Theresa Fleischman's Prophecies
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Monday, August 1st, 1988


   Said 7:00 A.M. prayers. Tried to oversleep, but the Heavenly Father gently called my name and awakened me for prayers. The Father told me of the different readings to read in the Bible. He also gave me the sense of His deep loneliness like that of a wolf's call and the Mourning Dove. I feel deeply saddened over this sense of loneliness from God. I pray for His Divine guidance that I will do His Will and please Him as well.


   I fast on Mondays. This day I sense a powerful moving message from the Father. I am anxious for the Rosary this evening, for I am so eager to reveal to all the people what God revealed to me!


Please Note: Many people were in the Church. So many were there. Many were standing. There were also TV media and newspaper people there.


   The Lord God placed it on my heart to relate to the people with these crying sounds: The wolf, and the dove. I was very sad this day to show the people how sad God felt. I hope and pray that many peoples' hearts were touched. My mom and sister came to Rosary this night. I was happy to see my sister. I pray many souls are being nourished with God's words of love and pleas to return to Him!


Mark and Joseph were the best of pals on these long nights when the messages were being given on Mondays.


                                    Monday, August 1st, 1988

              Monday of the Eighteenth Week in Ordinary Time

                            Feast of Saint Alphonsus Ligouri




   (During the Joyful Mystery, the Visitation) The Lord your God sayeth unto thee: "Have ye not all the one Father? If it is this, where is the honor unto Me, the reverence from ye?"


   Hast not the Lord your God created thee? All that is before you? All that thou doest take a part of?


   Man, thou knowest what is right, thou knowest what is required of ye! Only to do right and to love goodness. To walk humbly with the Lord your God.


   O, man, thou hast sinned against the Lord God and thou hast forsaken Me! Wickedness in this nation is like that of a raging sea which cannot be calmed! Thou bring forth from your depths of disobedience the filth and mud.


   I, the Lord your God, sayeth unto ye: (1) Thou shalt not have false gods before Me; (2) Thou shall not make any idol, to bow before it nor worship it; (3) Thou shall not take the Lord God's name in vain; (4) Remember the sabbath, to keep it holy; (5) Honor thy father and thy mother; (6) Thou shall not kill for I heareth the cry of the innocents' blood; (7) Thou shall not commit adultery. I see the people immersed in the pleasures of flesh; (8) Thou shall not steal; (9) Thou shall not lie; (10) Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's goods.


   The Lord your God is slow to anger, yet My Power shall come forth unto those who are with sin. And they shall be justly punished.


   Is not the Lord God's Word of goodness and life?  Does not it promise this unto the man who walks uprightly? Thy God is moving among His people! Awaken and see the signs and heareth that of the wind which sings of the miracles to come forth here. Have not signs been given here? Warnings. Are you deaf? Do thee not see? These warnings are from love and compassion. Awaken! Amend thy lives for the reign of God is at hand! Repent, I sayeth unto ye! Repent. For lo, the Lord is at thy shoulder now and the earth trembles with fear! The Lord your God is a jealous God. Yea, I sayeth unto ye, jealous and with vengeance. And with vengeance He shall striketh thee. Is it not of the troubled multiplications upon the earth which are measured by your countless sins? Does a bride forget her sash? A virgin her jewels? Yet thou hast forgotten the Lord God days without number. My Heart cries out like that of the lone wolf. Lonely he beith in his vastness. 


My heart cries out like the mourning of the dove. Cooing of the great loss of My people, cooing for you to returneth unto Me.


   Thou stirreth about like a great torrent, yet that which is spoken be of sound lips! Be ye not calleth Me "Father," still the bridegroom of thy youth? You asketh of the Lord God how long beith His rage, the fury of His anger...yet thou continue your sins without remorse. Who can stand before the Lord God's wrath? Yea, I sayeth unto ye, the Lord God prepareth a great chastisement upon the whole of mankind. Plead for peace, I sayeth unto ye. Plead for thy mercy, for the Lord hast called his people but, lo, they answer not. He seeketh for His people, but they turn their faces from Me.


   (During the Sorrowful Mystery, Agony in the Garden) The Lord God gave forth His only Son, Jesus, that thou may have eternal life. It is in the Precious Blood of My Son, Jesus, that the Lord God will have compassion...that thy sins will be forgiven.


