Theresa Fleischman's Prophecies
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Monday, August 15th, 1988


                                      Holy Day of Obligation


   Excited this great day! I believe I said my morning prayers and prayed the day would be all that Mary, the Mother of God wanted it to be! Readied myself. God wanted special pains taken with my hair. He wanted my gold combs in my hair as if a crown. He helped me do my hair. It went up very beautifully. "Thank you Lord."


   Waited for Mark to get home from work. He did get in around 12:00 noon. Dad and mom were here before that. No fasting today. This is a celebration day! Spaghetti is prepared and I fixed up a potato salad earlier. I finally leave around 1:00 P.M.


Please Note: God told me it would not rain until I got to St. John Neumann Church.


   On the drive over to the Church, there were some light drops of rain. I drop by the Rockymore family house and I did bring my light blue umbrella for the Lord God said it would rain. The Blessed Virgin Mary also said this. "Yes, and it did rain too!" Diana and I left for the Church walking together.


   The Lord God said there would be 20,0000 people there at the Church Grounds and it certainly looked like a lot of folks! When Diana and I finally got through the crowds, the Vietnamese Rosary was being said. It was very beautiful, sounding almost like a song. It was another world! Thousands were there.


   As Diana and I got into the church, and into the Altar area, I began to look out the door to see outside. It was pouring rain! When everyone heard, they roared with joy and cheered. It was somewhere in this time that I helped Mike Slate bless some folks in a small room in the office areas of the church. We later found out this woman believed she had been cured from cancer.


   We began blessing the Eucharistic ministers and flag bearers. Some were slayed in the Spirit. This was all such a joyous and celebrated time! After this completion, some priests came for blessings as well; foreign visitors and natives alike. It was Rosary time, so Mary Constancio and myself, along with Ann Hernandez left for the outdoor Altar. There were body guards for us. We got to the top and began the Rosary with Mary Constancio doing the Five Joyful Mysteries. This went on until completed. During this time the clouds gathered in the east and a strong wind came from the east and blew greatly! I remembered personally what the Blessed Virgin had said in one of Her messages through Mary Constancio, "I shall come through the clouds like a storm that cannot be consoled, but gentle as a dove."

(Mary Constancio received this Message on May 16th, 1988)


    Yes indeed! Just as the Queen of Heaven said! After Mary Constancio's Rosary, I prayed the Five Sorrowful Decades. I personally felt the SPIRIT telling me to "Fire Up" the hordes of people. AWAKE THEM! Make them feel the Rosary deeply and to THINK upon it deeply. I tried my best.

Directing traffic in pouring rain at St. John Neumann


Theresa leading the Rosary at miracle Mass with Dick Polak's vision

    During this time, the Procession of the HOSTS were being taken out, escorted with blue banner flags with a white cross in the center. The strong and gusty wind continued and the clouds moved overhead to the western sky. I looked down upon the faithful from up on the outdoor altar and saw in front of the procession of flag bearers, an individual who was dressed in a long white tunic. It seemed the individual was almost floating along with ease. The figure was tall and slender with the head covered. It was then the "VOICE" told me... "There is the Lord." I could not see His Face; only the long white tunic with the head covered. (Individual may be seen on the following page.) I felt a great joy and I also felt in my heart that JESUS was happy this day too! Some people felt this could have been a woman. No one is sure for certain, but many people saw this individual.


Note individual in the long white tunic

I believe a crowd of 20,000 people witnessed the event at St. John Neumann Catholic Church Monday afternoon, as was foretold to me (Theresa)


Please Note: Although the newspapers had many guesses as to how many people were really at St. John Neumann's, August 15th, 1988, the Lord God told me personally that 20,000 people would be there. This is why I state the exact amount under the photo. This is only a small picture. As far as your eyes could see, there were people everywhere.


    At the completion of the Rosary, Msgr. Joseph James told the people how the Lord God was angered over the increasing numbers of abortions. Msgr. explained to the people about the message I received about the "Howling of a Wolf." (On August 1st, 1988 the Lord God had me to howl like a wolf and coo like the dove.)


    This is what Msgr. Joe James said: "When she howled like a wolf, when she cooed like a dove, do you know what that was?" "We will not listen to God's words and Theresa is saying, 'Listen to God's nature!' "Theresa said that God is as angry as a mother bear who has been robbed of her cubs!" "If you've ever seen an angry bear who's been robbed of her cubs, something in nature can tell you about God!"

