaketh unto thee. I sayeth unto you:


   Behold! The earth cries in its pains of labor! Yea, I sayeth unto thee again, the days are at hand. The days have been numbered. Yea, though many say the Lord God slumbers, it be not so. For I sayeth unto ye, no man knows the hour nor day!


   Prepare thyselves and make ready. For the creations have slumbered many a day, but now they begin to stir!


   Oh, fair maiden, offspring of Moses, wherefore hast thy praises gone? Unto Me there has been only emptiness, and no thanksgiving.


   Yea, they dance in their streets. But the tunes shall cease! There shall be no more laughter from those who have forgotten the Lord God!


   Look about you. Does not your mind grasp what is happening? Your lands will be given over to those who are not of your own blood kin. Your food shall be sparingly your prayers have been sparingly unto Me, the Lord your God.


   Oh, if it were only like that of long ago when sackcloth and ashes were worn in place of merriment and wine! Repent, I sayeth unto ye! Repent, for My wrath shall be great.


   Yea, the signs are at hand and that which is of a thief in the night shall stealeth away from thee without thy awareness.


   I shall maketh you Mine again! No longer shall ye run after your lovers! How foolish you are! How time races from your hands without your knowledge of its passings. I shall strip thee and make thee naked before your foes! I shall shame thee, for thou has sinned against the Lord, your God!


   The days have passed of your jewels and delicacies. No more shall you adorn yourselves with fragrances and shadow your eyes! I shall maketh thee return unto Me. I shall shackle thy ankles and make thee a slave of your own weaknesses. You shall weepeth, but none shall comfort thee. Holding out your arms which were so richly adorned, they shall be bare. And none shall come to your aid. Contempt shall be at your reach from all others who spy you.


   Oh, My beloved, My children from where you come forth from My own designs. What are you? Who are you without the Lord your God? Pray and beg that mercy shall be with you! For never hast thou tasted the bitterness which I, the Lord your God, will make ready for your drinking.


   Yea, I sayeth unto ye, behold: your advocate, your consoler, Queen of Heaven and of Earth hast been sent unto ye. Yea, Her most Sorrowful Heart mourns for the whole race of mankind.


   (During the Sorrowful Mystery, Scourging at the Pillar) Only through the most Precious Blood of My beloved Son, Jesus, shall you find hope and life. And I sayeth unto thee, My beloved, love is of God. God is love.


   If anyone acknowledges the Lord Jesus Christ, I sayeth unto thee, thou hast acknowledged the Lord God.


   Is love jealousy? Is love selfish and unkind? Is love prejudiced?

   What merits a man or woman if they have all the riches of the world and lose their souls? I sayeth unto ye, it is better to be empty-handed and with no riches than to lose eternal life!


   It is right to give thanks and praise to the Lord your God.


   Yea, I sayeth unto ye, the days are without meanings. For many shall be persecuted for My name's sake.


   I sayeth to thee, My brethren, knock and it shall be opened unto ye. Seeketh and thou shall findeth. For I am the way, the truth and the light and no one comes unto the Heavenly Reign except through Me your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


   I sayeth unto ye again, adore My most Sacred Heart! The Lord Jesus Christ shall come in glory and His reign shall have no end.

                               Theresa Fleischman, messenger


Please Note: I personally give thanks to the Lord God for using me so that I may help bring souls to the Lord Jesus Christ. All praise and glory to God in Heaven and to His Most Holy Son Jesus. Gratitude and all respect to His Most Holy Mother Mary, Ever Virgin! Thank You Lord Jesus! Also received one thousand Medjugorje papers today by mail.


                                    Tuesday, June 21st, 1988


   First day of Summer! Prayed to Saint Theresa today. "Special request." Received a letter from Mr. Irlbeck today. He has much worry and concerns! Lord help him. Must say Rosary and remember the Blessed Virgin is our Advocate. Said Rosary tonight and special intention for Gene Irlbeck.


                                  Wednesday, June 22nd, 1988



Msgr. Joe James, Mike Slate, Mary Constancio, Ms Wynn, and Theresa


Please Note: On our way out to the farm we distributed many Medjugorje papers to out of the way farm houses in country. We got out to Nazareth after 10:00 P.M. Fell asleep tryng to do Medjugorje Rosary. "Sorry Jesus and Mary."