   Keep awake, for the time is at hand. My calls of pleading with thee are coming to an end. How much longer shall ye play thy harp and make merry your days?


   Venerate the Blessed Virgin's Heart and My most holy Son's Jesus Heart together. For the Lord has given unto the Queen of Heaven the effect of peace to the world. Pray for peace in this world. Yea, the Lord your God rules the earth and all that is in it; yet the prayers of veneration give great joy unto My Being and stirs Me to direct by it.


   (During the Sorrowful Mystery, Crowning with Thorns) I sayeth unto ye, My children, the stump of the tree, that of Jesse, is of the Tree of Life...a sweet blossom. The Fruit of Life. Partake of this Fruit that ye may live and have eternal life.


   As it be of His Kingdom, the lamb lies beside the lion, the bear accompanies the cow and the hay is eaten by the leopard with the calf. The child shall lay his hand on the adder's web, but peace and no harm shall be of this reigning. Yea, I sayeth unto ye, thy names shall reign in Him and your generations blessed. The world I, the Lord God, shall make anew...a new moon...a new dawning and so forth. A new Sabbath. The old shall pass away as of their offenses against Me. Again the peoples will call Me their God and I shall have them as My people. It is in this that praise and glory shall be given unto Me again; and worship, once more.


   Oh, that ye may suck fully of the milk of the abundant breast, My children. That ye may be delighted and comforted as that of a young infant in the arms of its mother, receiving forth the love as of that which ye shall receiveth from the Lord your God. A river of prosperity shall be overflowing unto ye and thy blessings multiplied. Abandon yourselves unto the Lord your God for He Knoweth of all thy needs and concerns. If ye have the faith of a mustard seed, thou shall receiveth that in which thou asketh for. Be not a part of this world any longer for its very being is within the depths of hell itself.


   (During the Sorrowful Mystery, Jesus Carries the Cross) Take up thy cross and follow after Me! For I Am the Bread of Life and the Refreshing Waters of Eternity. Partake of Me and want for no more. For I shall refresh thee and maketh unto thee a new flesh; that which shall not find death.


   Oh, My people, I calleth thee. I calleth thee, the flock which I so loveth. Do not depart from Me, for I loveth thee. How I loveth thee!

                               Theresa Fleischman, messenger


   I did healing prayers and blessings for folks who requested it. Went home late, but I sensed happiness.


Please Note: I did not see Maeocobees again after this message was given.


                                   Tuesday, August 2nd, 1988


   A.M. prayers said. Rested mostly this day. Mom dropped in for a visit; talked awhile. This day was spent with the family. I believe M.P. dropped by today and visited. "I love her very much." Rosary said this night.


Please Note: Have car trouble. Starter failed; stranded at the Food Emporium on 19th Street. Run across Diana and so we visited. Some folks picked us up in the parking lot, Mr. and Mrs. Strickland. (Very kind folks) They give us a ride home.


                                 Wednesday, August 3rd, 1988


   A.M. prayers said. Group Meeting at 1:30 at Ms.Wynn’s  place. There is a future retreat meeting for August 9th, 1988.


Please Note: It was here that I didn't really pay attention to the Retreat details. My mind was elsewhere. It was because of this misunderstanding that later caused an argument with Msgr. Joseph James and myself. (August 9th, 1988) Go to farm for two days. Say Rosary this night.


                                  Thursday, August 4th, 1988


   This day seems to be unrecorded.


                              First Friday, August 5th, 1988


   Said A.M. prayer and devotions. Fasting this day. My sister comes for the car keys to get my car worked on. Most of the day spent at home. My sister comes to visit quite awhile. We talk a lot about the Lord and His beckonings to all people. My sister and I are being drawn closer together. Praise to God and thanks to the Blessed Virgin Mary. We go to pick up my car. Go to bless my niece's house. Smell roses in the car! The scent was very faint, but there.        


