Theresa Fleischman's Prophecies
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Christ the King

Christ The King


This picture is credited to an unknown artist but the ball of fire is by Theresa Fleischman.

Yesterday, Today, Forever! 

Message given to Theresa Werner now Fleischman on June 13, 1988 from God the Almighty Father.

Theresa: A star! It is a falling star! Your questions ask what is this ball of fire? It is a falling star from the heavens above. The one that you see above the heavens of your own church. It cometh down upon the earth and it shall engulf the earth with flames. This is the heavenly body which your eyes spied in the evening. I’ve seen it, I’ve seen it. The west, it shall come from the skies, and it will striketh upon the earth and destroy lives. As I have giveth so shall I taketh away from thee. But as I say unto thee, your church is a refuge, many shall come upon your parish far and near, for your parish shall be spared and the lands around it for it is of holy ground.

Message given to Theresa on June 14, 1988.
...There shall be a sign, a sign given, for there will be a light, a streak of light in the heavens before the falling of the great fire...

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