                                   Thursday, June 23rd, 1988


   Mark's mom's birthday today.  Had lovely day out at farm, visiting, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air outdoors. Mark cuts grass. Joseph enjoyed being out and being with his Nanny! We leave in late evening time after discussion over family's different going on's, and 20/20 special about Medjugorje. My mother is skeptical as well as my father and my brothers and sister. I will keep my family in prayer as well as both of my parents. I pray that God's blessings will always be on both my parents. I love them very much but it hurts to see they do not believe me. "Thank You Lord for both of my parents and my family. I pray they will come to believe.” Intend to say Medjugorje Rosary tonight!


P.S. Wrote most of this night catching up on my diary.


                                     Friday, June 24th, 1988


   Mark got off to work after we checked in for housing aid. We no longer qualify. Things have changed drastically in the last six months. We will continue to hope and pray that God will help us get out of the jams we're in. Received the "Personal" message on TV today, just like the Blessed Virgin said I would. The message from 6:00 P.M. evening news with P.J. He quoted: "God is against us and will not hear our prayers." The drought was mentioned with interviews with different people who continue to hope in God. One man makes his living off the Mississippi River by his home which is almost dry from the prolonged drought. I personally felt a chill go up my spine and a shock in my head. I knew this was the message I was supposed to receive. I feel "sure" now about the message I received, and I believe I'm being used by God to help warn people to convert and to return their lives back to God and His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Late this night we finally get off to the Chapel to devote one hour of family prayers. Before we get there, we mail off for "Flame of Love" extracts from Lenke in Bernandino, California. I intend to pass this literature out to help do Mary's work for her. Said Rosary, sang songs; prayers, lit candle.


                                   Saturday, June 25th, 1988


   Said morning prayers to Our Heavenly Father. Joseph had breakfast with family. Around noon, received more Medjugorje papers from Birmingham. I believe about five thousand copies. "Thank You, Lord." We will try our best to distribute them all. Went to confession. Beautiful rain (nice and slow - steady) I know the farmers are happy! "Thank You Heavenly Father." Talked with Msgr. Joe James some. Told him that I received message on TV from the Blessed Virgin Mary through the mouth of P.J. It confirmed that the Heavenly Father is displeased and there is a wrath upon our nation. Also told the vision I had for July 13th, 1988. (A.M. early morn) Our Blessed Lady Ever Virgin has given a deep feeling that Her presence will be at the Water Fountain after we go around the fount seven times and give Her our songs of praise. Her appearance will be in a white gown but, to my best recollection, She'll be with baby Jesus, but no words will be spoken. I pray and hope this so, but I pray also one of the other messengers will confirm this too. Praise and glory to God and the Savior Jesus Christ!


                                     Sunday, June 26th, 1988


   Thank You Heavenly Father for the much needed rain. (A farmer's dream) Thank You Lord God for hearing all our prayers! You are so merciful and kind, dear Father, Abba, and there is none like You. For You are the only God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, of all life great and small! Praise Your Holy Name Dear Father and Your Most gracious, Loving Son, Jesus Christ who lives and reigns forever! AMEN.


   We went to Christ the King Church today. (9:30 A.M.) Mass. We brought many Medjugorje papers with us for their Church to pass out. It was a beautiful Mass but, I still love St. John Neumann more. After Mass, Mark said he had seen several folks picking up Medjugorje papers. I only saw one, but it is in God's Hands now. (We did what we could there.) Went home and distributed a few at our neighborhood Church down the street. (Non-Catholic Parish) Took Mark to work because it started to rain.


   After our family meal together, we kissed Mark goodbye. Delivered a few more papers to another church and some at a laundromat. Will stay home rest of the day to relax and save some gas for our Rosary trip tomorrow. (Also Group Meeting)


   Looking forward to tomorrow because the Golecs are coming down from Dallas to be at the Rosary. They will be bringing other members of their family with them. All praise and glory to God in high Heaven and to His only Beloved Son, Jesus Christ! All honor to the Most Holy Advocate, the Blessed Virgin Mary.