   We arrived back to the house late in the evening. Msgr. Joe James and a man from the A-J paper is waiting at our apartment. The newspaper man wants to take pictures of me. Some of my family members wait outside the apartment and visit with one another. The newspaper man tells me if I wished, I could put on some make-up and freshen up. I did look terrible, and I went into the bedroom to do just as he asked of me. As I looked into the mirror, I then realized that I was not trying to impress people with the way that I look. I told myself that we were trying to win "SOULS" for the Lord. I then came back into the room to inform the man that the make-up was not important but, that "SOULS" were. I asked him where he wanted me so that he could take my picture. He then seated me in a chair near the west wall. He tried to focus my face in his camera and found that he needed more light. A lamp was turned on near the chair. Again he tried to focus, but made several frowns and shakes of the head. After a few snaps and different poses, he thanked me and my family for being patient and allowing him into our home. After goodbyes, everyone goes separate ways. We say a Family Rosary tonight.


Please Note: On this particular photograph, I remember that it didn't come out well. (My photo) The A-J paper had to sketch my picture in because the camera couldn't take my picture clearly. (Lubbock Newspaper) It was later told to me by Our Lord that it was to give glory to God. Was it not Moses who had to wear a veil over his face because of his conversations with God? Mine was a lighter version of it.


                                  Saturday, August 6th, 1988


   First Saturday Devotion to the Mother of God. Said my morning prayers. Go to confession and Mass today, and receive Holy Communion; Devotion in Rosary to Mary, and family prayers.


                                    Sunday, August 7th, 1988


   A.M. prayers. Family goes to church. Bless Fountain this day. Rosary said.


                                    Monday, August 8th, 1988


   I fast this day and I am concerned over receiving a message from the Lord God. He did direct me in the Bible areas what He wanted mentioned to His people. There was so much, my mind couldn't grasp it all. I asked the Lord God to please help me do good for Him.


                                    Monday, August 8th, 1988

              Monday of the Nineteenth Week in Ordinary Time

                                               Saint Dominic


 It was this night that God told me to wear a black mourning shawl over my head and shoulders as I went up to His High Altar to wail. First  Corinthians chapter 11-5



   The Lord your God sayeth unto thee: There is no love greater than Mine, for it beith unequaled. Beyond man's understanding, beyond his knowledge. Thou do the Lord an injustice when thou doubt His Goodness. It is in God's Mercy and Love that He invites thee to repentance.


   Oh, man, it is of your offenses against the Lord your God that comes forth your chastisements, your inflictions multiplied. See, thou, thy bitterness in your turning away from your Father...thy evil? The Lord God's Vengeance shall be unveiled upon sinful men: in thy deceit, bitterness, malice, thy lewd conduct all accounted for, in thy idolatry of self, gossip...Oh, man, thou art inexcusable...for thou can see the Lord God's Glory magnified in all Its Splendor on earth and in the heavens!


   Live in penance of thy sins. Convert your ways. For time shall be erased before all men's memories.


   Slaughter of the innocents! Taking the breath from thy offspring! 'Man, what are you doing?' You vipers! Life from God is sacred! Thou runneth from the wrath to come. Lo, man, wherefore shall thee runneth? Wherefore shall thee hide? The Lord God is mindful of all. Like that of Rachel long ago, she weepeth for her slaughtered.


   (During the Joyful Mystery, the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple) Lamentations crushing her heart. Torments upon her from her weepings. But lo, they be no more. Weep, oh nation, for the innocent's blood cries out to the Lord God. Death your songs shall be! For the innocent's blood has colored your nation.  Thy foulness sickens My very Heart!


   Fix this unto thy hearts...the Lord your God asketh of thee: Your forefathers were placed in a covenant with Me, honoring Me and giving unto Me homage. But for thou - with thee - there be no thanksgivings! No honor unto Me do I findeth! Is it not so...?


   Before thy forefathers the Lord God hast done great things. Ask, from the sky to its ends, from where and when did a God go forth to seek out His people from another nation; beholding great wonders and signs? Thy forefathers spoke to the Lord God in the Heavens of Fire...and yet they lived. Led through the deserts yet fed with manna and their thirst quenched by the stones.


