Theresa Fleischman's Prophecies
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Birthday celebration with Msgr. Joe James. Pictured here are
Msgr. Joe James, Mike Slate, Mary Constancio, and Theresa Fleischman (former Werner) holding a picture of the Blessed Virgin Mary with the child, Jesus.



Please Note: The Visitation Committee that was at Saint John Neumann Church in October 1988 was not in any way an official Papal Investigation to determine the truth of the Lubbock locutions. Instead, this committee was formed by Bishop Michael Sheehan to conduct a minor investigation and to advise him on a pastoral decision in the matter. The Visitation Committee submitted a report which stated that they could find nothing contrary to the Catholic faith or doctrine in the Messages, and freely admitted that they had neither the time nor the resources to study all related miracles that occurred.


   As of today no formal request has been made to Rome for the formation of an investigation team which would pass a final verdict on the authenticity of the occurrences at St. John Neumann Church in Lubbock, Texas. Such a committee would take years to complete its investigation and would not render a final decision until all claimed locutions or apparitions has ceased. Until such an investigation is initiated and completed, many thousands of pilgrims will continue to persist in their belief in what they have personally witnessed at St. John Neumann Church in Lubbock, Texas (1988 and beyond).


May God bless all of His pilgrims who come in Faith, Hope and Trust.


May Our Blessed Mother The Queen of Mercy protect and guide us always.

The Pope's Tiara
   The Pope is infallible in matters of faith and morals; that is, when he defines a doctrine of faith or morals to be held by the whole Church, he speaks without error or the possibility of error.

   The Pope is preserved from error when he is acting as teacher and lawgiver for the whole Church, for then he is infallibly guided by the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of Truth, Who abides with the Church forever.


The Visible Church


Copyright, 1920, 1922 N.Y.



The last word, when all is heard: Fear God and keep His Commandments, for this is man's all, because God will bring to judgment every work, with all its hidden qualities, whether good or bad.


Sirach 43:35 It is the Lord who has made all things, and to those who fear Him, He gives wisdom.


December 2008,

 My Personal Statement

    After the Commission report, Michael J. Sheehan soon was relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico with the elevation to Arch Bishop.

    St. John Neumann parish witnessed many changes thereafter. Msgr. Joseph James was relocated to Slaton Texas after he was ordered to have mental evaluations under the order of Bishop Sheehan.

    Msgr. Joseph James was replaced with Fr. Rosendale who seemed an angry man no matter what was said or done to accommodate him. After Fr. Rosendale, Fr. Halfmann came on the scene and demolition began. Annihilation to the outdoor altar began with the removal of the “Queen of Mercy” sign and the “Heart of Mercy” tile work on the exterior wall of the Church; (since then it has been returned to its original location). Candles with the Queen of Mercy image and the messages that were given to the world were removed or swept under the rug. The many planted roses were pruned to death. The bishops and priests did not allow anyone to breathe a word about the events at St. John Neumann and were mocked or declared a mental case if they did.

    Msgr. Curtis Halfmann filled in as a substitute Bishop in the Lubbock Dioceses until we received Bishop Placido Rodriguez.

    In all the unfolding of these events, St. John Neumann was vandalized time and again by thieves and even bomb threats to the Parish. Windows were broken and desecration of the Sacred Hosts as well as to the Sacramentals for example the Infant Jesus of Prague.

    In the mean time I personally, along with my family, made efforts to keep up the Marian Shrine of St. John Neumann, repairing its fountain head and the outdoor benches which were repainted and legs welded back on.

    Since then many of these benches are missing or have been severely damaged. Now the entrance to the church chapel is under camera surveillance and locked doors.

    The whole community Parish ostracized me. My family was cool towards me and Mary and Mike went out of their way to avoid me. I personally believe this was due to my howling like a wolf and many people thought I was of an occult or mentally ill. This is not true. If one studies their Bible they will find that many of the prophets mentioned about howling. For instance: 

Isaiah 13:6 Howl ye, for the day of the Lord is near: it shall come as a destruction from the Lord.

Jeremiah 25:34 Howl, ye shepherds, and cry: and sprinkle yourselves with ashes, ye leaders of the flock: for the days of your slaughter and your dispersion are accomplished, and you shall fall like precious vessels.

Ezechiel 30:2 Son of man prophesy, and say: Thus saith the Lord God: Howl ye, Woe, woe to the day.



    The A.J. paper put out a 100th anniversary commemorative newspaper August 15th, 2008, which had the St. John Neumann story on the front page and yet the Lubbock diocese continues to ignore and avoid the events that took place at St. John Neumann in 1988.

    Why wasn’t my mother happy for me that I had been chosen as a messenger in all the long months that I had served God? Why was she thrilled now that my mission for God had ended? Through this whole time in serving the Lord in the last six months none of my family members ever acknowledged the newspaper articles or the messages that I had been given, I received no support and I was accused of being on drugs or a liar.

    I personally feel there was favoritism shown towards Mary Conctancio and Mike Slate over me by Msgr. Joe James and the parish members of St. John Neumann. Msgr. Joe James in a round about way questioned my authenticity and even went as far as to compare me to the Kiss rock group, which was occultish. News got out to the world that when I howled like a wolf that I was in an occult. This was a lie! I have never been in any occult and have always practiced my Catholic Faith.

    The news media were unfair in their reports and incorrect in many statements concerning myself, where I lived and the messages I received. They continued to emphasize that my messages were solely from the Blessed Virgin Mary when they were actually from God the Father and His Divine Son Jesus Christ. My messages were swept under the rug and ignored for twenty years.

    With these escalating traumas on mind, body and soul and the verbal abuses from my parents especially my mother and other family members, I had a mental breakdown.

    Our family moved away in the summer of 1996 and resettled in Wisconsin. It was there we picked up the broken pieces and started over again.

    In my personal observations of St. John Neumann in Lubbock Texas on August 15, 2008 and the Diocese of Lubbock, I have only found the neglect of the faithful. To me it has become a communistic strong hold. People cannot speak about the events, which took place twenty years ago. The candles show nothing of the Queen of Mercy and all the given messages to the faithful from Our Lady and Our Lord are never mentioned or they are ignored. All that is wanted from the traveling pilgrims is their money!

    On August 15, 2008 I personally witnessed at St. John Neumann and heard Msgr. Joseph James mention “The messages received were not important”. This was at the noon Mass. Now he too is diseased with the “fear and denial” of the events that took place at St. John Neumann, August 15, 1988.

    This is why I feel that it is necessary to get these messages out for the world with no price tag attached.

    Let the public decide for themselves, for God has given them minds to think for themselves and to make their own conclusion. You may read my Apocalypse page to help you understand better the days ahead for us all. 

                                Queen of Mercy Pray for Us!

Joseph serving the Christmas Mass at St. Mary's in Appleton WI

   On January 26th of 2000 the Matrimonial Tribunal of the Diocesse of La Cross in Wisconsin declared the former marriage of Mark Werner and Theresa Werner annulled. 
   On February 19th of 2000 Theresa remarried to Christopher Joseph Fleischman in the Catholic Church of St. James in Madison Wisconsin.
  Joseph, Christopher and I made a pilgrimage to Rome in the Jubilee year 2000. We visited all the major Basilicas and many tourist attraction places.
  Joseph Werner remained with us in his remaining adolescent years.

Joseph Werner second degree master in sparring 18 years of age. September 14, 2003 in Verona, WI. Second time winner.
  Joseph Werner remained active in Church and community services and has married.
  Mark Werner remarried.

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