                                     Monday, June 27th, 1988


   This has been a trying day for me today. I'm so tired, irritable and impatient. I know I shouldn't be this way. Mark and I had a fuss.   I'm so tired. Everything seems to be at a standstill in our lives and yet I should stop to count the many blessings I have. You see, I am far from being any Saint and I still wonder why these things have happened and why I've been shown things and informed about the future of mankind. (Some of it, NOT all) Why? I've found out more than I really care to know about. Yet I feel so obligated to God, the Heavenly Father. I am obligated to Him. I want to be, more and more; yet I know I have disappointed Him so much. Please Lord, "I'm gonna get this right yet." I've got too! I want everlasting life, but a person must work to obtain it. God never promised mankind that our lives would always be flower-strewn pathways. I am grateful for all I have experienced.


   I am only human though and at times I do find myself saying to God, "Father can't You find someone else to do these things for You now? You don't need me! I was nothing when You started with me, and I'll be nothing when You are finished. I am at Your disposal, Lord God." I have respect for God and I want to please Him. Yet I know Jesus Christ is the only true way in which a person could ever truly please the Heavenly Father. It's about 1:30 P.M. when Mike Slate comes to pick Joseph and myself up for the Group Meeting. I expressed to Mike how I've been feeling and discovered he was having similar experiences!

   I told him too how I sensed the messages would soon be coming to an end. I was truly surprised when Mike said he was sharing these same feelings as I was. I began feeling better because I knew that it was something that was being shared. It also relieved me from my "guilt" because, I thought I was seeming ungrateful when I really knew that all this has been such a blessing.


   We got to Ms. Wynn’s place and greeted all the members there. Mary Constancio showed up shortly after. We shared, as a group, many personal feelings and experiences we'd all had and the trials as well. We are all members of Christ's Army and therefore, we've all experienced Satanic attacks during the week which caused personal grudges that were not necessary to begin with. Msgr. Joe James had told me that the feelings I was having were quite normal. He pointed out several readings in the Bible where different prophets were upset with God because He had appointed them with prophetic duties.


   After he shared with me these spiritual messages and gave me a sense of comfort, I knew all this was from the evil one. I failed in my efforts of fasting this day. Due to my low esteem of myself and the feeling of failing, I ate to try to lift my spirits. I should have prayed harder. The day was better after this Group Meeting. Our Personal Message here is private and is only recorded with: Msgr. Joe James, Ms. Wynn, Mike Slate, Mary Constancio, and Theresa.


   Our family was due to meet the Golecs at 5:30 P.M. We were already running late, so we could only do the best we could on this. We got there shortly before the 6:15 P.M. Mass and had a chance to greet Anita Golec and some of her friends. We also had the Dallas Morning News people there. There was a photographer there busy taking shots of Anita, Mark and myself. I personally did not want this. I care for no personal recognition. I feel deeply that these messages are meant for the whole world and for all people. God is calling His beloved and lost children back to Him through His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ and Our Most Beloved Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary. "Yes," I am glad there might be recognition for the call to people and the return to Christ but, "NO" I am not really caring for personal recognition. I seek NO glory from this nor a view of popularity. Only Glory to God and to His Son Jesus Christ!


                                     Monday, June 27th, 1988

              Monday of the Thirteenth Week in Ordinary Time

                          Feast of Saint Cyril of Alexandria


Message from the Heavenly Father:


   I, the Lord your God speaketh unto thee:


   Lo! Sing your death songs. Sing, I sayeth unto thee, for your wine and song has cometh to its end.


   I sayeth again: Lamentations. Lamentation. Woe unto you, daughter of Zion. Woe unto ye, for thou shall taste the bitterness of My chastisements. You speaketh in your minds which lay hidden from all men, but your Lord God hears your whispers and your deep thoughts. He knoweth.


   Yea, though you may be along your villages gossiping near the walls to your neighbors, saying, "Have your ears heard the latest words from the Lord?" Yea, I sayeth unto thee, these are not mere words spoken to your hearts but they are the vestments of life itself!