   Again, My statutes I give unto thee: (1) I, the Lord your God, Am thy only God for there shall be no other before Me! Man cannot serve two masters; he either loves one or hates the other; (2) Thou shall not make any idol, nor bow before it, nor give worship unto it for, lo, the Lord your God is a jealous God; (3) Thou shall not take the Lord God's Name in vain. For the forefathers past and you of this age: My punishment shall inflict unto them to the fourth generation, the thousandth generation My Mercy shall befall on thy children who love the Lord God; (4) Keep holy the Sabbath, for the Lord God rested on this day; (5) Honor thy father and thy mother, that thou shall have a long and prosperous life upon the lands the Lord God giveth unto thee; (6) Thou shall not kill; (7) Thou shall not commit adultery; (8) Thou shall not steal; (9) Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor; (10) Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's goods.


   Love the Lord God with your whole mind, with your whole heart and with your whole strength. Instill in thy children the love of their Father. Attach it to your wrists, diadem thy foreheads, belt it about thy waist...Speak it in thy labors and in they rest. Abroad and near, speak thy love for your God of Hosts. For, lo, I Am Love and love I rightly claim! Paint it atop thy door and posts. Make firm thy covenant with the Lord your God. And serve Me all the days that life's breath is within thee.


   (During the Sorrowful Mystery, Crowning with Thorns) Oh, man, thy faults are grievous unto Me, for thy sins pierce the Vault of Heaven! Lo, man, thy lusts burn to thy unnatural ways. Men do shameful things with men. Thy women turn to the unnatural manners. Lo, your infirmities have caused your own degradation! Repent, I sayeth unto thee. Convert your ways!


   Behold, I send unto thee again a Manna...a Bread of Blood and Flesh. This Bread is My only Son, Jesus Christ. Partake of this Bread that life will be brought back unto thy limbs. Amend your ways and falter not any longer.


   (During the Sorrowful Mystery, Carrying the Cross) Your turmoils on this earth are at hand. Your Savior sayeth: I weepeth for thee! Take My Hand for I Am gentle and humble of Heart. My Heart cries out to you. And I long for thee. I Am Merciful unto the sinner. Take the cross up and follow after Me. My Words are Life...unto all men, unto the whole of the world!  

                               Theresa Fleischman, messenger



Please Note: I did blessings over people, and got home late.


                                   Tuesday, August 9th, 1988


   Morning prayers said this morning. Very tired. Mom comes by for a visit. I have intentions of going to the farm. After my mother had left for home in Nazareth, I had plans of joining her later this day. I first decided to drop by the Church at St. John Neumann and drop off some mayonnaise for Rosie's sandwiches which she had intentions of making for August 15th, 1988. I also brought by a photo of the Blessed Virgin Mary I had taken from outside our apartment back on July 19th, 1988. I wanted to see if I could get some copies of this photo made up to distribute to some people. In the process, I ran into several folks who wanted to visit and share in their excitement of the approaching celebration of the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I visited, I'm sure, close to an hour with a priest from New Mexico (Carlsbad). He took a photo of my picture closeup. I then excused myself and went to help answer the phones and help direct a little for some people coming down for the August 15th, 1988 celebration.


   After this, I went into Msgr. James' office to tell him I was going out to the farm. (I would not be going to the Retreat out at Slaton.) Msgr. James became very angry with me and his eyes flashed rage over this information.


                         THE ARGUMENT


   He told me he wouldn't bless my leaving and that I was being disobedient, as his face turned an angry red. Again he retorted at me, "You're trying to back out like others around here." ..."When the going started to get tough, you are wanting to back out of it!" I personally was shocked at his anger and sharp tone with me. I didn't know how to react. Deeply hurt and almost crying, I tried to smooth things over with Msgr. Joe James. I was also angry; and yet I was upset, because Msgr. James was angry with me. I wanted to be obedient and yet, I wanted to leave at once.


   I told Msgr. James I would go to the retreat and not break our "Spiritual Family" up as he called it. I apologized for angering Msgr. James so much, but I felt so bad when I left his office. I told Msgr. James to come at 4:30 P.M. as he had planned to do and we would be ready for him. I then left. As I began to leave the Church, several folks came towards me wanting a blessing. I put a smile on my face, even though I was personally aching inside and trying to hold tears back. I was miserable!
You make me cry

   Mary Constancio and Mike Slate were there and I mentioned to them the previous experience I had with Msgr. Joe James. I needed to talk. They sensed my great need and Mike Slate hastily unlocked the Church doors and we three exited through them to take this time to repose ourselves. I immediately began to cry. Tears flowed from my eyes as I told them of the anger Msgr. James expressed. I was so hurt from it; yet I personally was angered too. I told them how I did not want to go to Slaton on this Retreat. "There's nothing there to do," I said. "Msgr. James just doesn't understand." "I'm not a Saint." "I never pretended to be one." "I don't spend every waking hour in prayer," I told them sobbing. "There must be a reason for this, for why else is God making it difficult for me to go my way."

