Theresa Fleischman's Prophecies
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   (Apocalypse update 3/8/2015) On August 15, 1988, St. John Neumann Catholic Church in Lubbock TX received world attention due to three, Theresa Fleischman (former Theresa Werner), Mike Slate (now deceased) and Mary Constancio, who all received messages from the Mother of God during the period of April to August 1988. In addition, Theresa an American prophet of God and part Native American (Cherokee) received messages from God the Father and God the Son. (Note: if pictures do not show up, please click on the page a second time.) 


 The Incorruptible body of St. John Neumann
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


     Saint John Neumann being nursed back to health by Native American Indians (Stained glass window at the Shrine of Saint John Neumann in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

     Many phenomenal events took place on the Feast of the Assumption of Mary on August 15th, 1988. 20,000 people gathered at St. John Neumann's Catholic Church in Lubbock, Texas and a multitude  witnessed signs and miracles, which was covered by both local and national media.

  Theresa began receiving messages on April 18, 1988, which involved prophetic warnings for mankind from God the Father. Her last message was received on August 8, 1988. These messages are posted on this website for your reading.

   On August 15 of 2011, I, Theresa Fleischman, told Msgr. Joe James to tell the people to quickly store up food, water, and fuel for one year for the coming world famine. He chided me and mocked at God’s warning. He reminded me that back in 1993 this famine was to take place and he accused me that I gave this message then. This is a false accusation! Here is the following message I received back in 1988 from God the Father and there is no mentioning of any specific date.

Group Message June 1, 1988


…I see, I see a mighty battle of young men and old dying and their blood is on the ground and I see a famine, I see people without food, and they sell all they have for a morsel of food. Riches mean nothing, gold is nothing, just to have something to eat. The earth trembles and the mountains shoot off their heads with fire and lava coming down. The earth will change, there will be flood and earthquakes, by the command of God’s hand; natural disasters. I hear an army of locus, this is God’s army and they  will come and devour all vegetation; what drought does not burn up and what flood drown the locus will eat away. Woe upon the earth and all its inhabitants. A new Jerusalem where once you were decked out in jewels, where you shadowed your eyes, no more shall you be beautied. No more will you chase after your lovers for they will despise you and strip you of your clothing and you will be naked they will mock and jeer at you and you will find no consolation. Weeping will be heard from afar and you will cry out to your God of which you had forsaken and I will hear you not. I say unto you lamentations to you, lamentations to you, and your tasks will be made no easier my chosen prophets for you will be spurned and hated and despised and many will your enemies be.

Group Message June 14, 1988


…For you heareth, as you hear tonight as you hear last night what the old man (my dad) told you as he laid in his bed. He said unto thee all that has come from his mouth is so. That the earth will be in a great drought, there shall be no rain that fall upon the earth, and there shall be no food, there shall be no food. For the food that is shall be dwindled away it has been ravaged by others, it has been sent off for foreign lands, and the people will be neglected. Those that cling to my vestments will be spared.


…The winter will be bitter cold. The winter to cometh will be bitter and cold. The spring to follow make ready . Make your crops abundant, plant the wheat, plant the crops, plant the fruits and vegetables, plant all that is that is to be planted for they shall be planted no more…

End of messages.


 How to read this Website  

Part I: The page titled "Theresa's Messages" is a collection of the messages that Theresa Fleischman received in 1988.

Part II: The pages titled "Howling of a Wolf" are Theresa Fleischman's diary of the events from March to August 15, 1988 and epilog.

Part III: The page titled "Doorway to Heaven" contains photos taken at St. John Neumann showing the "Doorway to Heaven" and other images.

Part IV: The page titled "Apocalypse" is a comprehensive explanation of the near future. Latest update 2/24/2015

Part V: The page titled "Three days of darkness" is a prophecy from St. Padre Pio.

Part VI: The page titled "Consecration" is for your spiritual protection during these years of the Apocalypse.

Part VII: The page titled "Big Good Wolf" is some historical facts about good wolves and how God used them for His glory.

Part VIII: The page titled "Christ the King" is a picture of Jesus.

    If you have a slow internet connection you may have to toggle between Home Page and your viewing page in order for all of the images to download to your viewing page.

    This website is in honor and thanksgiving to the Mother of God and to the Holy Trinity for the messages and miracles received. Happy 20th Anniversary St. John Neumann 1988-2008!



    During the time that I was receiving messages from the Lord God, He did relate to me in a private message that He was angry as a mother bear that had been robbed of her cubs.  (He was relating to the ABORTIONS which occur in this world everyday.)  The Lord gave me confirmation by showing me the reading in

Proverbs 17:12.

    Face a bear robbed of her cubs, but never a fool in his folly!  The Lord God:

"I beith angry as that of the mother bear robbed of her cubs."  

(This is the spiritual vision that was given to me by God in 1988.) 

  The First 28 Protestors in Lubbock, Texas Against Abortion

     On May 17, 1989, Theresa Fleischman (former Werner) along with 27 other protestors were arrested for protesting abortion and standing up for the rights of the unborn.  


The First 28 Protestors in Lubbock, Texas Against Abortion


   Theresa Fleischman (former Werner) mug shot; (First time and only time arrested). After my trial I was sentenced to do community services at the Lubbock warehouse. During this time, Joseph my son remained with his grandparents out at the farm in Nazareth.

    During this time, Mike Slate suffered a heart attack and was recovering in the hospital. 


March for Life 2014 Washington D.C. 





Theresa Fleischman in Washington D.C.
Marching for Life 2014


Christopher Fleischman in Washington D.C.
Marching for Life 2014 











Saint Nicolaus 350AD Patron Saint of Children


    During a time of famine, Saint Nicolaus who was a Bishop, was making a journey to obtain food for his people when he stopped for the night to rest at an Inn. The Inn Keeper surprised the saint with a table setting and a meal served to him. To Saint Nicolaus' surprise it seemed pork was on his plate. Saint Nicolaus smelled the meat and inquired if there was more. The Inn Keeper said yes he had a supply down in his deep cellar. Saint Nicolaus demanded to see this supply of meat in a commanding voice. The Inn Keeper did as he was told and led Saint Nicolaus down into the deep cellar where this meat was stored in a wooden tub. Saint Nicolaus made the sign of the cross over this containment and three little boys who had been killed by this wicked Inn Keeper jumped out of the meat tub. Saint Nicolaus took the children with him and returned them back to their mother who had been looking for them.
     In today's society it seems that a full fledged war is being waged against children. The attacks have a full range and the gravest of these crimes is abortion. Children are helpless and innocent and need special care and protection. 
Let us remember to name our children after noble saints and to call on their help to protect those we love. 

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