   Lo! Do thee not seeth thy afflictions before thee? The earth itself trembles at My Mighty Glances. The floodgates of heaven have been closed unto those who beg for rains to fall. Thy afflictions are yet but many. I sayeth unto thee, daughter of Moses and all your forefathers, "Convert your lives while there is still time!" Yea, I say unto thee, thy days of merriment and dancing are at an end. Your children shall be famished for their parents' afflictions against Me, the Lord God.


   I sayeth unto thee, woe upon the earth and all its inhabitants; for theirs is grief and no comfort shall be at their reaches. Yea, thee shall be rightly so to sayeth the Lord your God has closed His ears to your prayers. I Am a God of jealously, for I Am the only God. There shall be no other god before Me. Yet you pay homage to all your earthy possessions.


   Your profanities are often and yet there are no regrets in the use of your slanders. Yours are the defilement of body and mind. Your offspring acknowledge ME themselves, not the Lord God. Your men burn with lust for one another which sickens My very Heart! Your women spurn their rightful places and have turned to one another for their cravings of the flesh. Defilement! Defilement! Woe to thee, for thou art sinful and death before My Eyes of Justice.


   Afflictions I shall give unto thee. Afflictions of drought and flood. The earth shall tremble and shake your towers you have adorned. Famine shall befall thee; disease for which there shall be no cure! Woe unto thee. Woe, for thou art truly a cursing!


   (During the Sorrowful Mystery, Jesus in the Garden; "the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.") Slumber not! Take not your ease, for the time is at hand! So, I sayeth unto thee, you have been forewarned. Prepare thy souls for the meeting of death. Yea, My beloved Son Jesus suffered and died that those who believe will have eternal life. Beg for mercy! Beg for mercy, for no one knows the day nor hour!


   I sayeth unto thee, this be Holy Ground. Those who come forth unto it from far and near shall be blessed with the fruits they findeth here. It is here that My beloved have sung to Me. It is here they seeketh My Face and find it. Thou shall have fruits of life here, for the Lamb of God is here. His Blood was shed unmercifully for all men.


   There shall not be the burning chastisement here, for it is here the grounds are holy. My beloved children, gather before Me and ask for pardon. For it is in asking that thou shall receive it! Yea, though many shall perish there will be a new world, a new life, a new generation which shall honor Me and not put the Lord God far from their minds.


   The innocents' blood shall be avenged by My Right Arm. It shall striketh thee. Fear, for death is your fate. Adorn not thy sinful bodies, for their delicacies - for which thou hast craved – will be taken from them. Your flesh shall dry on your bones and thou shall perish from all thy just punishments!


   Yea, man's days may seem but long to them, but it is only a whisper in the wind. They who have done great things shall be forgotten. It is your soul that is your life. It is the Blood of Jesus, who is the eternal hope and life.


   Come to Me all you who are weary and need rest, for My burden is light. Yea, I sayeth unto ye, learn from Me for I Am meek and humble of heart.


   My beloved mother's smile illuminates this world. Pray to My beloved mother that she may pray for mercy on all thy afflictions against My most Sacred Heart.


   I sayeth unto thee, My beloved, what purpose does it serve man to be learned and yet not knoweth from whom his wisdom cometh? I sayeth unto thee, My beloved, adorn thyselves in exquisiteness, yet moth comes to destroy and rotteth away. I sayeth unto thee, My beloved, riches may be stored up and locked away, but the thief comes in the night and takes from you all your savings and possessions.


   Your very lives are at hand and yet, where are your preparations? My beloved, seek after Me; for I shall give unto thee eternal life and joy for which there shall be no end.


   Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit; for which no end comes and joys are everlasting. Amen.

                               Theresa Fleischman, messenger


Please Note: I sensed a great sorrow from the Heavenly Father and a powerful message. I felt so unsure of this command to sing in a tongue I personally did not understand. My human nature said, "NO"... I didn't want to do it. "It's embarrassing!" But, I did it. I cried when it was over and felt so foolish. I received many "Thank You" greetings from different members of the Parish, and from those who were not of our Town. They encouraged me and told me of one particular VISION which was given. "An Indian burial ground with many souls being lifted up for prayer." This was given to me from Mary Constancio's mother, Juanita Lozada.