Outdoor Mass at St. John Neumann, August 15, 1988


   It was then that some of the people applauded. Msgr. Joe James then told the people about where all the money distributions were to go. This is what Msgr. Joe James said: "10% to Mother Angelica, 50% to Catholic Family Services here in Lubbock, Texas, 10% to Mother Theresa, 10% to The Holy Father (The Pope) as a "Miracle Collection." It was told then Msgr. Joe James brought up to the crowd, "How much will be left for us?" (Saint John Neumann) It was told to him by the Heavenly Father that 10% was to be used to establish a "Queen of Mercy Peace Center."


   The crowds applauded. Msgr. Joe James told the crowd that the Virgin Mary informed us not to anticipate a message for "She would be with us this day." August 15th, 1988. Applauses and cheers were heard with Msgr. Joe James exclaiming, "Praise God!"


                  "MEMORIAL OF THE ABORTED"


   During the time that I was receiving messages from the Lord God, He did relate to me in a private message that He was angry as a mother bear that had been robbed of her cubs. (He was relating to the ABORTIONS which occur in this world everyday.) The Lord gave me confirmation by showing me the reading in Proverbs 17:12.


   Face a bear robbed of her cubs, but never a fool in his folly! The Lord God:


   "I beith angry as that of the mother bear robbed of her cubs."
Memorial Of The Aborted

     In the first few moments of Mass, which started at 6:00 P.M. Our Blessed Mother appeared in the sky with Her Son, Jesus! Mary and Jesus were arrayed in brilliant light from the sun. Many of the people began to cheer and clap their hands. There was much excitement from the people and their joy could be felt in their voices and seen on their faces! The people witnessed this for about thirty minutes. People say they saw many different visions in the sky. (I must also tell you though, that there were some people who saw nothing but witnessed the joy of others around them.) Some could look into the sun, others could not. There was the singing of "Amazing Grace" with the voice of Msgr. Joe James leading. Many of the people cried out, "Praise God!" Some of the people fell on their knees and others cried tears of joy.


   The clouds seemed to conceal again the holy visions as the Mass continued on with the readings. Ms. Wynn did the reading from Revelations Chapter 12. After the reading, the crowds of people rang out near and far, "Thanks be to God!" When I pointed to the sun it was then that the SUN began to do wonderful things in the sky! Many of the people were looking up into the west sky. It was then that God Almighty gave us a "Dancing Sun". The sun could be looked upon without harm to the eyes nor pain. The sun began a disk of multitude colors, red, blue, purple, pink, and a beautiful gold!


   Pulsating with a rotating motion, the sun began approaching closer and closer toward the earth, and the heat intensified only on your face or on the hand if you held it up toward the sun. Looking away, my vision was not obscured. I could see clearly as if I had binoculars on and could see far into the distances. From where I was on the outside Altar, I could see very far out into the east fields from the Church. The people were an array of colors like a rainbow. I remember thanking God for all of His beautiful people who came in faith, trust, and hope.

The three St. John Neumann messengers of Lubbock Texas, Theresa Fleischman (former Werner) with the long dress in front far left, Mary Constancio in the middle with cross around her neck, and Mike Slate behind Mary. Deacon Jim Bell and Ms. Wynn is to the right of Mike Slate.


I wish to mention that whatever I did, Ann Hernandez mimicked. When I raised my hand, Ann raised hers as shown in this picture.
Apparition of our Lady over St. John Neumann, August 15, 1988

Visitors witnessing miraculous apparitions in the sky over St. John Neumann, August 15, 1988. (Picture taken by Texas Catholic)

   The clouds began to take shape again and I could see Mary, the Mother of God coming on a mighty Eagle. Its mighty head turned to look on the people below. 

The Apocalypse

Zoom in for better resolution

   I heard people exclaiming they could see Mary, the Blessed Virgin and Jesus Christ! We all continued to watch the figures in the clouds and watch the sun pulsate and dance. There was a HOST in the sun, and on the HOST was the letters "IHS". There was also a large Cross. The sun turned a shade of red and then drops of blood fell on some of the people below.


   A little girl named Nancy came to me and showed her Blood Drop that fell on her hand. I saw this with my own eyes! She also had photographs which showed the "Doorway to Heaven". You could hear people praising the Lord and singing in tongues of great joy. I heard many little children calling out over in the Fountain area that they saw Mary and Jesus together. Many people said they witnessed Jesus and Mary blessing the waters in the "Fountain." Crosses turned gold before people's eyes and I saw a Cross which turned gold when it was silver. People began to clap and sing. One of the songs I remember being sung was, "This is Holy Ground." The song was so perfect, the words were so true!