"I don't want to go!"


   Mary Constancio and Mike Slate listened patiently without words. I told them how unfair it would be for Joseph. "He's only two years old." "He doesn't understand what is happening here!" "He just wants to get out, have fun, run and play like any normal two year old." "What is there in Slaton?" I complained sourly. Mike finally said, "Theresa, my human instinct says not to go, but I can't say that. I believe you're supposed to go and be there with us." Mary Constancio agreed and she also stated she had been given a vision from the Lord. (A wild horse trying desperately to flee and run away. Trying not to be broken in.)


   I came back with the reply, "Oh, I guess I'm acting like a horse's ..." A bit of laughter here, but the seriousness was still there. This conversation was taking place over at the far north-west wall of the Church.


   I finally said with a sigh, "I will go, but not because I want to." I did feel some better, but I still hurt inside because Msgr. James was so upset with me. Before I left for home, we blessed some more people (the three of us), and then I made my way back to Msgr. Joe James to apologize again and then left for home to pack our things.


   Mark got in from work 3:00-3:30 P.M. I told him what had happened. We were looking forward to going to the farm, but now our plans definitely had been changed. Mark was a bit upset because I was, but he also said that maybe God wanted this, and he felt that there was the force of evil works here trying to interfere with the messengers, etc. Mark informed me he really had wanted to go all along. As I packed, I thought about all this and began to realize truly how wrong I had been. I remembered back on August 3rd, 1988 how plans had been made for this Retreat as a family group. I remembered saying "Yes" then. I knew I had been wrong.


   It was about 5:00 P.M., I believe when Ms. Wynn and Msgr. James pulled up. We gathered our things and departed with them. Msgr. Joe James was very tired and he almost fell asleep behind the wheel of the car several times. I watched him, hoping he wouldn't wreck us on the way to Slaton. You could tell that Msgr. was looking forward to this Retreat. Joseph, our son, was asleep in my lap. As we drove, we began to sing and praise the Lord. Soon we made it to Slaton and to the Retreat.


   We all picked our rooms. Ours was # 107. We all sat outside for awhile and visited. I received many glares it seemed to me, and I was very uncomfortable. We then had a meal which was a roast and all the "fixins". After this, we visited for awhile around the table. We went to the Chapel and prayed a Rosary and retired for the evening. I could not sleep this night. It was late. I watched Mark and Joseph sleep for awhile. I laid down finally and suddenly a strong urge to go to the Chapel came over me. I sensed it was the Lord calling me to go. I went to the Chapel. It was very late. I went inside and felt the strong Presence of the Father there. I went in after making the Sign of the Cross on myself with Holy Water. I came up to the Altar and genuflected to the Tabernacle. I looked around and began to tell the Lord how sorry I was for being so disobedient to Msgr. Joe James; for being so selfish.


   Suddenly, it was as if the Lord told me to lie flat on my belly with my face down on the floor. His Heavenly Voice then sounded out to me: "Theresa, you have been disobedient. My servant, Joseph James, has been placed over you. You are to be submissive to him. He has My Blessings upon him, and whoever he chooses to bless, I shall bless, for there are favors on him from the Lord God. I tell you, to kiss his feet and ask his forgiveness. If he chooses, he will bless you and then, so I shall bless you. I have shackled thy ankles and have made of thee a servant of the Lord, God. Go now, and be obedient unto your superior, for in so being, thou art obedient to the Lord your God."


   I left shaken; a bit frightened. I genuflected again, and went back to our room #107. Mark and Joseph were still sleeping. I prayed to a Saint named "Padre Pio". I asked him to intercede for me; also I apologized to the Father again. I soon fell asleep.