    I also personally feel that God had me to do this Native American Indian Dance because of my mother’s Native American ancestral background and a solemn reminder of the injustices done against the native peoples of America; the Trail of Tears for instance.


   We were very tired (family) after these messages and meeting and visiting with parish members and strangers alike. After a drop-by at the Rockymores for a prayer and blessing, we went home. Tomorrow, we are to meet the Golec's for a morning breakfast so we could talk etc. (Several ladies too) Mark and myself laughed some at the earlier part of the evening over my singing, but it soon stopped when we realized it was God expressing His sorrow through my mouth over the sinfulness and loss of His beloved children. "Our sincere apologies to You, dear God."

                                    Tuesday, June 28th, 1988


   We woke up this morning early enough to get ready to meet the Golec's and other members for breakfast at the pancake house on Q and Fourth. After greeting everyone, we went in and made our orders. I ordered for Joseph, but I did not eat because I am basically not a breakfast eater to begin with. There were many questions about the night before and I felt somewhat awkward answering or trying to answer questions. I told them all from the very start that I was no one special nor pretended to be. I didn't know why things were happening to me but, I felt God had His reasons and I was going to try my best to please Him and do what I am told to do. I was totally at God's disposal. There were questions like: "What does God look like?  "What does He sound like?


   I've seen Him as a beautiful Divine Father with white Hair and Beard and Eyes of fire. Clouds always seemed to surround Him, which hid most of His Divineness; yet His Mighty Arms pointed out and His strong Mighty Hand I could see. His Voice is a strong masculine Voice; yet with authority and loving gentleness. It roared, it seemed, like thunder; yet very clear and with greatness! "Did He speak to me often?," they asked. I replied  "No, not all the time. I do get His messages on Monday (if) He wills me to receive them. It is all up to His Divine choosing." I do not wish to speak of GOD lightly. God is wonderful and beyond all man's understanding or even my own helpless ways of trying to describe HIS DIVINE, ALMIGHTINESS.


   They asked if I realized what I was doing at times when God spoke to me or told me things to do. Yes, I know what I am doing, but I don't always want to do these things, and I hesitate at times wondering what others may think or say about me. This is where I must learn to be obedient and not concern myself with worldly things or men's personal thoughts. I also do not always understand the things God tells me to do. It seems, after I think on the events and deeply reflect on them, that it is later comprehended. Most of the time I need guidance from Msgr.Joe James who is my earthly superior on these matters from the Divine Being, GOD ALMIGHTY.


   "Are you afraid of God", they asked. I used to be very afraid of God and still am at times, but not like I used to be. I have great respect for God and I want to please Him very much and do (try) the best I can for Him. I want to obey GOD, but I am only human and find myself still very vulnerable, and I am a sinner with faults. I continually ask the Blessed Virgin to help me and my family and to ask for forgiveness of God's Divine Son's Precious Blood and our Savior, Jesus Christ. I also ask for prayers from all who wish to pray for me and help me in this work.


   I shared one event where the drought was starting in our area of Lubbock. No rain for many days. I was very concerned for our area and other areas for the need of rain. There are many people praying for rain and God is aware of this. When I was praying and singing to Him for about ten minutes, all of a sudden God's Voice broke the prayers with His Divine Voice, which was clear and sharp with great AUTHORITY. "SILENCE," THE RAINS WILL COME." I was shocked with some fear, for I thought He became a bit annoyed with me!


Please Note: Please know I don't want anyone thinking that GOD only hears my prayers. It is not so. God hears all His people. God knows all and He sees all. I stopped immediately after thanking Him. I went to sleep and the next day the rains came down and did not let up.


   After these questions, breakfast was served and I was busied with my son's needs. Many of them asked me to pray for them. Some were full of sorrow with worries and concerns. I told them I did not pretend to know all their answers and I was only a human like them. I have faults and concerns too. I reassured them that I would pray for them. Most of them said they would return for the Assumption, August 15th, 1988 on a Monday. After telling them all 'goodbye', with hugs and best wishes, we departed going our separate ways.