(What a child saw on August 15th, 1988 at St. John Neumann in Lubbock)


   This special drawing was done by Jose' Curtis Martinez who at that time was eight years of age. There is a special story behind this picture. Jose' did this drawing one week later after the Feast of the Assumption in a restaurant. His parents watched intently as he carefully finished his "Masterpiece". Look Mommy! Little Jose' said. Janie, the mother of Jose' exclaimed in excitement to her husband, "Do you know what that is?" "Let the child tell us," Mr. Martinez said calmly. Little Jose' saw Mary in the sun and her Son, Jesus beside her. It was then that Janie asked Jose' "Why was the crown not on Mary's head?" Jose' replied," It's not time yet." "What do you mean it's not time yet?" It was then that Mr. and Mrs. Martinez realized that the Queenship of Mary was seven days later.


   The Martinez family is from the parish of "Our Lady of Guadalupe", in Lubbock, Texas. You can see the Martinez family in this drawing praising Our Lord, and loving Our Lady. Mr. Martinez has one of his arms down because his finger was broken. Mr. and Mrs. Martinez can be seen here with their two young sons. Thank You Jose' for sharing your beautiful story and vision with the rest of the world. God bless you and all of your family!


Through the eyes of a child

   After this song, there was an opera song, which I thought was depressing. It didn't blend with the mood of joy and it wasn't a pretty song. I was personally glad when it was over! The tempo picked up again with more joyful songs of celebration. It was then I looked out across the multitude of people again and witnessed the hugging, kissing, laughing, clapping, crying, "Filled with Joy People." They were praising the Lord God for His wonders; for His Love!


Please Note: During the excitement of the sun dancing and pulsating, a woman came to me among the crowd gathered about me. This area where I stood was roped off and was almost impossible for anyone to get near me. (My own family couldn't even get near me.)


   This woman told me she had a message for me from the Lord. I immediately stopped jumping around and looked at her deeply. My smile must have melted some and my heart sank a little. She told me that the Lord said, "The work is finished now. You may rest." I looked into her eyes as if to question her. We hugged a little and yet it felt like nothing was there. I wondered about her and I know she must have felt I had a sense of doubt. Her eyebrow perked up as if to be a bit annoyed with my hesitation in her message. I then smiled at her and remembered nodding my head at her. She disappeared into the crowd from which I never saw her come from. I wondered how she got through the blockade?


   This woman looked very much like the Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton. Mass continued on after much time passed of praising. It was dark by the time Communion had come. This was the greatest "Miracle" of all! Bread and wine being changed into the Precious BODY and BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST, THE HOLY EUCHARIST. "I Am the Bread of Life... I Am the Living Bread that has come down from Heaven. If anyone eat of this Bread he shall live forever; and the Bread that I will give is My Flesh for the Life of the World." The Jews on that account argued with one another, saying, "How can this man give us His Flesh to eat?"


   "Jesus therefore said to them, "Amen, amen, I say to you, unless you eat the Flesh of the Son of Man, and drink His Blood, you shall not have life in you. He who eats My Flesh and drinks My Blood has life everlasting and I will raise him up on the last day. For my Flesh is food indeed, and My Blood is drink indeed. He who eats My Flesh and drinks My Blood, abides in Me and I in him." John 6:48-57


High Mass at St. John Neumann, August 15, 1988



   A young woman watches the trembling crown of the little Pilgrim Statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which originally belonged to Mike Slate. This was also an unexplained phenomena, which took place at St. John Neumann, August 15, 1988.


   I personally believed that this was our Blessed Mother’s way of expressing her great joy and love she felt toward all the faithful who came to celebrate her special feast day.


   The Moon began its displays of God's Glory. Shades of red and pink were seen. It almost seemed to resemble a pulsating heart. I did not get to see much of this because I was blessing people around the Fountain area. Mass is ended with Msgr. Joe James' blessing and the people begin to mix and mingle, sharing photos and sharing what they experienced or saw throughout the Mass and day. There was continual picture taking, praising, and a great peace and joy.


   I continued to bless people into the late wee hours. It was around 3:30 A.M. or after when I was finally able to leave. I walked back to the car where I had parked it earlier. I drove home. I didn't sleep much that night (early morning) because I was so thrilled and awed in all that I saw. I continued to give glory to the Lord God and I thanked Him for His Love and what He did. I wanted to share and talk with Mark, but he was asleep.


   I will all the days of my life remember this wondrous day God made August 15th, 1988. The day He danced the sun in the sky. The day He put rainbows on all our faces. The day He allowed us to behold the Queen of Heaven and Earth, the Blessed Virgin Mary. The day He blessed us with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords - JESUS CHRIST. The day all the people far and near danced with the Holy Spirit of God and praised His Holy Name... "ALLELUIA."


                                  Tuesday, August 16th, 1988


   Up early this morning to meet the Golecs for breakfast at 8:30 A.M. Got there a bit late. They had already started their breakfast. I met the rest of their family members after getting Joseph, my son settled. We visited for awhile and talked about all the wonderful miracles of the day before. One of the people mentioned he couldn't sleep because he was so overjoyed and excited about all the wonders that took place on the "Feast of the Assumption." After a long visit, Mr. Golec's sister (Dot) gave me her personal Rosary from Rome, Italy as a gift. She also gave Joseph some candy.


