Theresa Fleischman's Prophecies
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Doorway to Heaven


August, 1988-following years

   These photos are for your viewing pleasure taken on the grounds of St. John Neumann from August of 1988 and the following years. All photos were taken by Theresa Fleischman except those specified otherwise.



Photographer unknown

A visiting pilgrim took this picture. Note the silver chalice in the sky over St. John Neumann, August 15, 1990. 

The outdoor mass at St. John Neumann, August 15, 1988. Photographer unknown.


This picture was taken at St. John Neumann shortly after 1988 with the messenger Theresa and the visiting Polak brothers from Golden Colorado. (Note the flame of the Holy Spirit over Theresa's heart and the tongue of fire over Theresa's head). Also note the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the background which seemed to come to life.

At the right bottom corner of this picture you can see an opened book which maybe the Bible pertaining to the "Word of God".

The original photo belongs to Dick Polak from Colorado.

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