   Joseph and I got back to the house close to 11:30 A.M. We found a note on the door from Mike Slate saying for us to be at the rectory. (Msgr. Joe James' home) After we had a bite, we headed that way. We found the newspaper lady there having lunch with Msgr. Joe James, Leroy Behnke, (his children), Mike Slate, Ms. Wynn, etc. There were questions concerning our first encounters with the Blessed Virgin Mary and our experiences since that time. Questions like what did Mary, the Blessed Virgin look like? How did She sound? Was She pretty?" Mike and myself both shared our answers and our personal experiences. The newspaper lady also asked why Mary appeared with the Infant Child Jesus? "Isn't He grown now?" she asked. I did not know this answer and I did not pretend to know all the answers. Some of these are left to the higher and more educated authorities like Msgr. Joe James, etc. After these interviews, Msgr. Joe James went with this lady to the airport for her return to Dallas.


Please Note: Forgive me if I do not know the woman's name because I never caught her name.


   Joseph and I left after the visit and a talk with Leroy Behnke's daughter, Rachel. (She was very afraid of me) The message from Monday night and my frightful singing scared Rachel very much. Leroy explained to Rachel the sorrow God felt over all the aborted children of this world and the sins of this world. Blasphemies on the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and more sorrows added unto the Most Beloved Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ. God is deeply sorrowed and I felt the SORROW when I sang the song God told me to sing. I told Rachel it frightened me too! But I was doing it for God and He told me to do it, and I did. I will again if He asks me to do so. After Rachel was comforted and she felt better, we hugged and then Joseph and I said 'goodbye' and went home. We received more Medjugorje papers today, about seven thousand. "Praise God!" I did not send for these. A large box of them. They just came and I don't know why, but they were distributed throughout the whole countryside. Every one of them! Said Rosary with family tonight.


                                  Wednesday, June 29th, 1988


   Up this morning to go to the hospital, to check on a job for Mark. We see Sister A.B. and visit a few minutes. Sister A.B. is so kind. We give her a few Medjugorje papers and a book of the Blessed Virgin titled: "Our Lady Speaks to Her Beloved Priests." I received three of these in the mail, along with some information on the Angels, of holy works, etc. from the Golecs in Midlothian, Texas. After Mark receives his check from work, we get packed and head out for the farm in Nazareth, Texas, only after we do some work for the Blessed Virgin Mary. We do many churches in the town of Lubbock, and distribution of Medjugorje papers.


   They have said the town of Lubbock is known for its many churches. I believe it. I was amazed at the eagerness of the different Faiths who showed a great interest in what we were distributing for people to read and learn. There were only a few who rejected, but the largest majority of the churches were most kind and very curious. We also visited the major hospitals. We intend to do a hospital downtown because they perform many abortions. After doing much work in the town, we headed for the country and hit many country mail boxes on the way to Nazareth. Before leaving, we dropped a book off to Msgr. Joe James, "Mary Speaks to Her Beloved Priests."


Please Note: Hart, Texas Catholic church did not have any knowledge of Medjugorje. We distributed some papers there to some parish members. Butch Martinez was the individual who welcomed the information on the Medjugorje papers; he also opened the church doors to us.


                                   Thursday, June 30th, 1988


   I was up early to visit with my dad. I seldom get to see him, for he is a very busy man. I tell him how much I love him. There is little discussion about what is going on. I really don't know why; I personally would be very curious and inquisitive! I know my dad and mom are God-fearing people, though. After Mark does chores around the house for mom and visiting, we have to go. I tried to share some with mom about the Virgin Mary, but she really didn't seem to want to know much. (Raised brows again.) But, that's OK.


   We leave in the evening and begin our work again after we leave from the farm. We do more country mail boxes, and when we get to Olton, we leave some Medjugorje papers there with some Spanish people. We go into the ice stand to get a snow cone; then we go home to Lubbock. Counting the amount of Medjugorje papers distributed would have to be a total of about 2,500 people. We felt very tired but, we prayed that our efforts would be blessed. We were happy to do this work and we pray we will be able to do more.


   After unpacking and getting settled in for the night, we said our Family Rosary and went to sleep. "Thank You, God for the last two great days! All praise and glory to Your Heavenly Name and to Your Beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Honor and deepest respect to the Blessed Virgin Mary."


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