Theresa Fleischman's Prophecies
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Big Good Wolf
The She Wolf suckling Romulus  and Remus   
Sculptured by Antonio Pollaiuolo

   Legend tells us that the founding fathers of Rome was cared for and suckled by a female wolf.



Guardian of Saint King Edmund’s Head

Saint King Edmund 869-870AD

   King Edmund a Christian King lived in Norfolk England and was kind and considerate to all. One day a pagan prisoner, Prince Ragnar of Denmark was found on a boat in English territory. Ragnar had been fishing when a storm blew him straight into English waters. He was discovered by some English Fishermen and brought to King Edmund for questioning since the two countries were enemies. After explaining to the King his predicament, the King had mercy and invited Ragnar to dine with him and stay as long as he liked.

   Prince Ragnar stayed several months in England and was treated well by King Edmund, but not all Englishmen liked Ragnar. One day King Edmund and his entire Court went on a hunting trip. An envious Courtier of King Edmund took this opportunity to shoot and kill Prince Ragnar. Knowing that King Edmund would be angry, he hid the body in some bushes and went to join the others in the hunt. Eventually the wicked act of the Courtier was discovered. His punishment was to be bound and towed out to sea to die alone in Prince Ragnar’s fishing boat.  

   The Courtier was later spotted by Prince Ragnar’s father who questioned the Courtier for the whereabouts of his son and why he was in his son’s boat. The Courtier lied and said that King Edmund had killed Prince Ragnar. In anger Ragnar’s father killed the Courtier and then assembled his army to make war with King Edmund.

   The two kings met at Thetford and after a terrible battle the Danes won and took King Edmund prisoner. They scourged King Edmund, shot arrows into him, and then beheaded him. After hiding his head, the Danes sailed back to their country.

   King Edmund’s body was later discovered but not his head. The people of Norfolk wailed and lamented the loss of their King. Through prayer and fasting God heard them and sent to them an answer. Shepherds saw a Great Wolf standing guard over King Edmund’s head.

  With gratitude and relief the people of Norfolk buried their King’s head with his body and then built a great church and Benedictine Abbey at his burial spot. The town was then called Bury St. Edmunds and is still there to this day. Saint Edmund’s feast day is November 20th.

Personal Statement: We need to pray for our political leaders and the Majesterium that they be honest men and women, have the fear of God so that they will be wise and compassionate to their fellow man. (Saint King Edmund pray for us!) 

Saint  Francis of Assisi and the Wolf of Gubbio 1181-1182AD

This is not Theresa Fleischman's Artwork but rather done by another artists which is unknown to me 

   We have all heard the story of Saint Francis and the fierce wolf of Gubbio. This wolf attacked animals as well as men and people feared for their lives. They would arm themselves and none would go out alone for fear of attack from this wolf.
   Saint Frances ever compassionate and thoughtful of the needs of God’s people had pity for them and decided to meet this wolf. People begged Saint Frances not to go in harms way but Saint Frances had faith in God and confronted this wolf. 
   Saint Frances scolded the wolf and told him not to harm anyone else. Making the Sign of the Cross over this wolf and calling him brother, told him that he had no need to attack men. 
   “Brother Wolf, Man is created in the image of God and therefore you should die, but I have come to make peace with you and promise no harm will befall you.” 
   The wolf agreed to do no harm to man or beast and gave his paw as a sign of truce. The people in turn through the request of Saint Frances gave this wolf food and sanctuary. The wolf became a guardian, a defender and a loving pet.

 Wolf as Helper to Man
Illustration by Ernest Berke on the North American Indian

   The Native American Indian often asked animals to aid them in their hunts and to give them protection.

   The wolf has held a special place in the hearts of the Native American Indians. To some tribes they are considered the protector to women and children. All tribes see the wolf differently in their customs and beliefs but the wolf is looked upon in high esteem.

   So often the wolf or a howling wolf is misunderstood but he has a purpose in this world and he can be useful in many ways as well as a teacher if we only listen and marvel at God’s many mysteries in nature.

Genesis:1:31; “God looked at everything that He had made and found it very good.”

   Our love and our prayers to our brothers and sisters in
  Jesus Christ and His Mother Mary Queen of Mercy!


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