   We really enjoyed the visit and we finally left after our farewells. Went home and rested most of the day. Reflected a lot about all that I saw and when Mark got home we talked about it all day. Said a Family Rosary and I wondered about the messenger who spoke to me about the ending messages from the Lord. I left it in God's Hands. If it were so, I felt a sense of sadness. I would be lonely without the "VOICE" in my ear, but also a feeling of relief.


                                Wednesday, August 17th, 1988


   Today we were preparing to go to a cook-out at Happy, Texas. Had to wait around for Mark's check from work. I personally did not go to the Group Meeting today. I thought they had come to an end. I felt that if there was a Meeting, someone would inform me. They did not.


   After 3:30 P.M. we got packed and readied ourselves to go to the farm. We stopped by the Church to leave a tithe gift for Msgr. Joe James. In the process in trying to find Msgr. Joe James, we ran across Mike Slate. Mike asked me why I didn't come to the Group Meeting. I told Mike, "I wasn't aware there was going to be one."


   Mike Slate told me that the Blessed Virgin gave the group members a "Chastisement" because I was not there. (She was sad at my being absent.) She also informed the group members, Msgr. Joe James, Ms. Wynn, Mike Slate, and Mary Constancio that my Messages had come to an end. The FATHER'S work was completed and that I may rest.


   Mike Slate also informed me that I had been storing up many blessings in Heaven. This information he gave me was soothing to my very being. After all this information was given, I told Mike about the woman who had come to me during the Mass celebration and told me my mission was completed. (I had shared this with no one; therefore Mike Slate knew nothing about this experience nor any of the other group members.)


   I knew then the message was confirmed, and I truly was released from the service of the Lord! A sense of relief came over me and I was a bit excited and sad too. We all went into the sacristy where Msgr. Joe James was. There were several of us in there together. We all held hands and prayed over this news we had all learned together. Those present were: Msgr. Joe James, Mike Slate, Henry Constancio, Father Albert, Joe Richard, Mark, myself, and Joseph. Henry made the statement about how relieved I looked and that he almost didn't recognize me. We soon departed after hugs, and farewells. We left the tithe gift with Mike Slate to give to Msgr. Joe James.


   We headed out to the car and got in before it started raining. It really started coming down then. I started to cry some and felt a bit of loneliness, but I felt God Knew best for me. "All glory and honor be His!"


   A very rainy day, drenching! We were soaked because we tried to get Joseph a cowboy get-up. (We did) boots, hat; the works, for the BBQ cookout. When we got to Nazareth, we informed my mom that my messages ended from the Lord God. My mother said, "Praise God," clapping her hands. "I am relieved." She also said she was happy for me.


   Personally, inside myself, a growing sense of sadness came over me as the day went on. I didn't think it would, but it did. The Blessed Virgin was very right in saying that I would have sorrow. I wanted to cry; yet my faith was, and still is in the Lord God. He is still with me in my everyday walk in life, but now as I think back on what I was told, I must live on in Faith like everyone else.


   We drove to Happy as a family, in unity and love. Above all, we had peace. My mother, Mark, Joseph, and myself had leisurely conversations along with recalling the wonders we saw at St. John Neumann's on the Feast of the Assumption only a few days before. My mother personally witnessed a Dancing Sun. We finally reached our destiny on the ranch of our long-time family friend, Gene. We had the BBQ steaks, along with all the wonderful trimmings. We also had the company of many mosquitoes. All in all, the visiting with the neighbors was nice. Folks did seem a little bit standoffish and cool toward me due to all the publicity, I guess. But, that’s OK. If I had it all to do again for the Lord God, I would do it in a flash! I have no regrets, nor will I ever.


   The night seems long now with a Moon that is a tinge of red. My mother and I walk together talking. We hear the crickets chirping their ancient songs, as we walked out together toward the corral where the horses were kept. As I looked back toward the house, I could see the cowboys turning the beef while flames leaped up into the night air with the teasing sweet aromas of cooked meat.


   “Wait up,” yelled Mark as he and Joseph ran to catch up with us. “Are you both OK?” Mark asked. I looked into his eyes and glanced down at Joseph’s tiny face smiling back into mine. “Yes, we are fine.”


   It was then Gene came to inform us that there were more hot steaks ready. “Come and eat.” As we started back up the trail to the house, suddenly I stopped. I heard a lonely sound, a sound that seemed a bit sad tonight. The gentle cooing of mourning doves.


“Are you coming Theresa?”



The End

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