                                Wednesday, August 10th, 1988


   We received our wake up-call this morning. Mark had his cup of coffee and was already hopping. I got up then, and began to freshen myself. Joseph was made ready and as we did so, I told Mark of my experience the night before. He listened to me closely. Mark shared his feelings on how he felt the Evil One wanted to destroy the unity of our Spiritual Family. Mark said he felt the Lord would talk to me one way or another. We all went down together to breakfast.


   There was singing and praising until we all were together. We had eggs, with cheese, toast, bacon, assorted jellies, and juice. Glances came in my direction as if to question how I was feeling this particular morning. The conversations seemed to be light and happy. It was after Ms. Wynn's arrival at the table when our prayer was said in Thanksgiving to the Father for our meal.


   During breakfast, Msgr. James brought up the topic of my not wanting to be at the Retreat. I personally felt Msgr. James did this deliberately to shame me in front of the other members of the group and their families. This was another blow to my heart. After breakfast, we retired into the Chapel for morning prayer. "Oh my God, I believe in Thee, I adore Thee, I trust in Thee, and I love Thee... I ask pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust, and do not love Thee." (This was said three times.) Accompanying this prayer was The Angelic Prayer. After this, we said the Rosary, taking turns and offering our personal intentions.


   After the morning prayers, we all gathered in the Conference Room. After some talk, many of the group members and their families went out for a break. This is when the conversation came up with Msgr. James and myself.


   Mike Slate was beading a Rosary and he asked if I wanted him to leave. "No, Mike, you may stay," I said. I told Msgr. Joe James what had happened in the Chapel the previous night. I told Msgr. what the Father in Heaven told me to do. Msgr. James said I could do as I was instructed by the Father. I did. I kissed Msgr. Joe James' feet and asked his forgiveness. Msgr. placed his hand on my head and blessed me. I cried and told him how truly sorry I was for my disobedience and showing his anger to me. Msgr. Joe James was understanding and accepted my apology. It was then the other group members returned from their break.


   The Blessed Virgin came down to us in our Prayer Group Meeting later this day, riding a brown Eagle with a gold rein in its beak. With our Blessed Mother were two large beautiful angels.


Please Note: I attempted to draw this Eagle from memory. 

The Apocalypse


   The individuals at this meeting were: Msgr. Joseph James, Ms.Wynn, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Slate, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Constancio (Mary), Mr. and Mrs. Ishmael Hernandez (Ann), Mark, Joseph who was two years old at the time and myself, Theresa.


   The Blessed Virgin Mary gave a message to a Mr. Andrew G. of Selden, New York. He wanted to know if he was going to die. The message to him was not to despair. "Believe! Give your life totally to God." The message from the Heavenly Father to him was - "Yes, you will live, and Yes, you will die... In God's time, in God's choosing." All the members prayed for this man especially and asked blessings to come upon him. In this meeting, questions were asked about the "Feast of the Assumption," and any further preparations that might be needed. Answers were given: Will it rain? "Yes." Will there be a sign? "Yes." There was a personal message and moment for Mary Constancio. She left to go outside with the "Queen of Heaven and of Earth, The Blessed Virgin Mary." After a short while, Mary Constancio returns. There are continued questions and answers. During this time, I see with Our Blessed Virgin Mary the two wondrous Angels which had come with Her earlier. They were huge and very decorative. My eyes feasted upon their beauty and strength. Nina Slate (Mike's wife) mentioned their presence. She described them very close to the way that I saw them! One of the Angels told me to stop looking at him and to pay attention to the Blessed Virgin's words. I immediately focused my attention on the Blessed Virgin Mary.


   After several personal questions and answers to the group, the Virgin Mary said, "The Father is calling for me. I must go now." She alighted upon the Eagle where a cloud seemed to be. With the Angels, they all ascended upward. We all retired to lunch. There was fresh okra, cucumbers, peppers, cream potatoes, beef, bread, (a real garden feast) and ice tea. After a prayer of Thanksgiving, I only took a few bites of my food when Msgr. James told me to tell the others about our experience with the Heavenly Father. I almost couldn't because I wanted to cry. (I personally felt this was only to be meant for myself and Msgr. Joe James.) Mike Slate had been there for I had said he could be. I began to tell the group how I didn't want to come to the Retreat. I made every effort to avoid coming. I told them of the experience I had in the Chapel with the Lord God and how He told me I was disobedient. How I had to seek out forgiveness. I told them what I had done (kissing Msgr. Joe James' feet) All of the group members looked at me startled and then their faces turned down into their plates.


   I felt again that Msgr. Joe James was shaming me in front of the family group members. This was another blow to my heart. I was no longer hungry. Msgr. James then went into how we must be a family and a unit of togetherness, how Satan tried to tear us apart and will try to continue to do so. He expressed how important it would be to continue to meet once a month or twice to reunite our families, so as to stay close knit and not go astray or be led astray by Satan's attacks. At this time a photographer came in from the Houston area. He wanted a group picture made of the messengers including Ann Hernandez.


A.H. pictured with the three St. John Neumann messengers; Theresa Fleischman, Mary Constancio, and Mike Slate.


   Photos were taken of all the messengers and family members as well. We then retired for personal prayer and soul searching. Confessions were heard and prayers were said. We gathered our belongings and Joseph and I left with the Hernandez family. Got home. Mark made it home earlier, for he rode with Mike Slate to get his check from work. We then headed out for the farm at Nazareth with Msgr. Joe James' blessings. Before our departure, we dropped off sixty dollars for Msgr. Joe James as a tithe offering. Needless to say, we were very tired. Said family prayers this night.


                                  Thursday, August 11th, 1988


   Said A.M. Rosary out at farm and spent most of the day resting and visiting with family members. Return to Lubbock this evening. 

Theresa and her son Joseph out at the farm.





                      IN THANKSGIVING TO

                      MR. DAVID D. GARZA


                    "A PILLAR OF STRENGTH"


   Mr. Garza, the individual who organized and helped St. John Neumann prepare for the thousands of people who came to the Feast of the Assumption of Our Blessed Mother in 1988 in Lubbock, Texas, was responsible for meeting all accommodations for the pilgrims who came far and near to St. John Neumann.


   When Msgr. Joe James told the people to expect as many as 20,000, the question was raised as to who would be the "Man in Charge." Mr. David D. Garza reminisced back to the San Antonio Papal Visit, and immediately started writing a list of the things that needed to be done. On the following pages, you will see the personal hand written list along with "appointed help" which targeted in on a smooth operation for the August 15th celebration.


   Mr. Garza also came up with the splendid map of the surrounding areas around the St. John Neumann Church. Mr. Garza's determination and love for his fellow brothers and sisters in Christ equaled up to a splendid job well done. Thank you, Mr. Garza, for your dedication and fine leadership.

Preparations for the Assumption at St. John Neumann, 1988






                                   Friday, August 12th, 1988


   Said morning prayers. Tried to fast this day, but I failed. A movie released today called "Last Temptation of Christ." (In parts of the U.S.of A.) God have mercy! Spend the day home and in anticipation for the "Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary."


                                 Saturday, August 13th, 1988


   Said A.M. prayers. Count down! So excited! Went to confession today. The line is very long. Many people. Almost didn't make confession. Msgr. Joe James received me and hears my confession. Visit the church office a few minutes. Receive a few letters.


   Deacon Leroy Behnke gives me a message from my uncle Tony in Colorado. He wants prayers to be said for his trip,(Medjugorje). It is done! Did some blessings over people. It is very late.


Please Note: It frightened me some... I've never slayed people in the Spirit before. It seemed one right after another. I give all the glory and honor to the Lord God and His Son, Jesus Christ. (It sure isn't this country gal doing it.) Say family prayers tonight.


                                   Sunday, August 14th, 1988

                                       EVE OF THE ASSUMPTION


   My brother and sister-in-law's 12th Wedding Anniversary. Went to church. The place is packed! Praise God! Standing room only. How neat, M.P. should happen to be our neighbor next in line to us. Wow! The Lord knows how fond I am of her. The excitement continues to mount.


   After Communion and Mass, I get Mark off to work just in time. Said the Rosary today. Relaxing most of the day and readying myself for... "Miracle Monday" - "Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary!" Praise God!


   Went out late this night to the Church and met the Golec family. Visited awhile and shared photo of the Blessed Virgin Mary with them. Also anticipated the approaching Feast Day! Blessed many people tonight. Was late getting home. Said family prayers.



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